2() North Street. 287 299‘). Mon Thu l().3()am (3.30pm: Fri Sat lt).3()am 4pm. About Face: Portraits by Maud Sulter l'ntil Wed 3] Mar. An exhibition of bortraits including ten contemporary Scottish poets. as depicted by Maud Sulter.


7.3 Robertson Street. Suite o. Floor l. 248 371 l. Tue Pri noon 5pm.

0 Monika Sosnowska Hi 5 Sun 28 Mar. Polish artist Monika Sosnowska creates an installation for the gallery space. Sosnowska attended both the 50th Venice Biennale and the 8th Istanbul Biennial where she constructed hallways. In Venice. the walls closed in as you walked down the passage way. In lstanbul. she brought the View arotmd a corner to a narrow. unenterable passage with doors. See llitlist.


22| West (ieorge Street. 248 ()755.

Mon ‘l-‘ri ltlam 5pm.

Glasgow Boys 8: Glasgow Girls Thu l 1 Mar Sat 3 Apr. An exhibition of work by the (ilasgow Boys and (iirls including works by EA llornel. James Paterson. liA Walton. Stuart Park. DY (‘ameron and Katharine (‘ameron


High Street. 88‘) 315 1. Tue Sat

Illam 5pm; Sun 2pm 5pm.

Joan Eardley: Paintings and Drawings t'ntil Sun 2t .\lar. Paintings and drawings by Joan liardley on loan from lidinburgh's ('ity‘ Art (’entre. The selection features her familiar portraits of (ilasgow children. land and seascapes inspired by the fishing \ illage of (‘atterline where she liyed in later life. InterMISSION l'ntil Hi In Apr. A

display of new works acquired by the

gallery through the National ('ontemporary Art ('ollecting Scheme for Scotland.

New Contemporary Art t'ntil l-‘ri to Apr. A display of Paisley Museum and Art (iallery‘s new acquisitions of contemporary art featuring works by (‘laire Barclay. limin Bates. linrico Day'id and Jonathan ()wen.


('entre l‘or Developmental Arts 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri Illam 5pm. Pop Idols l'ntil Fri 2 Apr. A multimedia show comprising paintings. prints and collages of celebrities.


I I8 Douglas Street. 248 (3386. Mon l‘ri lt).3()am 5pm: Sat 10.30am lpm. Hamish, Isabella & Iona Montgomery Sat 6 Sat 27 Mar. An exhibition of oils and w atercolours by this husband. wife and daughter team.


ltltl Renfrew Street. 332 5057. Mon Fri 0am (1pm: Sat 9am 4.30pm.

Ruby Graham t'ntil Wed 3t .\lar. Landscape and floral studies by Ruby (iraham.


(i Burnlield Road. (iiffnock. 038 I200. Mon Fri llam (lpm: Sat lilam 5.30pm: Sun noon 5.30pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed 3| .\lar. A mixed show of paintings by gallery artists including Patsy .\chrthur. Kirsty \Vliiten. Donald .‘slaedonald. (iraeme Sharp. Blair Thomson and Pat Kramek.


20 King Street. 552 2l5l. Tue Sat lllam 5.30pm.

The Rolling Stones and the Beatles l'ntil Sat 20 Mar. Paul

See Turner at the Burrell FREE)

Salt/mann's long-lost photographs which chronicls the Beatles' time in Ashram. lndia in l‘)b8 are show it alongside a series of photographs by (iered .\lankowit1 of the Rolling Stories on stage. backstage and at home from l‘)b5 to l‘)(i7.


25 Albert l)riye. ()8-15 330 35()l. Tue Sat noon 8pm; Sun noon (lpm.

Awake2 t'ntil Sun 7 Mar. Simon Whitehead's commission of movement artist John l.ochrie is a yideo installation depicting l.ochrie's spontaneous interyeutions in (ilasgow 's green spaces.


28 King Street. 552 48l3. Tue Sat llam 5pm.

JP Munro, Alex Pollard and Tony Swain t'ntil Sat b Mar. .\'ew paintings by JP Munro. collage paintings by Tony Swain and mixed works including paintings by Alex Pollard. Karla Black and Cheyney Thompson Sat I3 .\lar Sat It) Apr. l-‘or this exhibition. Karla Black creates an installation for the space featuring tloor pieces and sculptures made from domestic cleaning products. (’hey'ney' Thompson shows It) to l5 acrylic paintings organ/a. NEW SHOW.


o3 'l'rongate. 552 42(17.

Being There Mon 15 Mar Stilt 4 Apr. Photographs by Stanley Reilly depicting the celebrities Of the (ills and 70s including Judy (iarland. Elizabeth Taylor. Peter Sellers and (‘harlton llcston.


l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l-‘ri Illam 5pm.

Source l'ntil Fri 2 Apr. A show by


organizer] by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts. and Manchester City Galleries.

Van Tromp Going about to

Please His Masters, Ships a Sea,

Getting a Good Wetting,

1844 (detail) it; the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

listings Art

members using hi and low-tech equipment to explore new media.


273 High Street. ()7747 l()538l.

Tue Sat Ilam 5pm.

Seam (1) l'ntil l-‘ri l2 Mar. In a former y'acant shop unit. SliAM (set up by Anne-Marie Watson and Liz Shannon) curates the first in a series of exhibitions. With the support of (ilasgow ('ity ('ouncil. the first show at this new gallery space features the work of live (ilasgow-based artists including (ieorgc (iray'. (‘harlie Hammond. Lynn lly'nd. (‘amilla Low and Anne-Marie Watson.


1 l3 \Vest Regent Street. 23l 910‘).

Tue I‘ri 10.30am 5pm.

Anthony Armstrong t’ntil Sat l3 Mar. Drawings. sketches and stttdies by Anthony Armstrong.

General Stock Tue to watt 3] Mm; A selection of Nth and 20th century paintings.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see City Life, page 102.


The (loss. Kirkintilloch. 578 (ll-l4.

Tue Sat ltlam lpm 61' 2 5pm.

Heart & Matter l'ntil Sat (i .\lar. A display of around 4() original artworks by (ieoff (irandlield. illustrating the novels of (iraham (ireene and Raymond ('handler.

Woodhead Art Club Sat 13

Mar Sat It) Apr. Paintings and drawings by members of this art group.

Tu rne

Late Seascapes 21 February 23 May 2004

A programme of free lectures and workshops accompanies the exhibition

For details visit


2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G43 tAT

Phone 0141 287 2550

Free admission, wheelchair access, cafe, restaurant, gift shop,

free daily guided tours

of the museum.

Open daily 10 am. 5 pm. except Friday and Sunday 11 am. 5 pm.

5!. .l‘~‘...i;‘t‘s has been

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