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How much could it cost you to see l, Lazro vs. Roma?

l Just send us a picture for 12p and you ll could be going.

Here’s your chance to win a VIP trip to see one of the world’s hottest football

derbies, courtesy of Vodafone live! and lastminutheamm~ ,

Send a picture message from your Vodafone mobile to 3366 by 15.03.04

y y . and we’ll enter you into our draw to win one of two trips to the game for V you and three friends. That includes VIP hospitality at the stadium, £1000

to spend, 4-star hotel and Business Class flights. Plus, everyone who sends a 12p picture message gets £5 cashback at when accessed via Vodafone live!

So send us a picture now. And see how far 12p could take you.




Don’t just talk about it.