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Re: Cover date and number (487/488)

Being a sad bastard lawyer who reads the small print. can I point out as yOu may already have realised that your current issue carries the wrong dates and issue number on Its front cover.

Iain Macniven


lt's kind of you to pomt Out Our mistake; in fact there were a couple of embarrassing glitches in the last issue. most attributable to the fact that we had no electricity for 72 hours in Edinburgh on our day of gomg to press.

That the magazine was in the shops at all is a tribute to everyone at The List. as we had to decamp the entire staff and computer system of our Edinburgh header/alters to the nearby Festival Fringe office. which fortunately still had power. The team worked through the night to complete the issue and get it to press on time.

So I hope you'll forgive us the errors. We 'd like to express our thanks to everyone at the Fringe office for making space available to a team of more than 25 peep/e Without any notice and to International News which kindly sold us several tons of chocolate to see us through the crisis.

BAMBOOZLED Went to buy my new. hot off the press copy of The List and was bamboozled by the front cover . . . the image was new. the type was new. but the date was the same as last issue . . . When you look at the Circulation figures for this issue. yOu'll know why they're down! Accidents happen and it was Friday 13th last week!

Keep up the good work. Caroline Anderson Edinburgh

Since you ask. ear/y sales figures indicate that. thankfully,

2 THE LIST '1 18 Mar 7120-:


The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email

the mistake on our cover has not dented sales at all. And while we 're at it. we'll take this oppodunity to pomt out that sales of The List are on the increase. Our latest figures show that isSue no 484. our Hogrnana y special which included the Hot 700. showed a healthy 4% year-on- year increase even though we deCided on a one-off cover price increase to £72.95.


In yOur last issue there was an advert for a new Edinburgh City Guide. but you didn't mention when it will be available. I've got friends from London coming to stay next week and wanted to get hold of a copy so I can send them on a day trip. But I couldn't find the book in the shops this week.

Jan Mcllroy


We hope you'll have spotted that the answer to your question is attached free on the cover of this issue. The new book Will also be available in good bookshops allover Scotland (and in selected Outlets ()ISQId/l‘lOI'é,‘ in Britain) very shortly It is also available to order from us immediater priced £74.95. What's more. the editor of the Edinburgh Citv Guide and former editor of The List. Alice Bain. has written us the letter which follows.

GUIDE LEADER The long-planned Edinburgh City Guide is new reality and I want to say thanks to everyone who has made it happen. It'll be great to see the little blighter in print and I hope it Will be of some use even to those of you who have all of Er‘linl’nirgh's inside information at yOur fingertips. In the end we packed (581 entries into 176 pages. so With any luck there might be something in there that you don't know abeut.

I'm already thinking of

improvements for next year. so if anyone has any comments at all on the guide. let me know. Alice Bain

Edinburgh City Guide editor

OFF THE FENCE Here's a story I thought you might appreciate. I read the article about the Fence Records people. heard there was an event in ECllllbtlrth. went along. and had the time of my life. I'm not going to say thanks. because yeti're only doing your Job but IIISL wanted to point out that in this case you did it very well. Stephen Miller



Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487)

So Salt and Vinegar is better than Salt'n'Sauce is it? A bog standard condiment you can pick up anywhere in the world is better than a delicious. tangy ooze that you can't get anyv-rhere else? I thought The


List was about celebrating (.Iiversity. not landing the unexceptional. If you y‘rant salt and vinegar in Edinburgh you only have to ask for it. anyway. Doh!

James Smart



Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487)

The reflection of the armadillo on a still. cloudless morning. Mark Graham


Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487)

Edinburgh's finest moments: the View from Calton Hill and the smell of Valvona and Crolla Daniela Orlowska


Re: We V Glasgow / We V Edinburgh (487)

Nothing compares with the atmosphere at a Celtic match. Russell McAllister

By email

Ever since mumbling Benicio del Toro Winnineg wormed his way into my consciousness in The Usual Suspects. I've suspected that his inexplicable stage presence would take him to great things. I might have been the only person on the planet who didn't really enjoy his Oscar-Winning outing in Traffic ~ though maybe that was just the negative halo effect of Catherine Zeta Jones but despite that. I'm (I()ll\.’lll(2()(l that Del Toro is one of the great screen actors of our time. So I was delighted to see you were brave enough to put his

ugly beautiful mug on your cover. and even more delighted that your feature inside was well researched and very enlightening.

As | write this. we still don‘t know whether Benny boy will WIII a second Oscar for his performance in 21 Grains but whether or not he is successful. I for one hope that he'll continue to be celebrated by publications like yours. He's the Marlon Brando of the 21st century. Moira McFarlane Edinburgh



& Australian Wine at its best



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