33 36 (ireat King Street. 557 3500. Treasures from Venice: Venetian Silk l'ntil Sun 38 Mar. A selection of Venetian Silk (XVII XVIII century) from the Sartirana (‘ollection Jacqueline Orr I'ntil Sun 28 Mar. New paintings of Venice.


34 Abercrontby Place. 558 9873.

.\Ion I‘ri l0am 6pm: Sat l0am 4pm. Victor Pasmore (1908-1998) l'ntil Tue 30 Mar. A selection of etchings. lithographs and \creenprintx by Victor Pasmore.


6 ('arlton 'I'errace. 556 444 I. Inc Sat I0am 5pm.

Ellsworth Kelly t'ntil Sat 6 Mar. The Iirst ey‘et‘ Scottish \how for one of the most intluential artixtx of the 30th century. Iillsworth Kelly. The .’\merican artist came into prominence in the 50.x with his less than cony'entionally \Iittpetl abstract canyaxes. lIe continuex to make art at the grand old age of S0. The \how features around l5 of Kelly\ new est print\. a \uite of lithography published in editions. LAST CHANle IO SFF.

C 19th West African Currency t'ntil Sat 6 Mar. 'I'o accompany the Iillxw'orth Kelly exhibition. a dixplay of lSth and Nth century tribal currency forms from West Africa.

Thomas Joshua Cooper - Rock Water Tree 'I’hu IS .\Iar Sat S May. New photograpr by Thomas Joshua (’ooper taken with an antique tield camera. 'I’hexe works document sey en Scottiin riyers. three American rock and three American trees. NEW Sl-IOW.

ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE S3 Nicolson Street. 66S 3333. .\Ion l'ri 10am Ipm ck 3pm 5pm.

Giacomo Soffiantino: Etchings (1962-2003) I'ntil Sat 6 Mar. A mixed show of wot'k‘x exploring axpects of contemporary life by ‘I‘ttrin—born arti\t (iiacotno Softiantino.


4 6 North Batik Street. The Hound. 336 4807. .\Ion Sat l0am 6pm; Stm

noon 4pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Thu 4 Mar. New Iy opened \hop and gallery Just Scottixh presents the Iit'Sl of itx planned exhibitions with a mixed \hoyy' of paintingx by Mary l.ouixe (‘oulouri\. (ierald .\Ic(iowan and Jacqueline Watt with spun metal bow I\ by Rob Mulliolland.

Mixed Show I‘ri I3 .\Iar Wed 14 Apr. Painting by Jatiet ('hrixtie. Rth lilemington and Jacqueline lliggx. metalwork by .-\ldona Juxka and ceraniicx by Karen .\Iacl)onald.


65 The Shore. l.eith. 553 5355. Tue Hi I lam 5pm: Sat llam 4pm.

Two Years On I'nlil Sat 30 Mar. The best of last yettt'\ New I'iacex exhibition featuring Jonathan Brown. Ben l)ayi\ Jenkins and Helen Kily'ington.


87 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Wed Sat noon 6pm.

Mixed Show A changing \elcction of work by 30th century artixtx. (‘urrent \tock itlc‘llltlex works by Day id Shearer. liugen Jary ch. Kate Downic. .Io (millet and Alan .\Ic(iowan.


Belford Road. 634 6300 (recorded information 333 3366). Mon Wed (it Hi Sun l0am 5pmz'l’hu 10am 7pm. (’afe.

Cindy Sherman l'ntil Sttii 7 Mar. £4 (£3); under I3\ free. the Serpentine (iallery' retrmpectiye tt‘tty'elx to Edinburgh featuring over 50 works by the American photographer (‘indy

Sherman. She tirxt came into prominence in the mid 7Il\ with her ('nIiI/et/ l-i'lm SI/l/y in which \he photographed herxelf in different (Iixgltiscs in an attempt to explore and cxpme the w ell-defined imagex and stereotype\ of women. The exhibition \llt‘\ eyx her work to date attd ittL'IlttIc‘\ the hixtorical pot'lt‘ttitx. the murder mystery series 1 I‘)76l. \tttdio portraitx atid her Iillc‘xt work\. the (7mm Selim. See alxo ()mni. IASI (ll IANC l0


Elephants and Other Acquisitions l'ntil Stm 7 Mar. The SN(i.\I:\ dixplayx ilx Itllc‘\t ilL‘tlllixilitttlx featuring work\ by the wood engray er Winifred .\IcKen/ie t I905 300I l and IICI' \i\tL‘t‘ .»\li\on .\IcKen/ie

tI‘)()7 1083).

Bill Viola I'ntil Sttn 7 Mar. :\ tIixpltl} of three \ ideo piccex by the lllttxtct' of the medium. Bill Viola. including (‘ul/terine'y Room. Iiiur Hum/y and Sul'n'm/er which form part of the \eric\ I’tlyyinlty, which L‘\pt'c‘\\ tIiIIL‘t'c‘tll \tatex of ctnotion. IASI ()l IANCI IO Si’l The 19605 l'ntil Mon 3 May. I‘rec. .-\ di\PIa) of work\ from the SN( i.\I:\'\ collection featuring work\ by Roy Lichtenxtein. l)a\ id Ilockney. Bridget Riley and Iitltltlt'tlti I’aoltt/li.


The Hound. 634 6300 (recorded information 333 3366). .\Ion Wed & I-‘ri Sun l0atn 5pm; 'l‘hu l0am 7pm. Travels with Edward Lear: Watercolours from the Runciman Collection t‘ntil Sun 3I .\Iar. :\ tIiprAI} of oyet‘ 3t) watercolourx by Britiin artixt and poet Iidward l.ear t ISI3 ISSS). Ik‘xl known

ax the author and iIItlSIt‘tlItlt‘ of Nome/1w

li'ru'y. 'I‘he watet‘colottrx of topographical and natttral hixtory \tttdiex were gifted to the (iallcriex from the lixtate of Sir Stephen Rttnciman. After Hours - We Challenge You! Thu 4 .\Iar. 6pm. l’ree. .\ programme of after gallery IttHlt'S eyent\ featuring a muxical t‘c‘xptmxt‘ to hixtttt‘icnl ttt't.

Conservation Live! l‘ri I3 .\Iar. l3.45pm. l‘ree. .»\ uniqtte chance to we how paintingx are conxct‘y ed ;I\ .‘ylichael (Iallailher. director of conxeryation. and III\ team embark on consery ing the National (ialleriex' largest painting. :I/etum/(‘r III of .S't‘nI/ultt/ Rt'u‘tu'i/ from [he I’M/"y u/ u Slug by the l/ill't'pit/i/r (it ('n/in lilrcemltl by Benjamin West.

listings Art

Untitled 7 by Victor Pasmore on display at I2

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 634 6300 (recorded intormation 333 3366). .\Ion \Vcd ck

l’ri Sun l0am 5pm; 'I‘hu I0ani 7pm. ('at‘e.

Clan: 21st Century Clans in Focus l'ntil ’l‘ue I3 :\pr. (’omtniwioned by the Highland I’extiyal in 3003. a touring photographic exhibition which c‘\plot'e\ whether the clati \y \IL‘ltlx \till Iltlx releyance in the llighlandx in the 3I\I century.

Patrick Geddes: The French Connection l’ntil Sttn IS Apr. .'\n e\hibition e\plot‘ing through work\ ol art. hookx. lltzlttllxc‘t'ltth. photography and

\ idem. the way\ in which I’atrick (ieddex tlb’54 l‘)33l. one of Scotland\ mmt inxpired artixtx and lIilttIkc‘h. forged artixtic link\ between Scotland and France. Below Stairs: 400 Years of Servants’ Portraits t'mil Mon 3! Ma)- L'4 tl.'3t; under I3\ free. Anne l-‘reneh and (iilex \Vatcrlield curate IIti\ e\hibition of o\ er U0 paintingx. draw ing\ and photograpr which focuxex on the portraitttre ot \eryantx from the early l7th century to the prexent day. I'irxt \Itown at the National Portrait (iallery in l.ondon to great acclaim. the dixplay includex Kenneth .\IacI.cay \ watercolour of Queen Victoria'x xeryant John Brown. the 4th Duke of Buccleuch‘y I’rench chef Joxeph I‘lorance painted by Iidinburgh artixt John .-\in\lie and the Scottixh National (iallery \ recent purchaxe. '/./Ic [urn/K l'im/ by Richard \Vaitt. See rey iew.

Curator’s Tour of Below Stairs \Ved l7 .\Iar. |3.45pm. I’ree. (lilcx \Vaterticld. co-curator of the Below Stairx c\hibition giyex a tour.

After Hours - Scots in France 'l'litt IS .\Iar. 6pm. liree. .\ programme of after gallery hourx eyentx featuring a tour of the Patrick (ieddex e\hibition with Iirancex bow le.


l5a l’ennywell ('ourt. 3l5 3l5l. .\Ion Sat l0am 4pm.

Big Art Wee Hands l‘ntil l‘ri I6 Jul. .'\n e\hibition ol work by profexxional artixtx alongside work made by the under

Check out the


on page ll

5x who took part in the Big .'\rt \Vee Ilandx project.


I35 l)alry Road. 633 3333. .\Ion Sat I0ant 6pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed 3l .\Iar. .\ mi\ed \Ittm of paintingx and print\ by \tll'ittllx tlt'ti\t\.


(irecnxide I’Iacc.

Cindy Sherman Billboard Commission I'ntil Sun 7 Mar. I’irxt \een in l.ondon. a xeriex of ten large billboardx dexigncd by ('indy Sherman ax part of a cotntnixxion for the Serpentine (iallery and l.ondon l'nderground'x Platform for .v\rt programme. the work\ draw on characters \he created between I933 and 3003. See alxo National (iallery of Modern Art.


34 :\bercromby Place. 557 I030. Mon Fri l0ani 6pm; Sat |0am 4pm.

Claire Harrigan t'mit \Ved to Mar. Recent paintingx.

Bonnie Thompson t‘ntil \y'cd to Mar. New paintingx.

Glass Exhibition I'ntil \Ved It) .\Iar. .\ \Iiow of work by \i\ artixtx working in glam including Ingrid l’hillipx. Sarah Mcdonald and ('harlie \Iacpherxon. Laura Baxter l'ntil \Ved to Mar. Jewellery inspired by botanical formx. Matthew Draper: Old Town Sat l3 \Ved 3| .\Iar. New work in paxtcl of Iidinburgh‘x ()ld low it by Matthew Draper.

Fiona Thompson Sat 13 Wed 3t Mar. Hand-built ceramic \exxelx.


7S ('ommercial Quay. I.eith. 555 7663. Inc Sun llatn 5pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art t'ntil Sttn 35 Apr. the HM in a xeriex of contemporary art \IIU\\\ at I’alourde. featuring new work\ by (ircgory Rankine. Michael l-'tillet'ton. Johanna l.ogan.

(‘hery Iene l)yer arid Stuart \Iackenxie.


tWASI’Sl I’att'iothall Stttdiox, off 48

Hamilton Place. 335 I330. I)aily

noon Spin

Meme Revolution I’ri 5 Well I? .\Iar.

.'\l‘t L'UIIL'L'IIUII \Ic‘tlic‘ Reutltllititt [it't‘\c‘tll\

the work of the \elf—taught arti\t\ along

with a \L‘I'IL‘\ of workxhopx and the work

of tltttIi\L‘tt\c‘t‘L‘tI IiIltilllllkCt'x. >

'93 Nilt' L/‘tlJ-Z THE LIST 97