POP ATOMIC KITTEN SECC, Glasgow, Sat 21 Feb see

A lurid neon nightmare of flashing bunny ears and light wands with the packed pre- pubescent army on tenterhooks, ravenous for pop hits. So much so that a mere flash of Justin Timberlake’s mug on the giant screens causes a crescendo of screaming. And when the Kittens themselves make their way through the crowd it reaches fever pitch. We all knew their time was up from the moment they started holding press conferences to say they weren’t splitting, so this is a ‘farewell

Looks like its back to

work in the chippy then?

tour’ of sorts (though they keep insisting they’ll see us next year). The sexy, sassy, Scouse trio look great as they quick change their way through a selection of revealing outfits. Part squeaky clean pop, part call-and- response panto, they rattle through their hits. Admittedly there is a feeling of filler as they stretch a few album tracks over the show, but when they hit pop gold, such as ‘Whole Again’, you cannot deny their addictive power. Eminently likeable, they dazzle with their down-to-earth charm and still look genuinely thrilled to be here. By the time their encore judders to a halt (tellingly, two covers - ‘The Tide is High’ and ‘Ladies Night’) their tweenage audience are well and truly satiated, even if it was the most synthetic of

snacks. (Henry Northmore)

I Seal (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 1‘) Mar. I Zero 7 (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 20 Mar. I Raging Speedhorn (‘athouse. Glasgow. 21 Mar. I Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies Sub ('lub. Glasgow. 21 Mar; Venue. Edinburgh. 22 Mar. I Dick Dale Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 23 Mar. I Isis King Tut's. Glasgow. 23 Klar I John Squire (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 25 Mar. I Lambchop Queen's llall. Edinburgh. 26 Mar. I Lulu (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 26 Mar. I Laura Veirs Venue. Edinburgh. 27 Mar. I Sugababes (‘arling Academy. Glasgow, 28 Mar. I Super Furry Animals (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 30 Mar. I Obie Trice Barrowland. Glasgow. 30 Mar. SOLD Ol'T I Dead Kennedys Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 30 Mar; King Tut's. Glasgow. 3] Mar. I Pink SE(‘(‘. Glasgow. 31 Mar SOLD GET 8; 1 Apr. I Cat Power, Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 1 Apr.

South Nice'n'Sleazy.

~ W m


Glasgow. 1 Apr. I 2 Many DJs Barrowland. Glasgow. 3 Apr. Goldielookingchain ('athouse. Glasgow. 4 Apr. I Fish Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 7 Apr. I David Byrne t'sher llall. Edinburgh. ll) Apr. I Marky Ramone Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll) Apr. I The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Barrowland. Glasgow. l 1 Apr. SOLD ()["l’ I Franz Ferdinand QMt'. Glasgow. l2 8; 13 Apr. SOLI) ()l'T I Duran Duran Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 15 Apr. SOLD OL’T I Norah Jones (‘Iyde Auditorium. Glasgow. l8 Apr. SOLI) ()l'T I Calexico (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. l8 Apr. The Shins, QMl'. Glasgow. 2() Apr. I Biffy Clyro Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 20 Apr. The Mekons Venue. Edinburgh. 2] Apr. I Amy Winehouse (‘uuier Theatre. Glasgow. 2] Apr. I Horace Andy, Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 22 Apr; King Tut's. Glasgow, 2-1 Apr”

Willard Grant Conspiracy


Queen's llall. Edinburgh. 2-1 Apr. I David Cassidy (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 2-1 Apr.

I The Wildhearts Garage.

Glasgow. 24 Apr: Liquid Room.

Edinburgh. 25 Apr.

I The Von Bondies Garage.

Glasgow. 25 Apr.

I Haven QMl'. Glasgow. 25

A pr.

I Eric Clapton Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 26 Apr. SOLD Ol"l' Divine Comedy t'sher llzill.

Edinburgh. 27 Apr.

Keane ()Ml'. Glasgow. 27



WEIRD ATTRACTORS Earshot @ the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Thu 12 Feb oooo

Never trust a crusty. so the old saying goes. Now they probably won't thank us for trotting out that unfortunate stereotype. but there's no doubting that the six-strong Weird Attractors look like the son of folk who may otherwise be found twirling fire on the Meadows at three in the morning. or welcoming the sun, splitt in hand. at a party of dubious legality in a secret beach location.

But you can trust a crusty. after all. Or at least. you can trust these ones if you want to place the movement of your ass in the care of people with more drum kits than your average touring prog band. A familiar name on the Edinburgh scene. the Attractors are

m 5:41;: i 1:25: W m

l‘erry. Glasgow. 2 May.

Glasgow. 1 May.

Glasgow. 2 May.

Glasgow. 2 May.


I Gwen McCrae Bongo (‘luh. Edinburgh. 3() Apr; Renf'rew

I To Rocco Rot lloneycomb. Edinburgh. 30 Apr; 'l'ron Theatre.

I Britney Spears Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow, 30 Apr. SOLD ()li’l‘

I Papa M and V “Min Venue. Edinburgh. 1 May; King 'I‘ut's.

I Arto Lindsay Queen's llall. Edinburgh. 1 May. ’l‘ramway.

I Four Tet Venue. Edinburgh. 2

very well-practised. and seemingly don't have to look far to find their fans.

Like someone flicked the party switch to on. the place is full of sweaty dancing punters with their lists in the air. Up on stage. a squelchy synth sound is propelled along by . . . is it three or four sets of drums? Truth be told. we lost sight once we entered the heaving pit that the dancefloor had become. Anyway. the two girls bashing the skins looked as swept up as anyone. while the guys were nearly as mobile in their interpretation of charging African and Samba sounds with a techno edge (although the bare chests and sombreros suggest they may be off to Euro 2004). Quite simply they‘re a superior live band. and rump-shaking excitement is guaranteed when they‘re playing. (David Pollock)

Weird, and also apparently wonderful

I Less Than Jake Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 25 May.

Graham Coxon Venue. Edinburgh. 25 May; King Tut's. Glasgow. 26 May.

I Hothouse Flowers Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 May.

I Download feat Metallica and Linkin Park Glasgow Green. Glasgow. 2 d: 3 Jun.

I Peter Gabriel Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 5 11111.

I Jamie Cullum l'sher llall. Edinburgh 5 Jun.

I Decide Liquid Room.

I Fairport Convention

Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 Apr.

I Mum 'l‘ramway. Glasgow. 28 Apr. I Mute Night t‘eat Wire and

Liars Venue. Edinburgh. 28 Apr:

'I‘ramway. Glasgow. 30 Apr.

I Trans Am King Tut's. Glasgow. 28 Apr; Venue. Edinburgh. 2‘) Apr.

I Prince Paul and Madlib Sub ('lub. Glasgow. 2‘) Apr: Venue. Edinburgh. 30 Apr.

I Franz Ferdinand Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2‘) Apr. SOLI) ()l'l

I Andre Willilams Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 30 Apr.

I Dr Alimantado Renf'rew l‘erry. Glasgow. 30 Apr.

I Creeping Bent, Fence and Gdansk showcase 'l'rnn 'l‘heatre. Glasgow. 2 May. Rodney Crowell Queen‘s llall. Edinburgh. 3 May. I Glenn Tilbrook Venue. Edinburgh. 4 May. The Orb Arches. Glasgow. 6

May. I Incubus, SE('(‘. Glasgow. 12 May.

I Bad Religion (‘arling Academy. Glasgow, l3 May. I The Streets Barrowland. Glasgow. l5 May.

Alias Venue. Edinburgh. l7 May; King Tut's. Glasgow. 18 May.

The Charlatans (‘arling

Academy. Glasgow. 2-1 May.

Edinburgh. ll Jun. I Red Hot Chili Peppers Murrayl’ield. Edinburgh. l3 Jun. SOLD ()l'T I Yes (‘lyde .-\uditorium. Glasgow. 20 Jun. I Blondie (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 22 Jun; Playhouse. Edinburgh. 26 Jun. I T in the Park Balado. Kinross. ll) ll Jul,

The Doors SE(‘('. Glasgow. l3 Jill. I Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow. 12 Oct. I Sara McLachlan Royal (‘oncert llall. Glasgow. 1‘) ()ct. I Motarhead Barrowland.

Glasgow. 9 Nov.

4—18 Mar 2004 THE LIST 53