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Glasgow Thursdays


I Back to Mine at the l.ite Bar. Timex the. l-‘ree. Weekl). li\er} 'l‘lm. the lite Bar ix taken o\ er h} a dil'l'et‘ent eelehrit). I).l or media pla_\ er. doing \Kllttl llIL‘ lIL'll IllL‘}' like till the (lCCl’x\.

I Bennet’s at Bennet'x. l Iptn 3am. £3 t£2i. \Veekl}. ('ra/} night at thix tlloxl popular ol‘ ga} \enuex. The} altta}x get a great ero“ d in and the alter partiex are reall} xometliing to behold.

I Budda at Budda. l lpm 3am. £the. \Veekl}. Relattnehed \enue haek on track \\ltll detailx xtill the.

I Blunt at (‘ottier'x 'l‘heatre.

0pm lam. .\ llL‘\\ night in ll)ndland'x ehureh-eome-hoo/er l'eaturing hip hop. Rth and daneeliall \xith l)a\id Mae. and heatx. gliteh and eleetroniex \\ ith NL‘l.

I Cheeze at Strathehde Student'x .'\xxoeiation. 0pm 3am. £the. \Veekl}. 'l'he higgext and taekiext xtudent night

I Clear at :\d l.ih. llpm 3am. £l. ll .\lar. liortnightl} tra\elx l't‘om Kingxton to Detroit. all tor a pound. Baxx ix the common denominator ax reggae. lttnk and hip hop meetx eleetro. glitch and leelmo.

I Columbian at the Ax} lutn Back Room. 8pm lam. l‘ree to (’I'Sl’ meniherx; £l UlllL‘l‘\\lxc. \\'eekl_\. l’ut xotne hreakin’ tank in )our trunk \xith thix entertaining night (it xtudent madnexx.

I Dirty Thursdays at Blanket. llpm 3am. £5 t£3i. \Veekl}. (let deep do“ n and dirt} ax Ra} mond \\'ootlx and .\'aeem mix tip \ome ol' the moxt hoot}lieioux Rth in the eit). \xhile Bill} .\lilligan xer\ ex tip the xtudent elaxxiex and dirt_\ pop tunex.




I DogGod at Q Bar. lll.3(lpm 3am. £3. \Veekl}. Night ol~ eeleetieixm at the heautil'ttl eltth tinder ('orinthian. lt \xax eloxed l‘or agex httt no“ the} 're getting hack into the grom e. l’ttre elaxx. I The Edge at the lidge. ('oathridge. I lptii 3am. I‘ree. \\'eekl_\. (Bar) lleane} hlaxtx the (‘oathridge llltt\\l\ e into l'l'ltltt} “ith the \er) hext in l'unk} \oeal houxe. I Fire Wire at Batnhoo. 5pm 3am. £3 t£3 l. \Veekl}. (iraham l’erguxon xpinx Rxlt and ehart elaxxiex in rootn l. “title [)1 toaxt ix til the red rooin pla)ing indie pop and rock. In the lounge. Rohin It pla}x an eeleetie mix ol’ dixeo. funk and will I Freakmoves at (ilaxgmt Sehool of .v\rt. llpm 3am. £3 t£3i. \Veekl}. l'Itra- line hip hop night lor the xtudentx. \\ ith I)Jx Dana and .\'iee. I FreeSoul at (J (‘Iuh. llptn 3am. £4 hel'ore midnight: £5 alter. J Mar. .\Iontltl_\. .\'e\\ night do“ n the poxh hit ol' toun. \\ ith t‘exidentx lino and (iuxho liring _\ou tip tor the \\ eekend “till a hit ttl teehno. 'lilllx tnonth'x guext I).l Ra/ \tarnix tip till tnidnight \\ ith xome hat'd-httten tranee and dance. I Homework at Vault. llpm 3am. £5 t£4i. \Veekl}. Ian and Ste\ ie man the ho\. xo all inxeeuritiex ox er the tunex are dixpelled. 'l'hix night aimx at xtudent xatixl'aetion \xtthout eompronnxing the tltlalil} le\elx. I Hype at ('uhe. ll.3llpm 3am. £3 t£2l. \Veekl). .Iint I)a Itext teamx tip “till the Il}pe ere“ to pttt on a night ol I\\l\ICtl. ultra~lttnk_\ houxe. I’lent} ol' elieap hoo/e makex thix a l'un night ottt. Instant Access at Suh ('ltth. llptn 3am. £3. \Veekl). 'l‘hix lx the night the Sith daneex in itx xlipperx to the xoundx ol' .\Ioto\\n. hreakx. Milk. and xmattering ol‘ houxe. \e\ er alraid ol' itttt‘odtteing a next edge to proeeedingx 'l‘ill l’eaehex and (iroundxkeeper (ilenn protnixe appearaneex lrom tinittuel)

DJ Assault guests at Acetate, Sat 13 Mar

talented Senegalexe hip hop erttxaderx Daaral t l l Mart. and in a xttrreal t\\ ixt. lunch from ()ptimo, \tho'll he pla}ing a drtttn tk haxx xet on IS .\Iar. .S'r-r' [’I'('l'l('ll'. I Loaded at liquid I.otinge.

lllpm 3am. £4 t£3i. \Veekl}. 'I‘hree li\ e handx kiek the night oll. making ha} ha Joe Kane on deekx \\ ith xome indie. mod and xottl at lam.

I Madhouse at the Shaek.

I(l.3(lpm 3am. £5 (£3). \Veekl}. (II and And) take }ou to the brink ol‘ inxanit}

\\ ith xome ol' the moxt ottlrageoux and eout‘ageoux xtudent anthemx.

I Old Skool Reunion at :\l‘ehaox. llptn 3am. £51lree £2.5(ll. \Veekl}. ()ld xehool teelmo elaxxiex and dixeo xt}le tunex lot" the l'ren/ied xtudentx

do“ ti Arehaox ua}.

I Psychoacoustics at Ad l.ih. .\'e\t tlttlL‘ llk‘.

I Polo for Me at the Polo Lounge. ltlptn lam. l‘ree. \Veekl). You. the luek} punter. take the helm tonight. ax t‘eqttext eardx are axailahle o\ er the har and in the hooth. \oliee tor the unimaginath e: ‘I am What I am' ix prohihited h} km and punixhahle h_\ xpanking.

I Record Player: at (tlaxgtm School ol'.r\rt. ltl.3(lpm \Veekl}. lli—l‘i Sean tIIi--l-'idelit} l and llttxhpttpp} tl)i\ inei perl'orm eheap deek xttekin' to dixeeau. dtimh eleetro and 80x phttnk. The} ad\ ixe _\ou to aet up. drexx dottn and pla) eax) to get.

I Retro at ’l'raxh. l lpm 3am. £4 t£2l. \Veekl}. l)a\ e Young. Stex en Brown and the Krax} Karaoke team pl} their \tarex at thix lahtilottx night under Pitt Street. .\ xtudent night \\ith xtunning tunex. xtunning looking people and a xmattering ol drinkx promotionx.

I Skint at the ('athouxe. I lpm 3am. £-l t£2 l. \Veekl). .\ night that rel'leetx the rexttrgent alternatix e xeene at the moment. Roek. indie and write tough ehemieal hreakx and heatx. \\ ill] a erott d much like the one )ou xee otttxide the (killer) ol‘ .\Iodern All

I Speakeasy at the l‘nixetxal tSattehiehall I.anel. ltlpm 2am. l‘ree. \Vk‘k‘hl}. ll )0“ lt‘L‘l like tt lt‘\\ tll'lllkx alter the pith. httt don't “ant to go eluhhing. Speakeax) ix l‘or )on. The muxie ain't eomproniixed. hill the \ ihe ix L‘lllllL‘tl.

I Soul Shaker at MAS. llpm 3am. £3. \Veekl). l.L'\\ ol' a eluh. tnore ol' a part}. Rexitlenlx (iol'tloll Reill}. ('lll'tx Montgomer} and Romain Beatx match In e peretixxion and gttitar \\llll l'unk} houxe. dixeo and eleetro to heat the hand. I Switchback at S“ itellhaek. .v\nniexland. llptn 2am. liree. \Veekl}. .\ next xtudent night in the \Vext. and a line option l'or thoxe who like to part} on a 'I‘htirxda}. Anthemx h} the xaekload \\ ith Seott .\Iuir|iead and ('Iirix .\laneini.

I Subcity End of Broadcast Party at the :\l'L‘llL‘\. lllpm 3am. £(i (£4 in ad\aneei. l I .\lar onl_\. .r\ll haxex eo\ered at thix llltl\\tllll marking another e\ee||ent month ol' I’.\l hroadeaxting l'rom Sttheit). We lta\e lixe muxie lrom the \lultiplex plttx xome deek tripper) ll’tllll Ille llkex Ul. litltllll \ltlllk Ben. .\lixx

I'lul'l'. (‘olin l)a\ie. l)a\id .\lottram. Rieo.

l)a\ e Shadex and .lohnn} \Vhoop. ll _\ou ean't lind a good gt'oox e in here. then get )our head eheeked.

I Theorm at the Vault. .\'e\t date the. I Topform at the Bull. ltl.3(lpm 3am. l‘ree hel'ore l lpm: £5 alter. ~l & IX .\lar. l‘ortnightl}. I think \\ e haxe to turn in er to 'l'opl'orm thetnxeltex to xttm up thix ne\\ night: ‘.'\it extraxagan/a ol' muxie and I“ ixted entertainment. think the Ro)a| Variet} l’erlorinanee lioxted h} )tittt‘ drttnkext drunken unele. llllllk end ol' the pier. think end of the \torld. think ottt oi )titit‘ ho\7'

I Phunky Monkey at Belo tl‘ormerl} Baha/ai. .\‘ptn 3am. li'ee hel'ore l lpm; £4 t£3i alter. Weekly Seott (irainger. \‘anee and Riehie .\Ie('oltn are on xpinning dutiex at thix ne\\ eluh that lookx like getting e\ en higger than Itaha/a. l’lent} ol~ drinkx promox. lunk} anthemx and lloor lillerx tnake it a \\ inning l‘ortnula.

2.30am. £3 (£2).

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Miso Gifted US producer and musician Adalt'l Johnson brings his penchant for intelligent. atmospheric dance music down the cafe. Very much music for the 2 1 st century. 73th Note Cafe. Sat 6 Mar.

Praise Be A boon for the still- emr—zrgent Glasgow hip hop scene as edgy. underground outfit Task Force kick off this new night with their stern beats and braggadocro rhymes. The Renfrew Ferry. Sat 6 Mar.

Instant Access lA have stirred things up a bit since coming on the scene about six months ago and their choice of guests should earn them yet more kudos. On ‘: 1 Mar they have a live set from Senegalese Hip Hop World Music Award th'll'tCFS Daara J. and the followmg week sees the first in a series of warm—up spots for old hands playing tunes from the back of the crate. Twach from Optimo. who'll be playing drum & bass. is first to be put to the test. Sub Club. Thu 7 7 d 18 Mar.

Subculture Random Factor taka Carl Finiow). who has released on many of the finest electronic labels in the world. joins Ham and Domenic tincturtedl for a handsnon technologydriven house master class. And you can catch him up close between Spin-Spin, when he'll be playing a set at Carbon Records in Urban Outfitters. Sub Club. Sat 13 Mar.

Traxx v Melting Pot The standard of guests at this Arches party is a mark of the considerable reputation both clubs have built up for musical expr—zrimentation and daring. The mix gets a might heady tonight with music from DJ Cosmo (Bitches Brewl. a woman who helped compile David Mancuso's Loft albums. some sublime Detron techno from Juan Atkins (aka Model 500). and 4 "A party vibes from L0uis Digital. The Arches. Sat 13 Mar.

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