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I Live Music Soundsel. the Soundhaus. 47 Hyde Park Street. 22] 465‘). 8.30pm. £4.50. Line-up to be w confirmed. Acoustic night. ‘1 I Live Music MacSorleys. 42 Jamaica

Street. 248 858 1. 9pm. Free. Three bands THE BEST ROCK P0P & ELECTRON” to be continued.

I Live Music McChuills. 4() High Street. 552 2135. 9.30pm. Free. New

bands night. ,


I Thrice and Vaux The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. 7pm. £9. listremo quartet from California who grew out of the ()range (‘ountry skateboarding scene and combine melodic punk. thrash and emo with a self- confessed dorkiness.

I Skoobee, Sweet Little Bullet and Ziolkowski The Bongo (‘lub. Moray House. 37 Holyrood Road. 558 7604. 7pm. £4.50. Showcase of fresh

" Thur-m9 1:1 Apr-ii The Garage. Glasgow


’1 The Cathouse 4:; V;;:J/,


I fly- \ ~

2‘42, w"? 37‘" 4 “1‘”be . ""

~ 3“ M Q

lidinburgh talent. at Yo La Tengo and Gorky’s 1%" I Crazy Vincent and Paco Zeus 2ygotic Mynci A shrewd h d 9 Heriot-Watt University L'nion. Riccarton. double bimng of those folks who T

451 5333. 9pm. Free. Local indie sounds

from Crazy Vincent (students and their don I so mUCh meander Off the

guests only). well trodden path as head off at

I Peter Michael Rowan (‘ai‘e Royal right angles in their own magic

Bistro Bar. l7 West Register Street. 557 - a,

4792. 9pm. Free. Acoustic rock originals eXploratlonS’ PeCUIIdr DC? from

and covers. peculiar people. See prevrew.

I Born to Be Wide The Venue. Arches, Glasgow, Tue 9 Mar;

('alton RUild. Usher

l()pm--3am. Free. New music industry

social club that plans to bring musos: Mar + very Special GUCStS journalists. promoters. record shop Travis and Keane The new

workers and musicians together. With a Travis suppon the O|d Travis T H E n A ?

yaried soundtrack from various industry (pictured) in this run around the

buds' arenas. Fran is still the man Saturday - m_ whatever the young upstarts

Glasgow might think. They‘ve got a long Sunday -

I The Keys, How to Swim and way to go to reach his level of

Ampersand King Tut‘s Wait Wah llut. adoration SECCv Glasgow, Thu

272a St Vincent'Street. 221. 527‘). 8.30pm. 77 8 Fri 72 Mar.

£5. f‘xltcountry-tinged yangl‘ing‘ from 3%. Eastern Lane, the

recent Lose support act the Kc) s.

I Carol Laula The Ferry. 42 (‘lyde Tendeflo‘n and 50‘“ saver A

Place. 429 1010. 9pm. £12. Local promising line-up of new indie

singer/songwriter in a Joni Mitchell yein. quirks with the headliners

with three albums to her name. .

I Boo Hewerdine Acoustic Affair. recently Singed t0 Rough Trade.

Tron Theatre Foyer Bar. Trongate. 552 see Slngles- K’ng TUt 3: Glasgow:

4267. 9.30pm. £8. liddi Reader's musical Thu 7 7 Mar; Venue, Edinburgh,

collaborator performs solo. sun 74 Mar

me 888.KempewndX1'l‘hc ' Tuesda 4th Illa - The (Sara 8 Glas ow

13m Now (are. 50-60 King Street. 553 5% Basement Jan A Welcome 9 g g ' 9

I638. 9pm. £3. lndie and garage rock return visit from the biggest,

“"C'UP- baddest party monsters extolling

I 16 Inch, Linda Yuen and . .

Strange Feelings Barfly. 260 (‘lyde the V'rtues Of thew "emendOPS The R,ant Band

Street. ()870 907 0999. 8pm. £3. latest album K/Sh K88” Car/"79 , . .4 * Very spew" guest Mlck Ralphs

: I:qu 5, The People and The Academy, Glasgow, Fri 72 Mar. " H c o ssion The Woodside

Sessions. Woodside Social. 32‘) North fiKigbtzhLannent/fqu ader

Woodside Road. 9pm. £5 (£41. e '93 ' “0 '0 'n '9

: Higrvyifattteasi, Fagin, Th squall from round ‘are way. La The Garage! GTasgow oun e ei stress and e R n Am I m t h

Scarlet Dogs Fury Murrys. 96 , e (3 p8 Csa. O bedt 9 Saturday May

Maxwell Street. 221 65! l. 8.30pm. £4. p08 grurjge lmon an

including entry to post-gig club. Bill of Garfunkel ~ What more COUId YOU

upcoming local indie bands. want on a Saturday night? 73th

I MacFloyd Paisley Town Hall. Abbey '

Close. 887 l()l(). 7.30pm £9 (£6.50). N018 cafe' Glasgow sat 73 Man

Scottish Pink Floyd tribute band. Kraftwerk StIII at the from of

l Tons of Slobs MacSorleys. 42 the pack after 30 years twiddling

I Bronx Samuel Dow's. 67 71 f.

Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free. ‘9 '“e What we_k“0W as _

I Frank O’Hagan The sconn. electronic musrc. See prevnew.

l 12—] l4 Stockwell Street. 552 868i. Carling Academy, Glasgow, Tue

9pm. Free. Covers of Dylan. the Band. 76 Man

(‘reedence I Live Music Nice'n’Sleazy. 42l Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. £3. A

North (ilasgow .‘ylusic night with line-up tribute act. officially approyed by ex- to be confirmed. Roses bassist Mani. I Live Music Stereo. 12-414 I Thee Moths, Calvin and Sacred Kelvinhaugh Street. 576 5018. 8pm. Heart Losers Subway. 6‘) (‘ow-gate. Subcity Radio-promoted gig. with line-up 225 6766. 7.30pm. £3» £4. Delicate folky to be confirmed. songs and lo-fi melodies. . I gingergreen, The Diaz Bros ~ Ed'nburgh and Lindsay West The Tron. 9 Hunter 1mm murm- iron! ilUlElswllAliO 7:» Armin 5161220» tum'math mm! Shim first»? I The Complete Stone Roses The Square. High Street. 226 ()93 1. 8pm. In» mu 2m 5m emsxtommnw (1131 men ClutiCanlelurV. anomalies Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 £37 £4. liccentric melodies and acoustic WNW”"mcw‘bmm mmmmmmww mummmmh'smvmmam 2564. 7pm. £l(). Homegrown Roses ramblings from lidinburgh's gingergreen. “Mummmmmmmm Wm“ Tatum m“ “mm >

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