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Everyone has an opinion on contemporary art. whether to praise it or to utter those immortal lines. ‘my five-year-old could do that.‘ From viSiting art shows and reading about them. one of the best ways to enjoy art is to talk about it. Spin offers peOple an opportunity to do just that. It's a monthly gathering where members meet up to discuss individual works of art in a sociable setting.

Organised by the National Galleries of Scotland and the Contemporary Art Society in 2003. the group has largely operated up till now by word of mouth. but Spin is expanding and is looking for new reCruns.

‘We wanted to develop a new audience for contemporary art and to offer people the chance to engage with art in a relaxed and informal setting.‘ explains art historian Kirstie Skinner. who programmes and hosts Spin. ‘Usmg discuSSion as the mainstay of our format. people can jOin in or hang back as much as they want. and it means that you have multiple voices diSCussing something rather than just one authoritative v0ice.'

For a fee of £45 per year. subscribers to Spin attend ten events a year. meeting in galleries all over Edinburgh to look at a particular exhibition or an individual work of art. Regular email bulletins keep members informed of what's going on and there is also a programme of spin-off events with proposals this year to visit the Frieze Art Fair in London. Scotland's degree shows. the Glasgow Art Fair and domestic exhibitions and artists‘ spaces in Edinburgh.

‘We have had a hugely posnive response.‘ says Skinner. 'It gives peOple the opportunity to gain access to curators. artists and unusual spaces that they would not normally be able to seek out themselves. '

Spin's long-term goal is to introduce a similar set up in other Scottish cities. working with other galleries to create a network for diSCussion. Getting more and more people to engage wrth contemporary art is no bad thing. (Helen Monaghanj I For more information about 8pm email spin @nationa/ga/leries. org

Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


lb-l Woodlands Road. 332 0028.

Mon firi ltlam 5pm; Sat lllam 12.30pm The Winter Collection t'niil Wed 3| Mar. Paintings by regular gallery artists including Helen M Turner. Davy Brown. James ()rr. Marie Hart and Robert ligginton plus old (ilasgoyv photographs.


353 .Argyle Street. 565 l()23. Mon Sat 10am l()pm; Sun noon l()pm.

lain Smart: My Eyes are Bleeding t'ntil Wed Bl Mai: Photographs and illustrations of people and the environment by this (ilztsgoyv School of Art graduate.

The National Review of Live Art Wed I7 Sun 2| Mar. The annual .\'RI.A returns to the Arches yy ith five days of innovative. experimental and international live art. See Theatre listings for full listings.


l‘) Parnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sal noon 5pm.

Hooks and Grannies t‘ntil Tue 30 Mar. Paintings of (ilasgoyy by gallery artists including depictions of the “es! [find by Fiona (iraham. \vatercolours by Bryan livans. acrylics by David Marshall and pastels by Alan Richards. Jewellery Exhibition t'niil Tue 30 Mar. Valentine‘s Day inspired silver jeyvellery by (‘hristina Patterson and celtic-influenced works by Marley McKinnie.


13‘) Bath Street. ()7763 222333. |)aily llam 7pm.

Suite Art l'ntil Thu IS Mar. A series of fortnightly exhibitions shoyy ing the work of up-and-coming artists \y ith an opening night on Friday from (rpm. l)ra\\ ings and paintings by Joseph Steyy art are on shim until 4 Mar folloyy ed by printed textiles by Hannah (‘Iinch (.5 l8 Marl.


IS5a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue Sat Illam 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'niil Wed 3t Mar. The gallery celebrates its third birthday with a mixed shots of works including new paintings by Jack Yettriano. Peter “my son. Steven ('ampbell. Adrian \‘v‘is/nieyvski and John Bellany'.

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART l3-l Blythsu'ood Street. 332 4037.

Mon Fri 9.30am 5.30pm; Sat l()am~|pm.

Carlo Rossi l'ntil Tue 33 Mar. .\'e\v ltalian landscapes and still life studies. Copenhagen Duo t'niil Tue 23 Mar. Jewellery by Mikala I)gorup and Kamilla Rubet'g.

Anna Noel l'ntil Tue 33 Mar. (‘eramic animal sculptures.

THE BRICK SPACE GALLERY One World Shop. UK) Byres Road. 357 1567. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Fair Trade Exhibition t'ntil Mon 8 Mar. A display highlighting fair trade fortnight.

Guatemalan Experience Thu l l Mar Wed 7 Apr. The (iuatemalan Solidarity Network presents an exhibition of photographs. fabrics. arts and crafts depicting (iuatemalan life.

CAFE COSSACHOK GALLERY ll) King Street. 553 ()733. Tue Sat

l l.3()ant l lpm.

Armen Vehramian Thu l8 .\f;ir l-‘ri ‘) Apr. A debut shoyv for this Armeni.a painter \vhose \yorlss are based on ancient traditions of Armenian arts using specialist techniques of graphic art.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900.

Tue Wed & l-‘ri Sun llam opm: Thu llam 8pm.

0 Ouroboros: The Music of Spheres l'ntil Sun 4 Apr. John ('alcutt curates his first exhibition at the (’(‘A taking as its starting point the circle. the square and the spiral. The show features yyork by international and (ilasgoyy based artists and includes Robert Smithson’s Spiral .li'lrv. Jim Lambie’s turntables. plus \yorks by ('alum Stirling. Roger Ackling. Peter Lynch. and (‘hristian Marclay. See review and llitlist.

Arts: Speak! Thu l I Mar. 7pm. l‘rce. Steyy art Laing yy ho is currently completing a Creative Lab at the (‘('A talks about his yvork.

Framework: Holly O’Hara Thu l8 Mar. 7pm. Free. Milliner [lolly ()‘llara shoyvcascs her collection of hats and discusses the pros and cons of setting tip your my n business.


l'niversity of Strathclyde. 2: Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon l‘ri Illain 5pm: Sat noon 4pm.

ARTitecture l'ntil Sat 27 Mar. Fifteen artists from the l'K. Spain. Syseden and (iermany explore individual buildings and the urban environment in this multifaceted project aimed at encouraging a deeper understanding of architecture. The exhibition includes performance. installation. sculpture. photography. digital art. painting and print. Thinking and Making Thu l l Alttt‘. 5.30pm. l-‘ree. (iordon Murray giyes a talk as part of the Inaugural lecture series.


I73 “est Regent Street. Ill (1.570. Mon Sat lflam 5.30pm.

Norman Stevens limit Tue 30 Mar. litchings and aquatints by Norman

Stey ens.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 32‘) 10%. Molt Wed (V Sat 10am 5pm; Thu lttani Spin; l‘ri (k Sun flam 5pm.

Love Over Gold t'niil Sun 25 Apr. A selection of works than n from the Scottish National (iallery of Modern Art's collection of contemporary art with a focus on artists based in Scotland. ('hristine Borland. Martin Boy ce. Roderick Buchanan. Jim Lambie. Victoria Morton and Day id Shrigley feature in the selection. Artist’s Talks 'l'liu l 1 Mar.

(v.30 7.30pm. Free. Artist ('hristine llorland talks about her \york.

Storm: An Installation by Dalziel + Scullion l'ntil Sun 7 Mar. A commissioned installation for (TOMA. created by artist duo Dal/tel + Scullion. liach day a different image will be projected onto a screen \y hich reyeals the unique ecological circumstances found at a number of sites throughout Scotland. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Glasgow’s Art: Prints from the Collection 1960-2004 Thu 4 Mar Stilt 33 May. lironi etchings and lithographs to photographs and screenprinls. a selection of prints drayyn from the gallery 's collection including \yorks by live Arnold. l)a\ id Shrigley. (‘hristine Borland. Patrick ('aulfield. Richard Hamilton. l)a\id Hockney. l’aula cho. lid Rtischa and Andy Warhol. NEW Sl-fOW.

listings Art

Louise Bourgeois: Stitches in Time The powerful and original vision of Louise Bourgeois comes to the Fruitmarket Gallery in the first UK survey of her work featuring life—size sewn fabric busts. two major suites of etchings and totemic figures reinterpreting her very first sculptures from the 40s and 50s. See feature. Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 6 Mar—Sun 9 May.

Ouroboros: The Music of Spheres Writer and critic John Calcutt's five-star cyclical look at music in art. featuring a wall piece by Jim Lambie and David Alker and Peter Liddell‘s paintings of album covers on cream crackers. See review. CCA. Glasgow, until Sun 4 Apr.

Incommunicado Samuel Beckett and fvlarin Karmitz’s rediscovered film Corned/e (1966) forms the starting point of this touring exhibition exploring the consequences of communication breakdown. Bruce Nauman. Smith/Stewart and Francesca Woodman feature in the line-up. See preview. City Art Centre. Edinburgh, Sat I3 Mar-Sat 8 May.

Monika Sosnowska Sosnowska's disorientated constructed hallways were a hit at the last year's Venice Biennale and the eighth Istanbul Biennal. Here she makes new work for the gallery space. Expect the unexpected. Modern Institute, Glasgow. Fri 5—SL/n 28 Mar.

Merlin James: Easel Painting Over 40 paintings and drawings by painter and art critic Merlin James make up this semi-retrospective exhibition. Talbot Rice Gallery. Edinburgh. Sat 6 Mar— Thu 8 Apr.

What’s Love Got to Do with It Market Gallery gets all loved up as eight artists explore the theme of love in a range of media. See review. Market. Glasgow, until Sat 73 Mar.

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