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The Last Samurai l Ht 0..

tl'.d\\;tt‘d /.\\ick. ISA. 2003) Ken \Vataiiabe. 'l‘om ('ruixe. William Atherton. ('had lindberg. Ra} (iodxhall Sr. 150mm. Nineteenth centur) Japan. one l‘earlexx xamurai \\ ho ix xtill lo}al to hix \xeak- \xilled. \ulnerable emperor. Katxumoto (\Vatanabei rebelx againxt the ruling bureaucratx \\ ho then xeek militar} aid from America. Help arri\e.x in the town ol‘ (‘i\ il War veteran (’aptain Nathan Algren t('ruixei. Algren ix ultimatel} charged with bringing the renegade Katxuiiioto to juxtice. But Algreii. a bitter. c}iiical drunk xince xer\ iiig \\ ith (ieiieral ('tixter in hix inglorioux campaign to extiiiguixh the

Nato e American. lindx he hax more rexpect lor the honourable xamtirai than the \\c\lct‘lllxcd \xa} that pre\ iottxl) xickeiied him in America. llttgel} in em eight ritex ol' paxxage epic \xhich hax clearly been cobbled together itx it \ehicle lot" the ('ruixeter. Director 7.“ ick keepx thingx \er} watchable. lltl\\C\L‘l‘. il' a little ximplixtic. l‘anx ol' the uee man xhould apprm e but _\ou ma} liiid )ourxell thinking that ma_\be Richard ('liamberlain did a xliglitl} better job in Shogun. Xe/et'lt't/ I‘e/euie.

Leo t lSi O. t.\lehdi .\'oro\\/iau. l‘K/l'S. ltltl-li Joxeph l-iennex. lili/abeth Sliue. Saiii Shepard. lllfimin. See rexieu. 103mm .Sc'lr't’lt/ re/eme.

Life of O-haru tl’(ii iKenii .\li/oguchi. Japan. 1052! 148mm. ()harti. 5(J-_\ear-old proxtitute. lookx back on her We and it liax not been a good one. The daughter ol' a l"th centur) Samurai. xhe tell in lo\ e mm a man belo“ her xtation. The} \\ ere dixco\ cred. and xhe and her lamil} u ere exiled. l‘rom that point ()haru led a [He lillcd \\ ith xot't‘o\\ and humiliation. l.ate claxxic lrom .\li/oguchi 1“ ho died in 1050:. Rarel} hax a lilm xo \\ ell addrexxed the Luann} that male-led xociet) can imbue on a woman. A maxterpiece. (i171. (i/uigmi.

Liquid Sky t lSi tSla\a ’l‘xukerman. 1S. 1082) 1 12min. \Voiidei'l‘ull} per\erxe l'S

next ua\ e xci-li oddit}. no\\ re-releaxed. Alienx. \\lto need to lccd on ;t chemical xecreted b_\ the brain during orgaxm. attach themxelx ex to a laxhion model \\ ho ix xedticed b} admit'erx ol boll] \c\c\. liltl her lo\ erx are \aporixed at the moment ol clima\. A \xeird examination ol‘ the \eu York demi-moiide. film/mine. Iii/inlmrgli. The Little Soldier (Le Petit Soldat) t lSi tJeaii-l.tic (iodard. l-rance. with Michel Suhor. llenri-Jacquex lluet. Anna Karina. SSmin. (iodai'd'x xecond lilm. banned on itx initial releaxe. dealx \\ ith Algerian terrorixm in (iene\a. 'l‘here‘x a romantic plot imolx ing Siibor and Karina. but (iodard'x interext liex in the dixparit} bet“ een i'oiiiantic heroixm and the realit} ol' lct‘t'ot‘ixt actionx. (i/“I. (illusory

Looney Tunes - Back in Action tl’(ii O. tJoe Dante. l'S. 2003i Brendan l‘raxer. Jenna lill'man. Ste\ e .\lartin. ’l‘imotli} Dalton. lleather l.ock|ear. ()(lmin. Bugx Bunn} and the gang return lor thix l'eature length mi\ture ol li\e action and animation. l,oadx ol ill—iokcx but no genuine laughx beleaguer the tixuall} reliable I)aiite\ attemptx to pa} i‘expect to the cartoon lieroex and aniiiiatorx ol )ore. (it'rtt'nl/ release.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King l 12m .0000 tl’ctcr Jttckxott. [IS/XX. ZillHl liliiah \Vood. Bill} l3o_\d. lan \chellctt. (Kite lilanchctt. Orlando Bloom. Viggo .\lortenxen. ('lirixtoplier Lee. 2 lllmin. A remarkable end to a remarkable xeriex ol' lilmx. the journe} ol l‘rodo. Saiii and (iolltltn ix the piece de t'c‘xixlttltcc Ol tlte trilog}. 'liltc tcnxion-lilled iourne) l'orcex both (iollum and Sam to xhou their true colourx ax l'i'odo xtillerx under the burden ol the ring. All around ix \xar ax Aragorn lightx to reclaim \\ hat ix i'ightl'ull} hix. Jackxon'x \ ixion ix a\\cxotttc. The Return n/ [he Kine ix xome kind ol' beautil'ul. xome kind oi maxterpiece. l'niiiixxable. (ienem/ re/eme.

Lost in Translation l Ht 00..

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38 THE LIST ‘9 l (:l; Mar 783-3

One Last Chance:

tSolia ('oppola. l'S/Japan. IUD.“ Bill Moira}. Scarlett Johanxxon. Akiko 'lltkcxhita. Ka/u_\oxhi \liiiziiiiiiiiagoe. lll5min. Bill .\lurra_\ pla_\x it xtraight ax an ageing ltto\ ie xlar lorced to xhoot ad\eitixementx in lok}o becauxe the} are xo lucrati\e. ‘l‘hix culture claxli. lixh out ol uater. pan-laced pxeudo coined} markx Solia ('oppola‘x xecond outing ax director. l’art lo\ e xlot'}. putt oddball loxl \\ eekctid drama. [ml in 'I’mns/uli'nn underlinex the continuing lel'tl'ield talentx ot' \ltii'i'a} and ('oppola and. iii courxe. the precocioux Johanxxon. (ienem/ I‘e/eme.

Man Dancin’ l 15i O. «Ntii‘iiiiiii Stone. l‘K. 200M .-\le\ l‘ernx. 'l'om (ieorgexon. Kenneth (‘ranliam Jamex ('oxmo. Jenn} l‘ouldx. (ierald l.epko\\ xki. 113mm. l'..\-(il;txgo\\ hard man Jimm) Kerrigan llieriixi ix ottl ol jail alter nine _\earx. lle xa_\x he iiax renounced \ iolence btit hix l'ormer crime boxx Donnie tJamex ('oxmoi and corrupt detecti\e \‘illerx i('ranliamt don‘t belie\ e him. Meanxxhile. Jimm} ix being prexx~ganged into appearing in hix local church‘x paxxion pla} b} the benign l‘ather (iabriel l-'|_\nn i'l'om (ieorgexoiii a bi/arre e\perience that u ill change Jimm} 'x lil'e lore\ er. \Veird. charmlexx and cliched drama l'rom the “titer ol' Amer/tun ('ousini. Se/eelet/ I‘t'l('(l\('.

Many Happy Returns tl’(;i i't‘mhihiro ‘l‘eiima. Japan. 1903) .\laxato llagiuat'a. lttokii Kixhibe. Beat ‘l'akexhi. 05min. A comic look at religion cultixm in Japan. baxed on a no\ el b} 'l'akexhi Kitano \\ ho alxo appearx in the lilm under hix acting name. ‘Beat'. (ii/niurelii/IUIJ. (i/uxgmi. Marion Bridge r Ix: (\Vlk'lll'xk‘ \on ('arolxleld. ('anada. ZlNlZi .\lol|} l’arker. Stac} Smith. Rebecca Jenkinx. lillen l’age. Utlmin. l'pon rccci\ ing neux ol' her alcoholic mothcr'x tailing health. Agnex tl’arkeri and her txxo extranged xixterx tJenkinx, Smithi return to their childhood home in S}dne_\. .\’o\a Scotia. With each ll;t\ ing her oun px}cliological ixxuex to ctillll'Ulll. the xtrexx cauxed b} their mother d}ing xendx Agnex xpiralling into a

\\llll'l\\ ind ol' conllicting emotionx_ heightened b} the emergence ol lamil} xecretx that threaten to xhatlcr the xixterx‘ li'agile relationxhip, \\'arm. emoti\ e drama. (il'i/i (ilttwuii.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World t 13.x. O... tl’cter “cit. l'S. Sill”) Rtlxxcll (.l'o“ e. l’aul liettan}. Jamex D‘Arc}. liduard \Voodall.

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one of the best Scottish movies of all time

('hrix l.arkin. HSmin. Ship Surgeon Stephen .\laturin tBettan} I and .\'a\} ('apt .lack Aubre} i('ro\\ e) get caught up in a battle ol \\ itx \\ ith a l‘rench .\'a\al dextroyer during the Napoleonic \Varx in Weir'x lirxt lilm ax director xince I’lie Ii‘mmtn Slum Ill 10%. liaxed on the high xeax ad\enture no\ elx of Patrick (YBrian. thix a rare and xtirring treat \xliich boaxtx great perloriiiancex and xome trul} an e iiixpiring action xequencex. ()t/eun lleiler Hui/ex, Inklinlmreli.

The Matrix Revolutions: IMAX r 15: O... tAndy \Vachmuki/l .arr}

\Vacho“ xki. 1S. 2003) Keanu Ree\ ex. l.aurence l’ixhburiie. ('arric Anne .\lo.x\. .\lonica lielluci. liSmin. Big. in tact huge. xcreeii edition ol' the xecond inxtalment ol' the .\latri\ lilmx. Prepare to l'eel like )ou “'1' W31”) ltztt't ol' the action. IJIAX. (i/uwmi:

A Mighty Wind 1 llAi 0.. t('lirixtopher (iuext. IS. 2003) Hair} Shearer. Michael .\lcl\'ean. (‘hrixtopher (itiext. litigeiie Ln}. Bob Balaban. Marty Belal'xk}. 01min. \Vhen l'olk group agent In ing Steinbloom diex. hix xon Jonathan tllalabani and the raggle taggle collection ol' bandx hix lather looked alter decide to hold a coiiiiiieinoratne night l’or him at Ne“ York Town Hall. 'lhere'x .\litch and .\licke_\ (Lu) and ('atherine ()‘llarai. a dyxltmctional lolked out Somi} and ('her. tlic'i‘c"x the l‘olkxmen ((iuext. \chean and Sheareri and the Main Street Singerx (John Michael lligginx. Jane l.)nch and Parker l’oxc} l. a new age l‘olk regiment. \Vhen thix lot run into each other alter all thexe _\earx there ix. ol- courxe. chaox. So xo documentar} xpool' from the Spinal Iii/i bo)x. I'i/m/iume. lit/inluu'e/i.

The Missing 1 Ht .000 lRon llo\\;tt‘d. IS. 2003! Tommy l.ce Jonex. (‘ate Blanchett. li\an Rachel Wood. Jenna Bind. Aaron lickhai‘t. lillmin. .\laggie tBIanchetti ix a healer and larmer m the American Soutlmext ISS’S. ller t\\o daughterx l.ill} (Woodland l)ot (Hindi “Ul‘lx the l'amil} xiiiallholdmg under the tutelage ol‘ her lixe-in partner Brake (Aaron lickliart l. ()ne da} .\laggie'x extranged lather uandei'x back into her lil'e. hax ing lel't her mother “hen xhe “ax _\otmg to go natixe \\ ith American Indiaiix. At lirxt ltoxlilc. \laggic xoon t'calixcx xltc necdx ltix help “hen l.ill_\ ix abducted b_\ a murderoux group ol Apachex. l’rett} line take on the claxxic \Vextern tnoticeabl} Hie Sean '/1eI'\i lt'onl Roll llouard and undoubtedl} the bext lilm he hax ex er made. (it’llel’u/ I'l'lt'tlH’.

Mona Lisa Smile 1 DA: 00 «Mike .\'e\\ell. l‘S. letlii Julia Robertx. Kirxten l)unxt. Julia Stilex. .\laggie (i) llenhaal. (iinnil'er (iood\\ in. Dominic \Vext. ll~mm. See rex ie\\. Hem/ l’uel'x Sm ieh lor gii'lx. Yami. \ice coxtumex though. (ienertt/