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I Abnormals Anonymous at (ilasgow School of Art. I lpm 3am. £the. l2 Mar. Scotland's premier eltrb night for gay people 7 and their hetero chums s at war with gay culture Abnormals kicks hard against the pricks. I)Js lltishptrppy and Mooneat lay on an elle-eetrie mix ol‘ punk-shock disco and junk rock.

I Aerodynamico at the l'niversal.

l Iprn 3am. £4 before midnight: £5 alter. 5 .Mar. Monthly. Residents present their world-wide selection ol~ nu-jau. Brazilian breaks. lunk. sottl arid hip hop. And there's a live set from pll5.5 and handy.

I Afterglow at Ad Lih. l lpm 3.30am. £5 (£4). l2 Mar. Monthly. Kev Knowles (Straight Ahead) joins residents Mikey (‘ollins and Patti Molloy tor a selection of classic rnod sounds. l’unky jazz arid northern soul.

I Archaos at Arehaos. l lpm~3am. £5 (£2.50). Weekly. Mainstream chart dance. soul and cheese at one of the busiest liri nighters in town.

I Audio at the l'niversal. Next date the. I Babaza at Belo. (ipm«3arn (I)Js from I lpm). liree before I lpm; £5 alter. Weekly. The venue's legendary l-‘ri nights take the name of the clubbing institution that used to be here. Patrl 'l'raynor. Billy Jones and Ross Macmillan are in charge of the music. and they've heert known to rip it up in the past.

I Blunt: at (ilasgow School ol‘ Art.

1 lpm 3am. £the. l‘) Mar. 1)] l)irtsman and special guests throw in a little hip hop with their atrthentic reggae. ragga and dancehall sounds.

I Bombafusion at Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Boogie Wonderland at linvy.

l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Mad disco night with loads ol‘ drinks promos and a soundtrack to make the ladies shake their

I Budda at Bttdda. l lpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. Drinks promos and some very sexy R&B from [)1 \‘anee make this not a had place to start the weekend.

I The Buff at the Bull. lllpm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Old school jazz at (ilasgow's newest jaw eluh. l).ls Nick Peacock. Mark Rohh. Brian Robertson and Kevan Stevens do the needlework.

I Bughouse at Stib (‘Iuh Next date the. I Canvas at Arta. l lpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. l)J Walter plays a plethora ol' lunk. sottl and R&B at this beautiful Merchant (‘ity bar.

I Casa Futura at .-\d Lih. Next date the. I City Sessions at Q ('luh. Next date the.

I The Cathouse at the ('athouse. 10.30pm 3am. £l bel'ore llpm; £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. Riding high on the nu metal wave. this is one ol‘ the busiest nights in town. Rock. grunge. indie and a dash ol breakbeal across three floors at (ilasgow 's top venue l‘or rockers and alternateens.

I Club Budda at ('lth Budda. l)umharton Street. (‘lydehank

l lpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. The weekend kicks oll downriver with a slow. chillotrt soundtrack.

I Coded at Vault. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. They're from a record store. so the tunes are going to he fresh and highly funky. aren’t they'.’ A rotating roster of DJs affiliated to 23rd Precinct supply the house-led grooves you can rely on. Steven

Mc('reery is the main tnan. hlll the pool ol'

talent includes Billy Kilkie. Billy Woods and Amanda Price.

I Crash at the Shed. 10.30pm 2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. littan and Andy play the fittest ol everything at this blinding southside club that always seems to he busy.

I Creation at Corinthian. l lprii 3am. £thc. Weekly. Alter a warm-up in the

Lite Bar it's downstairs with the gear for

Paul Rea and Kevin Austin. your hosts at this classiest ol' venues.

I Dancehall Explosion at (ilasgow School of Art. lllpm 3am. £5. 12 Mar. Ragga and reggae spots with DJ I)irtsman and his guests. M(' Romando 8; ('r'ew'. straight from the ('arihbean. I Destiny at Destiny. 1 lpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. Destiny's relaunch continues with tip-lor-it party ttrnes. house and R&B llavas. 'l'asty Iz‘usrlfndm's har‘dman Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is popping in on 5 Mar. Your card looks marked.

I The Edge at the lidge ('oatbridge. l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Residents Alex Keane and Scott (iranger bring you the best in house and club classics.

I Fluid at Trash. 1 lpm 3am. £6 (£4 ). Weekly. Beat l()(i’s Lisa Littlew'ood. Scott Mackay and Raw B all play as residents at this raucous party tip at the mad end of town. l-‘unky house. urban pop and loads ol~ cheap hoo/e make it a winning proposition.

I Fly By Night at Riverside (’ltrh. Next date the.

I Fnuk at Big Joint. Sottth Street. Next date the.

I Fresh at the Polo Lounge.

1 lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle and Andy are in charge of the musical duties at this delicious. gay/ tttixed Merchant (‘ity cltth. Most who enter come ottt smiling.

I Fridays at Blanket at Blanket.

l lpm 3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. Raymond Woods. Naeem and Stuart Mc(’a|lum take turns with the R&B llavas in the big back room. while ottt l‘ront Billy Milligan mixes Motown with party classics.

I Friday Street at The Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Fuel at l-‘uel (Bishophriggs). 10.30pm 2am. £4. Weekly. A hid to

expand the average (ilaswegian‘s idea (it

what w'eekending means. l'r'om the (il (iroup. Paul Rea plays cltrh classics. R&B. funk and anythang with a groove. Southside and Northside it’s starting to get like London up here. A wee hit.

speed dating as it should be


82 THE LIST -/'- 18 Mar 20f)”.

HIP HOP PRAISE BE Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Sat 6 Mar

This month sees the start of Praise Be, a new hip hop club at the Renfrew Ferry showcasing established names and unsigned acts from across the UK. Promoters Dan Beck and Brendan Pettit have pulled off a major coup by enlisting the almost peerless London duo Task Force to perform the launch night. Backed by DJ Louis Slipperz, Task Force’s emcees Chester P and Farma G blend gritty tales of London life with rhymes ensconced in the classic battle-rap mould, demonstrated best on their excellent Music From

the Corner LP.

‘The Praise Be night is going to be totally unpretentious - there’ll be no- one standing around just head-nodding all night,’ assures co-promoter Dan Beck. ‘Instead, we want to have a party atmosphere without all the static that you often get at other hip-hop nights.’

While a pair of Technics 1200 decks and a couple of microphones will initially comprise Praise Be’s prime weapons of choice, Beck is keen to widen the club’s musical scope. ‘We’d love to do stuff with live bands and other types of music, like electro. In the future, we want to bring over groups from the US as well as the best in Britain.’ Yet he’s keen for Praise Be to be first and foremost a platform for the abundant talent that exists in the central belt’s burgeoning hip hop scene. Joining Task Force on the evening’s impressive line-up is hotly-tipped Glasgow crew Surface Empire, along with DJ Digit and Praise Be’s resident spinner BRE (aka co-promoter

Pettit). (Hugh Leask)


Task Force

I Full On at Privilege.

It)..i()ptn 3am. £0 (£7). Weekly. lottt \Vilsoll. (iekkohoy. Stewart (ireen. William Daniel. (iav llouston. Stu llirst and (iio lierri are your hosts at this weekly dance itigltt down on llope Street.

I Funhouse at Barfly. l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. A night ol clued-up punk arid cathartic indie pop nonsense. It’s pogo-a—gogo with Radio l's \‘ie (ialloway. Mr Patrl Needles arid l)_l Alpha Mitchell.

I Funk Room til the Arches. Next date I‘) Mar.

I Goodfoot at the Riverside Social. Next date the.

I Heads Up at Sub ('lub. Next date the.

I I Love 1970 at Stt'atllclyde Student’s .-\ssoeiation. 9pm 3am. £the. Weekly. As the name suggests l'trnky ltm 7()s classics all night long.

I Impromptu at Ad Lib. Next date lhc‘.

I Kinky Afro Basement Jaxx after party at the Sttb (‘ltrh.

llptn 3am. £the (£2 discount with ticket l'or Basement Jaxx at (‘arling Academy). 12 Mar. Solemusie's man ol~ mischiel Milton Jackson perl’orms a live set ol‘ tilthy. electronic dartce with Mt‘ Nordin on raps. As ever Matthew Bennet and Stuart .\le('orriskan mix tip the mystic lechno—lunk.

I LiveVEvil at (ilasgow School ol~ Art. llprn 5am. £l() ( £8). 5 Mar. Monthly. Sortte til the l'l't'sllt‘sl beats (ill the block trom l.o\y and Ink. whose lie“ .St'llrm/ HI l/(ll't/ /\'llm /x\ I.l) is making a few waxes rigltt rtow. they join residents Morphy. Velocet. Paul Reset. Simon 1) arid M(' (itlltl\ on their dehttt Scottish outing. I’m I/rt's {/(llt’ only l."‘l.I.\/.('(II‘(/ [It'll/(VA L’l'l 1‘] (III/Adm)!” price ul/ trig/ll.

I Latin Fever at llayana. 0pm 2am. l-iee. Weekly. DJ Keith l) spins tip some ('olomhian. ('uban. New York and Alrican salsa. adding a twist ol Latin chart. Rtkli and global beats to the rhythmical stew. ’l'asty.

I Lite at the ('orinthian. ltlpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. 'l‘lie (‘orinthian laeelilt gets into lull swing. with the Lite bar and clttb taking over the action on l'iriday s. All the top l).ls l'r'om (ilis other venues make regular appearances.

I Manga at Sub ('lub. Next date 26 Mar.

I Medicine Wheel at the Sub ('ltrh. Next date the.

I Midi Hi-F'i at the (ilasgow School ol'At‘t. Next date the.

I Moda at Moda. 0pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Darren l)unn eases his way through the night with the linest in house. garage and R&B.

I National Pop League at tltc Woodside Social. Next date 20 Mar.