Twist ( 18) (Jacob 'l'ierneyf. (’anada. 2003) Joshua (‘1ose. .\'ick Stahl. (iary Farmer. James (iilpin. Josh Holliday. .\1ikc l.obe1. Mas .\1c(‘abe.l'pdated. very dark take on Dickcns' ()lll't’l‘ 7111.11. The film brings the messed up psychotic character of Dodge (the Artful Dodger in Dickens' original). to the fore. A big hit at the Toronto Film Festival. the film has been described as ‘gutvvrenching‘. You have been warned. (ii-"II (ilasgms:

Uptown Girls 1 12A) 000 (Boa! Yakin. l'S. 2003) Brittany Murphy. Dakota Fanning. Marley Shelton. Heather Locklear. 92min. See review. (ir'm'm/ release.

Violent Cop ( 18) 0.0. (Takeshi Kitano. Japan. 1989) ‘lleat’ Takeshi Kitano. .\1aiko Kawakami. .\1akoto Ashigavva. 103mm. Homicide detective Aluma has his ovvn violently idiosyncratic methods of dealing with anyone from juvenile delinquents to gangland bosses. When a series of murders shovv a drugs link to the force. he becomes personally involved. (‘omparisons to ('lint liastsvood's Dirty Harry movies are relevent. but this is much colder. more detached and far more graphic. A powerfully impressive slovv- burner. ( 'umeu. lirlinlmreli.

Whale Rider (PG) 000 (Slim (am. New Zealand. 2003) Keisha (‘astle- Hughes. 101mm. In a small New Zealand coastal village. the Maori peoples claim descent from l’aikea. the Whale Rider. a pseudo mythic male elder vvho was one with the barnacled beasts. 'l'he bloodline is supposed to lead to Koro. novv an old man. who is vvorrying that his son Porourangi has only given him a gramldaughter. l’ai. who cannot carry on the dynasty. Keisha (‘astle-Hughes (as the chosen one. l’ai) and the rest of the cast are delightful. \vhile (‘aro makes maximum use of her lovv budget and amateur crevs by vvorking within the confines of a real east coast Maori reservation area. Touching and intelligent naturalistic drama for older kids and adults. this has enthralled audiences at film festivals across the vvorld. ('uim'o, Edinburgh.

Whipped and Abused: A Secret History of American Exploitation Cinema ( 18) (Jack Stevenson. l'S) 90min. Jack Stevenson delves into the provocative history of American exploitation cinema from the silent era through the 70s. A chronological and outrageous series of clips. trailers and home-movie erotica illustrate the diverse range of styles that constituted slea/e cinema all its earthly delights and horrors included. For adults only due to startling imagery including brief hard-core porn scenes. film/muse. Iti/lllhlllt’ll.

Whisky Galore (PG) 0000. (Alexander Mackendrick. l'K. 1949) Basil Radford. Joan (ireenvvood. Jean (‘adell 82min. Much-loved lialing comedy by the late Sandy Mackendi‘ick. A ship carrying a cargo of whisky is shipvvrecked off a Scottish island during vvartime. so the locals decide it's time to quench their thirst. Full of vvit and charm that others can only hope to etnulate. l‘l/Hl/lr)ll.\'('. Edinburgh.

A Woman is a Woman (Une Femme est une Femme) (Po) (Jean- l.uc (iodard. France. 1961 ) Jean-(‘laude Brialy. Anna Karina. Jean-Paul Belmondo. Marie Dubois. 84min. Angela (Anna Karina). a stripper in a sleazy l’aris club. .Vearns for motherhood but vshile her live- in boyfriend vvants nothing to do with the idea. ladies‘ man Alfred (Jean-Paul Helmondo). is keen to offer his services. (’inematic in-jokes and anarchic humour pair up with .\1ichc1 Legrand‘s bubbly score in this eccentrically original production that won a jury prize at the Berlin Festival. {1'1"}: (i/uvemi'.

Women from the Archives (1') (Various. l'K)A silent programme (vvith live accompaniment) of vintage footage focusing on women who have made a difference. including insights into vvomen at vvork during World Wars 1 and II. I'l/mlumw'. Ifr/inbureli.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 Lorne Street. lbrox. ()141 4190722. £5 (£4): L'nder 12s: £3. For this fortnight’s programme times. please contact the cinema on ()141 419 0722 or vvvvvvbombaycinemacom for details.

350 Sauchiehall Street. ()141 352 4900. £4 (£2.50): matinee: £3.50 (£2). See three films and get the fourth one free. FRIDAY 5 MAR

Crazy English (PU) (1.15. Elephanttl5) 8.15.

SATURDAY 6 MAR Elephant(l5) (1.15.


Crazy English (13(1) 12.15. Elephanttl5) 2.30.


The Cremasier Cycle: Part Four ( 15) + The Cremaster Cycle: Part One ( I5)

(1. 15.

Black and White ( 15) 8.30.


The Cremaster Cycle: Part Four ( 15) + The Cremaster Cycle: Part One ( 15)

(i. I 5.

Black and White115) 8.30.

SATURDAY 13 MAR Trilogymmtl’o) (1.15.


Rosemary’s Babytl8) 100. Easy Rider ( 18) 3.30.


The Cremaster Cycle: Part Five ( 15) + The Cremaster Cycle: Part ‘Mo 1 15) (1.00.

The Boy who Plays on the Buddhas oi Bamiyan (1’(i) 9.00.


The Cremaster Cycle: Part Five ( 15) + The Cremaster Cycle: Part Two ( 15) 8.00.

9 l'niversity Avenue. 330 5522. £5.

FRIDAY 5 MAR Many Happy Returns (PG) 7.30.

SATURDAY 6 MAR Bank Ban (the) 8.00.

WEDNESDAY 10 MAR The Bridgeman (the) 7.00.

FRIDAY 12 MAR ColoneiRedltl5) 7.00.

Glasgow Film Theatre

12 Rose Street. ()141 332 8128. (‘afé/bar. All performances bookable. [1)]. [Ti]. livenings: £4.90 (£3.50). Matinees: £3.90 (£2.50). Wed (before 5pm): £3.90 (£2). (117T savers: £19.50 (£14) five tickets for the price of four (valid for three months).


$21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (18) 2.00.

House of Sand and Fog ( 15) 3.15. 8.20. The Barbarian Invasions ( 18) 4. I 5. (1.30. 8.45.

Liie oi O-haru (PG) 5.45.

FRIDAY 5 MAR 21 Gramsu5) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30.

House at Sand and Fog (15) 3.15. 5.45.



Asterlx and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (PG) 1 1.30am.

21 GramsH5) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30.

House oi Sand and Fog(15) 3.15. 5.45.


SUNDAY 7 MAR Baghbantpo) 2.30.

House oi Sand and Fog(15) 3.15. 5.45.

21 Grams ( 15) (1.00. 8.20. A Woman is a Woman (line Femme est une Femme) (PG) 8.30.


All Quiet on the Western Front (PU) 1.00. (1.00.

21 Grams (15) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30.

House at Sand and Fogtl5) 3.30. 8.35.


Lady of Musashino (13(1) 1.00. 21 Grams05) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30.

House of Sand and Fogil5) 3.15. 8.35.

Thirteen (18) (1.30.


21GramS(15) 3.00. 8.30. Don’t Worry, it’s Justa Phase (12A) 3.15.

House 01 Sand and Fog ( 15) 5.45. 8.20.

Lady oi Musashino (13(1) (130.

THURSDAY 11 MAR 21 Grams115) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30.

House oi Sand and Fog ( 15) 3.30. 8.20.

Don’t Worry, it’s Just a Phase ( 12A) (1. 10.


Horthiorltil’o) 1.45. 4.00. (1.20. 8.40. 21 Crams115) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30.

SATURDAY 13 MAR Horthiorlul’o) 1.45. (1.20. 8.40. Lord oi the Rings: Return oi the King (Subtitled)(l2.'\) 2.00.

21 Grams(15) 4.00. (1.00. 8.30.


Horihiorlt (PU) 1.45. 4.00. (1.20.

21 Grams ( 15) 2.30. 5.00.

Lord oi the Rings: Retum oi the King (12A) 7.20.

The Little Soldier (Le Petit Soidat) ( 18) 8.30.


Horthiorlttl’o) 1.45. 4.00. 8.40. 21 Gramso5) 2.00. (1.00. 8.30. Lord at the Rings: Return of the King (Subtitled)(12..\) 5.00.


Northiorlul’G) 1.45. 4.00. 8.40. 21 Cramstl5) 3.00. (1.00. 8.30. The Revolution Will Hot Be Televised (12) (1.30.


21 Grams115) 1.45. (1.00. 8.30. The Revolution Will Hot Be Televised (12) 4.15.

Horthiorkd’o) (1.20. 8.40.


21 CramsH5) 4.00. (1.00. 8.30. Horthiorkd’tn (1.20. 8.40.

Check out the

listings Film


12;: 21 Grams Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga's brilliant follow up to Amores perros. It details the coalition of various adults’ lives when a terrible road accident forces them together in a struggle for retribution and redemption. Awesomer structured by Arriaga. this will be one of the key US films released this year. Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn and Naomi Watts are stunning in the leads. See review. Selected release. W Northiork The Polish Brothers' enthralling. surreal tale of angels on the prairies and valleys surrounding an abandoned Midwest town in the 1950s Nick Nolte. James Woods. Daryl Hannah and ER's Anthony Edwards star. A true independent. unlike any other film you will see this year. See feature and review. GFI’. Glasgow. Fi/mhouse, Edinburgh. ": Spare Parts Asylum seeker smuggling thriller set along the border of Croatia and Slovenia. A big festival hit. this boasts some fine motorcycle stunt work and a fascinating. if cliched. central dynamic in the relationship between the old master and the young trainee. See review. Fi/mhouse. Edinburgh.

Principles of Lust Filthy. dirty English morality tale from Penny Woolcock. the director of

the brilliant MacBeth on the Estate, Tina Goes Shopping and The Death of Klinghoffer.

Marc Warren stars. See interview and review. Selected


" Sonatine 8. Violent Cop

Very welcome screenings of these two classic early 'Beat' Takeshi movies. as a warm up for his superb forthcoming samurai chop sock flick Zatoichi. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Dogville 177 minutes of bliss

from Lars von Trier. Nicole Kidman and the rest of the masochistic gang. Spare. elemental a brilliant experiment. Selected release.

4 18 Mar 200.: THE LIST 43