New shoes is good news

What do you get if you cross

Camper shoes with Acupuncture trainers? Something along the lines of this, a lovely - and painfully hip -

collection of casual boots and

shoes from the Spanish company

Art Creative Footwear. With growing reputation and


increasingly wide availability in

Scotland, Art shoes look set to be a

favourite on Glasgow and

Edinburgh dancefloors in the

summer of 2004.

The shoes are available in a wide variety of styles, from sporty boots and faux fur shoes to slip-on mules and open-toed sandals - many of which come in a choice of quirky colours to provide a welcome alternative to boring old trainers.

Art also manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to the use of durable rubber out-soles, which come in a range of heights from low profile to platform.

And the good news is that The List has got three pairs of Art shoes - two in size 7 and the other in

size 10 - to give away.

So if you fancy trying out any of these shoes, and they happen to fit your plates of meat, just write in with your details (stating your shoe size) and we’ll pick three lucky winners out of the hat.

(Nick Barley)

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Starsky and Hutch film is generating an avalanche of


The inevitable interest in the new

other star. Watch out for the stampede from thirtysomething nostalgia freaks.

requests for merchandise from the original (and probably much more interesting) cult TV series. Boredom Free Zone. with stores in Glasgow's St Enoch Centre. and Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal and Princes Mall. is stocking a range of T—shirts and photographs from the original series. as well as 1:18 scale models of the unforgettable Ford Gran Torino that was the show's


I AHl-ll-ll-l,

architects. They spend so many years concentrating on one long, tiresome building project that if you dangle something ephemeral in their faces - a little pavilion, an exhibition, or perhaps a book project - they’re sure to jump at the chance. Even if they’re Rem Koolhaas, just about the most famous architect in the world. Now, following his best-selling book S,M,L,XL, Koolhaas has turned his hand to magazines. If our feature on Scotland’s fanzines (see p22) has got your juices flowing, and you fancy getting a fix of some thought- provoking and subversive ideas through the magazine medium, you could do worse than to buy a copy of Koolhaas’ zine, named Content, which costs £6.99 and includes among other things, an interview with Martha Stewart and, er, a potted history of African communist radio. It’s available from or

I ANOTHER ARCHITECT who will soon be the toast of Scottish shoppers is Toyo Ito. He's the Japanese wonder-kid commissioned to design a new £90m store for Selfridge's in Glasgow. Last year the design-led department store opened a bold new outlet in Birmingham. and then shortly afterwards was acquired by Wittington Investments. whose chairman Galen Weston promptly put most of the company's expansion plans on hold. But not Glasgow: rumour has it that Ito. working with his favourite engineer Cecil

18 Mill 1


Balmond. is making very good progress and we should very shortly be treated to plans for Scotland’s most extraordinary shop. Hold your breath and watch this space.


road, gift shop Fancy Dan’s has set up a post-modern wedding list service. Owners Morna Cowie and Rachael Prescott reasoned that these days most couples who are planning to marry have been living together for long enough to have bought most of the things that would traditionally be on a wedding list. If you’re planning to get hitched and can’t think what you might suggest for guests to buy, just call Morna or Rachael on 0141 339 0660, or trot down to 362 Great Western Road, Glasgow, to see for yourself what’s on offer.

I OTHER‘S DAY lS coming. and we'd like to think it's one event on the calendar that shouldn't be colonised by people using it to make us feel guilty and buy things we don't actually need. Nevertheless, we've heard about an offer that we reckon anyone's mum would genuinely love to receive. Edinburgh's the Beauty Room is offering a 25% discount on v0uchers for a Hydradermie Facial, if purchased before 21 March. Normally 5240. this facial massage will be available for $230. For that. your mum gets one and a quarter hours of deeply relaxing facial massage and re-hydration. Fans of the therapy include Jennifer Anniston. Contact the Beauty Room on 0131 557 8822 for more details.

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