Girl with a Pearl Earring ( 12m

0. tl’ctcr chbcr. I‘K/Iaixcmhourg. 2003i Scarlctt Johansson. (’olin I‘irth. Tom Wilkinson. Judy I’arlitt. (‘illian Murphy. 95min. Adaptcd t‘rom thc book by Tracy ('hcy‘alicr. \Vcbbcr's siiiiiptiiously upholstcrcd tiIin dcals with thc story bchind thc crcation of \crmccr's t'ainous painting. Marrcd by miscasting and an oycrly litcral approach to thc cincmatography. this is a major disappointmcnt: a lascittating story Iias bccn rcndcrcd into a dull. syrup-thick talc of onc and pcasantry. Dominion. Edinburgh.

Good Boy! tt'i 0.0 (John Robct‘l Hoffman. LS. 2003) Molly Shannon. I.iam Aikcn. Kcyin .\'caloii. Brittany .‘yloldowan. 87min. \thn ()wcn t.-\ikcn) gcts a ncw pooch t'roin thc local pound lic's in for morc than hc rcaliscd. Ilubblc may look likc a cutcr than aycragc Norfolk tcrricr. but hc's actually an intcrstcllar cmissary from thc planct Dog Star. thc homc world of all thc galzixy“s canincs. Arriving on Iiarth to discoy'cr that thc hounds arc no Iongcr top dog. Ilubblc. with tlic hpr of ()wcn. has only got a t‘cw days to whip thc ncighbourhood dogs into shapc bcl’orc thc arriyal of thc (ircat I)anc tyoiccd by Vancssa Rcdgrayci. Il' thcy don't managc to pull this oil. shc's Iikcly to ordcr a global rccall that will dcpriyc man of his bcst t'ricnd oncc and for all. l.ikcablc talking animals comcdy that is suitablc for all agcs. ('('l. ('ly'ili'lmnk; I'('I. Ifdin/iuijgli.

Grand Theft Parsons 1 Int (Day ltI ('al‘l‘rcy. I'S. 2004i Johnny Knoxyillc. (iabricl Macht. ('hristina Applcgatc. 88min. I’rcy'icw scrccning of" thc film of thc rcmarkablc lit'c. dcth and al'tcrlit'c ol (iram Parsons. Parsons was onc ol Amcrica's most influcntial rock stars. a bittcr. brilliant. gcnius who kncw Iilyis. trippcd with thc Stoncs and fatally oy'crtloscd on morphinc and thuila in 1073. What happcncd al‘tcrwards is purc rock t'olklorc history. ('01. Rt’ltfi't'ti‘ .S-Il't't'l. Glasgow: ('01 ‘. Iii/inbm'gli.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PG) 0.. t(‘hris Columbus. l'S/I'K. 2003i I)anicl Radclit‘l‘c. Kcnncth Branagli. Robbic (‘oltranc. lotlmin. It's thc boy-wizard‘s sccond ycar at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wi/ardry w licrc cyil l'orccs hayc rcIcascd a yicious scrpcnt into thc corridors. In linc with JK Rowling's book. thc sccond film is darkcr than thc first. It's pcrhaps somcwhat oy‘ct‘ long. but thc combination of old tashioncd kids storytclling and blockbustcr budch spccial ct't'ccts makc t‘or somcthing morc plcasing than standard Ilolly wood cyc candy. (irmi'i'nm: Glasgow:

The Haunted Mansion tI’(il .0 (Rob Minkol'l. I'S. 2003i Iiddic Murphy. 'I‘crcncc Stamp. Nathanicl I’arkcr. Marsha 'I‘hoinason. Jcnnil‘cr 'I'illy. Wallacc Shawn. Xtiiiiin. Jim Iiycrs (Murphy l is a rcaI cstatc shark who makcs a dctour from thc family holiday to takc his family to an old mansion at thc rcqucst of a ghostly butlcr. Ili jinx and Iil'c lcssons cnsuc. Anacniic attcmpt to

turn a I)isncy land thcnic park ridc into a lamin film. (ii'm'rii/ I'(’/('(l.\('.

Hearts, Minds and Body Parts ttbci (Jack Stcy CIISUII. I'S. Various)

1 13min. .-\ tIircc-part collcction of films dcpicting thc l'S goycrnincnt’s ‘sclling' ol. \at‘ttitts policics and itlcas to thc .-\nicrican public and its soldicrs in timc of war. starting with :\mcrica‘s inyolycnicnt in WWII through tIic (’old War and on into \‘ictnain. (’urator and pi‘cscntcr Jack Stcycnson aims to i'c\ cal thc tcchniqucs and attitudcs of thc country's attcmpt to undcrstand. cxplain and/or \‘ilil'y thc cncmy iii tlic cycs of its public. wliilc showing how thc Atticrican goy crnmcnt \ icwcd and dcalt with t'orcign populations and political sy stcnis it considcrcd a tlii'cat. I'il/ii/iumi'. Edinburgh.

Honey tl’( il 0. tliillc \Voodt'tlll. I'S. IUD-ti Jcssica Alba.' Romco. Mckhi I’lit'ci‘. 03min. Scc rcy icw.

House of Sand and Fog t IS»

.0. (Vadim I’crclman. I‘SA. Jill”) Jcnnil'cr (‘onnclly. Ilcn Kingslcy. l24inin. Kathy t('onno||y l is a rccoy ci'ing addict and L‘tttls llI‘ I‘L‘Illfl L‘\ IL‘IL‘tI from Ith' I'tIlItct'K oltl housc bccausc of a burcaucratic crror. Iranian immigrant lichrani tKingslcy l buys thc propci'ty. so onc has a lcgal claim to tIic housc. thc otlicr a moral onc. \Vith oby iotis scctarian parallcls thc two indiy iduals go to war against cacli othcr. Irritatineg contriycd and o\ crly symbolic takc on Andrc I)ubus III‘s I‘C\I'\CIIII1:_' hook. ‘I‘hc IL‘tttI [Wiltti‘llittnt‘t‘s. how cyci‘. at'c grcat. Sv/n'li'il I'i'li’usi'.

Imitation of Life mm 000

(Douglas Sirk. I'S. I059) l.ana 'I'urnci‘. Juanita Moorc. John (iay in. IZ-Imin. Sirk‘s rcmakc of thc (’laudcttc ('olbcrt w ccpic lay s on tlic soapic mclodrama as tIic mothcrs of two intcrtwining tamilics strugglc to bring tip thcir daughtcrs. (ilit/y. glamorous


A TAKESHI KITANO film Best Director. Venice 2003



Mona Lisa Smile: J IIolly wood w i‘appcd in a pcssiinistic shroud. I'i/ni/musi'. [xi/inliurg/i.

In America I 13m 0000 tJIlll Slicridan. IrcIand/I’K. letlli Samantha Morton. I’addy ('onsidinc. Sarah Itolgci'. limma llolgcr. I)iiinon lIounsou. ltlfiinin. Rccling l'roin thc dcath of a child. man and w ilc Irish cinigrcs Johnny i(‘onsidinci and Sarah (Morton! hit modcrn day Manhattan with thcir young t'cisty daughtcrs in tow ('hristy and .-\ricl. 'l‘hcy liay c lust about cnougli moncy to Iiolc up in a crumbling

iiiiikic iitl'cstcd block in tlic city 's IIcll's

Kitchcn arca. .\ dcccptiycly simplc talc ot' grict'. rcdcmption. achiinati/ation and l'i'icndship .is Johnny. a iobbing actor and ltt\t tIt‘lH‘t' \lt'tlgglcs In kccp Itts Initials aboy c thc brcadlinc. Moy mg drama from thc dii'cctor and w i'llt‘l' of In I/It' Mum o/ [/It’ l'tlI/lt’l'. It ‘I. (lyric/Milk,

Infernal Affairs t 15. 000 mm Kcung Ian/Stu I‘ai Ma. IIong Kong/('Iiina. ltltlli Andy Ian. 'I‘ony Icimg. Anthony \Vong (‘liau-Sang. Iii‘ic 'I‘sang. Is'clly ('hcn. Sammi (‘Iicng 98min. [It'tlf'\I)IL‘ Iloiig Is'ong sct tliriIIcr that plays on tlic coiisidcrablc doincstic appcal ot' tlicsc two phcnonicnal Icads. (‘op (‘han tl.cungi has bccn working tor ycars as a dccp coy cr opcratiy c insidc tlic 'I‘raitls. l,au iI.aiii mcanw liilc. is a sccrct incinbcr of tlic 'l‘riads who has inlilti‘atcd tlic policc lorcc with an t‘qtlttI IL'\L‘I UI stlL‘c‘L‘ss. :\\ tltcy I-L'L'kI IItL'tt' bosscs intormation on thc plans ol' tlic Ut'gtttttsttllotts tIicy pt'clctttl It) \ct'\ L‘. IItt‘y Ittillt I‘L'glti [U IL‘L‘I lltc \lt't‘sscs till lItL‘tt' doublc liy cs. .-\s thc two organisations bccomc iiicrcasingly awarc of tlic inolcs lll tIicii' midst. thc racc is on for (ban and [an to try andch out ot tlic gamc aliy c. .-\bo\ c ay cragc Ills' policicr with an .v\l cast. .hit'lt't'lt’tl I‘t’lt'ilyt'.

Jigoku t lh’i i.\'obuo \akagaw a. Japan. I‘)(i()i Shigci‘u .-\inachi. Yoiclii \umata. lliroshi Ilayashi. A young studcnt linds

ulia Roberts and a hideously saccharine fi

index Film

L; J 4.4; nale hiinscll iiiyolycd with a niystcrious youth. Icading him to dccidc against rcporting a hit and run accidciit in which thcy arc both tnyolycd. l‘l/Ill/IUHH’. Iii/inlmrgli. La Rupture (The Breakup) 1 lat i(‘laudc (’Iiabrol. l'i‘ancc. l‘flli Stcphanc :\udt‘aii. .lcan-(‘laudc l)rouot. Miclicl liouquct. lltliiiin. \Vliilc on acid. l)rouot attacks his w it'c .r\udran and tIicir child. but w Iicn inc i'ctaliatcs and puts him in hospital. it's tiiiic tor licr lathcr-in-law to hit'c a priyatc cyc to clicck tlicin out. Anotlicr iourncy with (‘habrol through thc inisdcmcanours of thc pctits bourgcois. atid on this occasion it's a bittcr and suspcnsclttl onc. I‘iliiihousc. Iidinburgh. Lady of Musashino it’( it IKL'nd Mi/oguclii. Japan. 1051i Kinuyo 'I‘anaka. Masay ttkt Moi'i. Yttkiko 'Iiidot‘oki. .-\kiltiko Katayama. SSmin. ('aught up in tlic moral dccadcncc and cmotional brittlcncss of post- war Japan. a young wilc in a loyclcss inarriagc bcconics cntanglcd in a dcstructiy c attair w Iicn shc turns to hcr cousin tor al't'cction. I'Itimatcly lct down by both iiicn and trappcd bctwccn hci' own stoic and moral bclicls. shc drastically takcs hcr talc mto licr own hands. A dramatic on c story that c\p|oi‘cs thc diy idc bch ccn traditional \aIucs and pcrsonal Iibci'ation in a climatc oI national social and cconoinic transition. (il’l. (i/usgim _‘ film/mun: [Jilin/Hugh. The Last Kiss (L’Ultimo Bacio) t ts‘i i(iabriclc Muccino. Italy. 2001) Stclano .'\L'L‘t\l'\l. (iioyamia Mc/xogiorno. Stcl'ania Sandrclli. l IFmin. \Vcaying togcthcr a ini\turc ol' cinotional cntanglcmcnts and romantic cscapadcs. this is a pcrccptiy c and tclling look at contcmporary loy c and inorcs. (iiulia's oycrioy cd that slic's prcgnaiit. but hci‘ partncr (‘arlo wondcrs w Iictlici‘ thc iiiipciidmg commitmcnt of child cai'c docsn‘t pcrliaps cntitlc him to onc littttl I'ltltg bcl'orc IIL' \L'lIIL'\ down. ((11. l\’('II/l'('lt .Sli'i’i'l. (i/(iygim.

"Hip, smart and very entertaining"

* i t i * "Don't miss it"

"Wild knockabout comedy, fountains of blood and a tap dance finale. Now that's cinema!"

"Never mind KILL BILL or THE LAST SAMURAI. this is the one to beat'em all"

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