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Disabled access key WA=Wheelchair access; WAAtheelchair access with assistance; P=Parking facilities; WC=Adapted toilet(s).


253 Argyle Street. 565 1023. [WC. WA] The National Review of Live Art Wed 17—Sun 21 Mar. Various times. The annual .\'RI.A returns to the Arches with five days of innovative. experimental and international live art. See Arches listings below for comprehensive information. Box Wed 17 Mar. 6—9pm. £8 (£6); five- day apex £35. ElusivecameIproductions. a creative partnership between Ian Abbott and Tracey McGarrigan. explores space in this piece which blurs the boundaries between white cube and black box performance spaces.

Colette Salder Wed 17 Mar. 8—8.5()pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. Colette Sadler presents her new commission ‘eorps' responding. a dialogue between the everyday world and that relating to the aura. resulting in a dance work hindered and energised by the familiar.

Daniel Leveille Wed 17 & Thu 18 Mar. Wed 6.3()—7.3()pm: Thu ‘).3()—I().3()pm. £8 (£6): five-day apex £35. A major figure in the theatrical current of Canadian dance in

Oxford Stage Company in association with Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse presents

the late 70s. Daniel Leveille presents Amour. Acide et I‘v'oix. Created in 1998 for 17 dancers. it explores life and touch. Donna Rutherford Wed 17 Mar. I()—l().45pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. A series of solo and ensemble stories by Glasgow-based video and performance artist Donna Rutherford and centring on the evasion of responsibility.

Mark Jeffrey Wed I7—Fri 1‘) Mar. Wed 6—7pm. 8—8.45pm & l()—I().45pm; Thu 3—4pm. 4—6pm. 8—9pm & 1030—] 1.30pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. Mark Jeffrey collaborates with filmmaker Lucy Baldwyn. digital artist Judd Morrissey and sound artist Lori Talley in this highly visual performance/installation. On each day of the festival. the work manifests itself in four different phases (installation. live close-up. performance and fading) over a 10-hour work period.

Lisa Wesley Wed 17 & Thu 18 Mar. Wed 6—I().3()pm & 9—9.50pm; Thu 3—I().3()pm 8; 5—5.5()pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. Two pieces from Lisa Wesley featuring Life ll’ithout Soup. an installation comprising two screens. one displaying the major storylines of soap operas from a TV guide. the other documenting daily footage of the performer. (Join . . . Gone is a solo performance that explores a typical British night out.

Liz Aggiss (with Billie Cowie) Thu 18 & Fri 19 Mar. Thu 5—7pm 8; 7—‘).3()pm. £8 (£6): five-day apex £35. Seripted to Within an Ineh ofher Life is a looped solo installation performed by Liz Aggiss where both the filth and the performer become incased in the work. ‘The Men in the Wall'. devised by Aggiss and Billie Cowie. is a four-screen installation.

Baiju Parthan Wed l7—Fri 19 Mar. Wed 6—I().3()pm; Thu 3—I().3()pm. £8 (£6—five- day apex £35). Two interactive video projections. The Diary of the Inner Cyborg and How Instant Karma Algorithm. from

Baiju Parthan from India.

7 , . at = .1. A


l by Brendan Behan Directed by ' Kathy Burke

'A must-see’............




72 THE LIST 4—18 Mar 2004

Rosie Ward Wed l7—Sun 21 Mar. Wed 6—1().3()pm; Thu 3—l().3()pm. £8 (£6); five- day apex £35. Rosie Ward‘s new work is a

continuation ofANON which was shown

as pan of the NRI.A platform last year. In a site-specific installation. she questions perception. superimposing an illusion of existing reality.

The Slide Show - Stuart Simpson

Wed 17 & Thu 18 Mar. Wed 6—l().3()pm;

Thu 3—1().3()pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. A digital mix of sound. video and montage exploring family photography. relationships and memento performed by Stuart Simpson.

Sophia New Wed l7—Sun 21 Mar. Wed

6—l().3()pm; Thu 3—l().3()pm. £8 (£6); five- day apex £35. Two new video works from Sophia New. co-founder of Plan b. When

no one was looking. I snnek lute/(stage is

shot in a disused dark space featuring a female figure and How I loved you until I could no longer see you is a video performance portrait in which the image disappears as more red lipstick is applied to the screen.

Takuii Kogo with Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries Wed 17 & Thu 18 Mar. Wed 6-1().3()pm; Thu 3—I().3()pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. Takuji Kogo collaborates with Korean artist Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries in this lament for a failed globalistn. Images of mobile phone handsets combine with popular song from the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War 11.

Victoria Hart - Direction of Journey Wed 17 Mar. 7.30—7.55pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. A spoken word. video performance frotn Duncan of Jordanstone MFA student Victoria Hart exploring part of the journey she takes to her home town of Strathhaven.

Franko 3 Thu 18 Mar. 3—4pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. An illustrated lecture by Franko B who has been creating work across art forms and for exhibitions since 1990. plus a screening of his video installation My Heart is Broken.

Helen Paris - Family Hold Back Thu 18 & Fri 19 Mar. Thu 930— II). 15pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. A darkly comic performance from London-based Helen Paris highlighting the perversities of politeness of the English dinner table etiquette.

Kate Stannard Thu 18 Mar. 6—6.45pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. A performance from RSAMI) graduate Kate Stannard entitled Missing Things.

Leslie Hill - Smoking Gun Thu 18 & Fri 19 Mar. Thu 8.30—9.15pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. Performance. video and digital artist Leslie Hill presents Smoking (inn. a series of interconnected adventures and revelations about humanness. Michael Curran Thu 18 Mar.

1030—1 1.30pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. Michael Curran‘s first feature length video exploring themes of coldness. the act

of storytelling and loneliness.

Raimund Hoghe Thu 18—Sun 21 Mar. 7—8.3()pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. A lecture/performance from German

: performer Raimund Hoghe.

Reckless Sleepers - Last Supper Thu 18 & Fri 19 Mar. 4—5pm & 8.30—9.30pm. £8 (£6); five-day apex £35. The British premiere of Reckless Sleepers‘ small performance for 3‘) people based on the chapters of the Last Supper according to Matthew.

CITIZENS’ THEATRE l I9'Gorbals Street. 429 0022. IP. H. TT.

we. WA]

The Quare Fellow L'ntil Sat 6 Mar. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £14 (£6). Set in an Irish prison. Oxford Stage Company

presents Brendan Behan‘s dark comedy

with colourful characters. songs and tnore. Directed by actress. Kathy Burke. Sec preview.

The Merchant of Venice Tue 9—Sat 13 Mar. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £14 (£6). William Shakespeare‘s tale of human nature is revisited by Northern Broadsides. With direction by Barrie Rutter. See preview.



I Reasons to be Cheerful Martin McCardie’s adaptation of Mark Steel’s book presents a lively and thought-provoking evening of political theatre. Three good performances help to highlight the choices, taken in the past and in the future, available to three 803 left wing activists entering their middle age. Touring. See review.

I Sauchiehall Street The outspoken and controversial lain Heggie, one of Scotland's most distinguished writers, returns to Scottish stages with his latest work. It's a story of actors and theatrical agents old and young and you can expect Vanishing Point’s production to be unstinting in its satirical insight. Traverse Theatre, Thu 17-Sat 73 Mar, then touring.

I Suddenly Last Summer Diana Rigg leads in Tennessee Williams’ still shocking family melodrama. A story of rivalry over memory and money reveals dark psychological truths. King ’3 Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 9—Sat 73 Mar.

Hello Dora! An Evening with Dora Bryan Wed 17 Mar. 8pm. £14.50 (£12). Bryan recounts tales frotn over 60 years in the British film business.


93—95 Hyndland Street. 357 3868. [H. WC. WA]

Macbeth L'ntil Fri 5 Mar. 7.30pm. £8 (£6) frotn 01698 817424. Practical Magic presents Shakespeare's Scots tragedy set

upon a blasted heath near Fortes. The Vagina Monologues Sat 6 Mar.

8pm. £12 frotn 33() 3838. Pucker L'p Productions tackle live Iinsler's infamous performance. See preview.


9 University Avenue. 330 5522. [WC. WA] The Bright Eyed Mariner Mon 15 Mar. See Kids listings.

The Blood of Others Thu l8—Sat 21) Mar. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). Dagmar Wilhelm presents a darkly romantic story set in the

I lootning shadow of World War II. KING’S THEATRE

297 Bath Street. 240 I 1 1 I. [H. WC. WA] Irene L'ntiI Sat 6 Mar. 7.15pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £7—£|5. A Cinderella tale for the

modern age set in New York during the


Carousel Mon 8—Sat 13 Mar. 7.30pm (Wed 8; Sat tnat 2.30pm). £7.5()—£24.5(). Roger And Hammerstein's musical about Billy. who returns to earth after being killed in a robbery. to seek out his daughter. With Sam —- former Brookie hairdresser Kane at the helm.