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George Piper Dances

(Channel 4's Ballet Boy2) have given dance a fresh identity with their vibrant repertoire, and off-the-cuff film commentary, giving audiences a peek into the creative process.

Witness an exceptional evening Of dance at the Theatre Royal next month.

Winner of Best New Dance Production for Broken Fall. 2004 Olivier Awards

‘They’re the most compelling partnership

in British dance.’ a" .

The Daily Telegraph

NEXT WEEK 9, 10 March cs-me A

Box Office 0141 332 9000 book online at www.theatreroyalglasgow.com


“Ant/one with an ounce of flamenco appreciation in their

veins should rush to see it." THE LIST

Paco Pena

Flamenco ~ Voces y Ecos

By Pat 0 Penn and Jude Kelly

“It's a thrilling celebration of flamenco, performed by some of the finest, most intelligent artists." THE HERALD

11-13 March £6-£20

Witness the true spirit of flamenco when Paco Peiia presents the stunning show Flamenco ~ Voces y Ecos at the Theatre Royal next month.

Journey to the heartland of flamenco during an evening of passionately authentic, vibrant dance and live music.


BOX OFFICE 0141 332 9000 Book online at www.theatreroyalgtasgowcom

36 THE LIST ‘Ti?<;t,~1l/'..i'.")',-'-

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (15) .0 (Sam \Veisman. l'S. 2003i David Spade. l)oris Roberts. Jon l.ovit/. Alyssa Milano. ('raig Bierko. .Mary .\lc('ormack. 84min. Simplistic and unfunny comedy about a fortner child star is ho tries to find out what it is like to have a normal family in order to secure a role in a Rob Reiner film. lnsipid vehicle for ('hris l‘arlcy‘s former comedy partner. Spade. Both comedy actors unsurprisingly emerged from Suture/av Night Live in the early ‘)()s. St'lt't‘lt’rl I'l’ll’th’.

O Dogville l IS) com tl.ars Von Trier. Denmark/Sty edeii/la‘atice/Norw ay/ .\'etherlands/l‘in|and/( iermany /ltaly /Japan/l 'S /t‘ls'. 3002) .\'icole Kidman. Harriet Andersson. Lauren Bacall. Jean-Marc Barr. Paul Bettany. l7h’min. Von Tricr's huge. beastly experiment in forin. Shot on sttidio stage sets in homage to the BB(‘ dramas of the (ills and 70s. l)(lL‘l'l/l(' tells the slow ly disintegrating story of (Brace tKidmanl an impoverished woman who stumbles into a small. isolated. turn of the century pioneer town to ask if the loeals “ill take her in. Of course they 're wary at first but (irace proves a tonic to all as she helps blind Jack McKay «(la/larai around the house and baby-sits and cleans for the locals. A remarkable and unique achieyemcnt well worth the challenge of sitting through. Se/eeteil release. Don’t Worry, It’s Just a Phase (12A) ((‘ccilia Neanl-l'alk. Sweden. 200% 74min. A \ ideo scrapbook of the liyes of three girls w ho are just realising they like girls more than boys. (£157: (ilrtsgmi'; I'i/mhuttse. Edinburgh.

The Dreamers 1 1m 0000 iBei-nardo Bertolucci. l'K/la‘ancc/ltaly. 2003i Michael Pitt. l.ouis (iarrel. liya (ireen. Robin chucci. Anna (‘hancelloiz l ISmin. Twins lsabelle ((ireenl and Theo ((iarrell first meet American student Matthew tl’itti at a protest rally surrounding the sacking of the director of the cinematheque. llenri Langlois. The trio bond through their shared lo\e of imitating their screen idols and recreating scenes frotn their favourite films. Much of this elegantly shot film unfolds in a rambling Parisian apartment. in which the three adolescents can retreat from the outside world and engage in sexual experimentalion. A return to form for this great director. l'(i(' Ken/ten Street. (i/uxgnii.

Easy Rider 1 lb’l 0000 (Dennis llol‘l‘cr. 1S. 1960) Peter Fonda. Dennis Hopper. Jack Nicholson. ‘Ninin. Two dudes on choppers with a couple of tanks lull of drugs. riding across America in search of . . . w hat'.’ The Dream'.’ l-‘reedom‘.’ Well. they don't litltl it. What they do find at the close of the l‘)(ills is the butt end of a bad trip. Whether you regard this as the he\l biker moy ie cs er made or a generation-defining classic tor both). the impact. now and then. of [fun Rider can't be oy erstated. ('(IA. (iluxt’mr.

Elephant t l5l O... ((itis Van Sant. t'S. 2003) Alex lirost. liric l)eulen. John Robinson. lilias .\lc('onnell. Jordan Taylor. Slmin. Quiet. intelligent. non judgemental pseudo reconstruction of the events that could ha\e led tip to a ('olumbine-sty le school massacre. Van Sant uses real students to play the parts of the kids as he slowa reveals different parts of the day through \arious points of \ iew A tnajor work. this is a fascinating experiment in the heart til. the [‘5‘ indie scene. (T ‘1‘. (illnetm’. l l5) ... tl’ettet' Noess, Norway. 2003) Per (‘hristian lillefsen. Sven .\'ordin. Utlmin. [ailing follows two middle- aged psychiatric patients. \\ ho are offered the opportunity to lixe by themselves in an ()slo apartment. The duo make for an odd- couple combination: the narrator. lilling tlillefsenl. is a self-styled 'mummy‘s boy". By contrast. Kjell Bjarne t.\'ordini is a lumbering hear of a man. Based on a best- selling lio\ el and a hit play. [fl/tire is a gently gootl-tlattlretl fable. which cherishes the potential in people society is keen to dismiss. The comic mismatching feels slightly predictable. but it‘s cffcctixely shot atid solidly acted by its leads tin a reprise of their stage rolesl. Iii/inluueh l'i/ni (itttltl. l'.iltttlitujg/t.

Emma tl'l 0.. tl)ouglas Mc(}ralh. t'K/I'S. 199m (iwyneth Paltrow. Jeremy Northam. Toni (‘ollette. ll linin. Atisten-itis continues as limma Woodhouse (Paltrowi meddles in other people's love lives while ignoring the fact that her own happiness is right under her nose in the shape of handsome Mr Knightley t.\'orthaml. An attractive and ltiscious-looking piece. but a lot has been sacrificed for reasons of length. leaving fans of the book wishing for those six-part T\' adaptations. St Brit/e 'i’ (‘eittnn [Edinburgh Far from Heaven l 12A) 0000 (Todd Haynes, (S. 2003) Julianne Moore. Dennis Quaid. Dennis llaysbert. ltl7min. ln style and content. llaynes' film intentionally resembles the tearful melodramas made by Douglas Sirk in the 1050s. In these films. reputation takes precedence over emotion and feelings of love are consequently stamped out by the critical moralising of friends and family. Such is the case in llaynes‘ homage when ('athy' (Moore) and l‘rank tQuaidl find themselves tempted by forbidden fruit in their particular (iarden of liden. Haynes Uses the seeming innocence of the 50s to explore a topically resonant theme of how people are restricted by sexist and racist bigotry in a climate of complacent stability. A filtn of great depth and tragedy. Him/muse. Edinburgh. Festival in the Desert ll’(il ll.ionel Brouet. lirance. 2003i 90min. lleld so deep within the Sahara Desert that it's only reachable by camel. this African festival is a lively and unique celebration of the music and culture of its Tuareg people. World cinema is showcased alongside impromptu jatn sessions and camel racing in this documentary that celebrates the highlights of this \ iyaeiotis l'esti\al and its people. film/muse. Iftlllllilll‘ell.

Ford Transit t IZAl tllany .-\bu-.-\ssad. Israel/Palestine. 3002i 80min. Director llany Abu-Assad takes a jaunty journey with Raijai. the charismatic driver of one of the thousands of battered w hite Ford vans that transport Palestinians between lsraeli military checkpoints along the West Batik. As the \an negotiates the treacherous border. we gain insight into the political situation in Palestine through the humorotis yet sincere opinions of backseat passengers. and the resourceful Raijai provides an ongoing lesson about how to outsmart the sy stem. An intriguing look at lsraeli/Palestinian tensions and the everyday frustrations that many blame for causing acts of terrorism. l'ilm/iouxe. lit/iiihttreh. Frailty t 15) 0... (Bill Paxton. l'S. Ztltll l Bill Paxton. Matthew .\lc(‘onaughe_\'. Powers Boothe. Itltlmin. I-iui/tv begins with lemon Meiks t.\lc(‘onaugheyl going to the Texas l’Bl headquarters to tell his and his brother's story. starting when their father tl’axtonl had a vision from (iod. commanding him to kill the demons that live on liarth in human forin. Best known as an actor. Paxton shows real talent behind the camera; it's an old-style film in which the violence is implied rather than shown. Assured cult status if not more. I'i'ui/ly' is mature and thoughtful cinema. lz'r/iiilnu'gh I'll/m (int/ti. Ifr/iithurg/t.

Gandolfi: Family Business (P( 3) (Ken (iriffiths. ['K. 2003) 97min. An elegiac yet humorous documentary about brothers l‘t‘ederick and Arthur two irascible old men who have just sold one of the most prestigious camera-making businesses in the world. This film invites outsiders to share an enthusiasm of the lost art of camera-making while taking a trip back in time to a tnuch simpler Britain of 20 years ago. I'i/Iil/ltill.\t'. lz‘tltiihurglt. Ghosts of the Abyss 3D ll’(il (James Cameron. IS. 2004) 50min. Documentary in which master storyteller James (‘ameron leads an expedition back to the site of his greatest inspiration the wreck of the legendary Titanic where nearly l5()() people lost their lives over a century ago. t'sing state-of-the-art technology developed specifically for the film. (‘ameron and his team are able to explore the wreckage and bring it to screen in RI). The audience is able to experience an archaeological dive as if they were right in the disc ships or even as the crew ‘)ll years ago. “IAN. (Ilttvquii'.