I Double room in modern flat with parking. available frotn begin- ning of April. Funky. sociable chick. seeks like minded flat mate. £300 pcm or £400 for 2 sharing + (“I + bills. Tel: 07709 101 757.

I New Town, room in spa- cious main door flat. close to centre. share with 3 others. suit tidy. n/s professional. available 10 April. £315 pcm. all inclu- sive. Tel: 07974 699 302.

I Flatmate wanted. Sunny double rootn iti spa— cious 2-storey flat in (irange House. Strit relaxed but tidy professional. front & back gar- den. all mod cons. £235 + CT + bills. Tel : 0131 667 4924.

I Flatmate wanted to share unusual 2-bed with 1 female. off Iiaster Road. Suits easy going. working person. Available lst April. minimum 6 months. £263 + CT + bills. Tel : 07970 050 488 (Lindsay).

I Join easy going llatmate in bright & spaciotrs city centre tIat. Very large double room available. would suit young pro- fessional. £275 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel : 07976 298 025.

I Professional, n/s per- son required for spacious room with amenities. £300 pcm inclu- sive of bills & sky tv. excluding CT. Tel: 07810 562 238.

I Lovely double room in 3-bedroom flat. lovely view. £225 pctn + bills. Tel : 07810 023 8I3 or 0131 667 4384.

I Room for non smoker in Marchmont. £180 pcm + CT + bills. Tel : 0131 229 4104.

I Marchmont, sunny single room with double bed in comfortable n/s flat. I)(}. OCH. wooden floors. bathroom with shower. kitchen with sepa- rate living area. all mod cons. £265 pcm including CT. Tel: 01501 762 551.

I Double room available in stunning. large. double upper Roseburn flat. to share with 2 others. suit n/s professional female. £275 pcm + bills + deposit. Tel: 07855 852 806.

I Single room available in spacious Polwarth flat. 5 min- utes from Bruntsfteld. Female post graduate student wanted to share with friendly PhD student. £275 pctn. includes bills. Tel : 07816 670 615.

I Very nice double room in attractive flat in Tollcross. to share with 2 others. £300 pctn + CT. Tel: 0131 221 1294.

I Spacious Tollcross flat. frotn 1 April. sharing with 2 other elaxed folk. females pre- ferre . sunny in summer by Meadows. I bedroom. £193.75. 1 box room. £168.75 pcm + (‘T + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 477 6567 or 07743 937 753.


I Out of the city ‘.’ (iay house share. cottage Ayrshire. train: 2 miles. great walks. fresh air. log lire. £75 pw. inclusive of heat & electric. Tel : 07736 041 551.

I Flatmate wanted, 20 - 25 year old. n/s and no DHSS. Flat in the centre of I)urnfries. £42 pw + bills. Tel: 07949 379 943.

124 THE LIST 18 Mar—1 Apr 2004



I Panda where are you'.’ Keen to renew research with your green vegan violin. l)avid. (Box no: P/490/3)


Outgoing Straight Glasgow Female young 30 into rock. goth. alter- native scene. fashion. art. histo- ry and archaeoloy. Seeks people for socialising and friendship.

(Box no: P/490/2)


I Unconventional Glasgow woman 50s. social- ist. l)abbles in singing. acting. writing. WI.TM creative musical man. gsoh and conversationalist to chat with 8; go to the theatre initially. (Box no: I’/490/l l


V I saw you the Attic in the West Iind. Sept. last year. you were tall. dark and handsome and couldn't stop staring. I was the blonde standing at the bar. wish we'd had a chance to chat. [,7490/1 V I saw you on the (ilasgow L'ni International Society trip to St Andrews. When I saw you eating PBJ sandwiches on the bus I was too shy to talk. ur beautiful face. your curly hair. that New Jersey flair. that walk. that style. that grace. I'll be out on Wednesday night at the usual spot. Fancy getting bilin- gual‘.’ From the British lad with floppy blonde hair. [7490/2

V I saw you Want to go down under‘.’ You were the sexy. black clothed. Australian god- dess in Iceland on Byres Road. I'm the cashier that always helps you btrt doesn't have the nerve to speak. Loosen my nerves with a drink‘.’ Lambrini perhaps“? [7490/4

V I saw you: I had a chill time with you tonight. Was wondering if you wanted to chill sometime. I know a place for some good drum and bass. sweetie. You be the drum and I'll be the bass. Love. Dopey. [,7/490/5

V I saw you at the (ilasgow University gym in tight black spandex pants on the treadmill. Do your feet hurt because you've been running through my mind all day! [.7490/6

V I saw you: You‘re the American girl with the sexy Jersey accent. [3/490/7

V I saw you at the (iarage. I like the way you move you curly- haired sex goddess. [7490/8

V I saw you Starbucks Hanover St. tall shaved Irish guy. tisually early in the morn- ing - totally lost in which way you like your coffee'.’ Iiither way me interested male scruff but don't be deceived by corn- rntrting attire. [5/490/9

V I saw you working in Borders. all lloppy hair and baby blues. Show me some more thigh and I'll return the favour. at the lift remember‘.’ I do. ps. Nice shirt x [7490/10 V I saw you two I’aperchase (ilas‘gow girls with long dark hair and dark eyes having a laugh behind the till on a 'I'uesday'.’ Please say I'm in with a chance at least. Xxx [.7490/1 l V I saw you the boy with the dreads walk by the sentry box. Next titne you wander past pop in and say hi. [7490/12

V I saw you at the Funk Room. Feb. You tried on my specs while we got ourjackets. I had to shoot off. Didn't get a chance to chat. [.7490/13

V I saw you David. while you were juggling (eating crisps while smoking). Loved your Saxones. who's getting married? Love from Birdik. [7490/14

V I saw you Jeffrey. in the Arthouse for your birthday. You're an old tluffer bill the waitresses loved you as much as we do. Love from the skate- boarders. [.7490/15

V I saw you Michael. working in Colliers. You left a pair at my party and I've been wearing them ever since. I loved splashing around with you. stay away frorn dirty girls. Wilbur x [7490/16

V I saw you at national pop league. You were wearing a T-shirt with a heart on it. I was wearing checks. You danced to all the rigltt tunes. Take me otrt. [7490/17

V I saw you at The Arches. Il-a-l-e-y from l)umfries. with your funky hairdo and spotty skirt. Missed you at the end. Wanna dance next Pressure? I'll find ye? [7490/18

V I saw you at your birthday party. Thanks for the invite. You were great. Hugs and kisses. Steven. PS I think it was the eight of spades. Don't let me down. [7490/19

V I saw you Debbie (used to go to college with Jason) and her hot mate...Blanket on Fri 27th Feb. Remember how you molested me'.’ I want to dance like a goon again! [7490/20

V I saw you your approach is 'belo' par. are you ever going to get round to asking me out'.’ [7/490/21

V I saw you on the 36 bus otrt of Paisley on a sunny Sunday afternoon (22/4/04 ). Yott had groovy red hair in a band and a blue jacket on. Cool? I was grumpy in Docs and sat behind you - please. who are you??? [.7490/22

V I saw you in Brel. You were wearing a black polo neck + drinking wine. 16/2/04. I was with my gal pal at the bar. ()ur eyes met. Maybe the rest of our bodies should too'.".".’ l’aula xxx. [.7490/23

V I saw you Neil of Stonehaven. looking saucy in Tescos. You made me smile. hope this makes you smile. [7/490/24

V I saw you in the Botanics. You were admiring the Aloe Vera. Fancy flying my kite‘.’ [7490/25

V I saw you Sminkey I’inky. you da bomb. (iive its a kiss. see ya in the Note. [7490/26

V I saw you in Tinderbox. You were wearing green and you glistened like an emerald. Think your natne was Lyndsay‘.’ (‘all me?! [7490/27

V I saw you paittter girl Iillie'.’ You were looking beauti- ftil drinking coffee. Your bag is amazirtg. keep playing the meat tray? [7490/28

V I saw you incredible blond girl in Waterstones. staring at Costa! 1 wish you were staring at me?! (‘all me'.’ We can meet by the art books? [7490/29

V I saw you gorgeous raven- haired girl from Altringham in 'I'inderbox 21/03/04. Come back soon. (ilasgow misses you. Xxx. [7490/30

V I saw you cheeky chappy at Tinderbox. You were obvi- ously a total. I love your indi— viduality. (live ('laire a wink. Short admirer. [749(1/31

V I saw you gorgeous god- dess of fertility in Brel. drinking cranberry juice. We want to help you bare fruit. C 6'; R. [.7490/32 VI saw you in the 13th Note with silver streaks in your hair. Tall and slim. I'd drink you down like a long cold drink on a summers day. [7490/33

V I saw you the guys and gals frotn liric & the bunny boilers. (iood luck with the sin- gle release in April. All the best. Vicki xxxx. [7490/34

V I saw you Boo Boo. see you soon I’ xxx. [7490/1

V I saw you ii at Tinderbox short tntrllet cliche student. You have some issues btit we'll do well together. [7490/35

V I saw you amazing .\' Irish man on a bill. you tnade the sheep fall over! Thank you fora lovely weekend xxx. [7490/36 V I saw you No I didn't. I heard youl The Ill Technique. Yo yo yolll Big props 2 y'all. Keep it unreal... [7490/37


V I saw you Mr 'I‘ickleinore studying very hard for your exams and looking very sexy feeding the ducks in Blackford pond. good ltick and I hope you get the results you deserve. [7490/38

V I saw you: blondish hair. early thirties. rakishly hand- some with snappy cufllinks and dazzling wit at Vegas on the 22nd. Me: short. reddish hair. freckles. socks shoved down the front of my black dress. I was too shy to talk to you...btrt can't get you ottt of tnind. ('an we get together sometime - an afternoon at Wicks or 8&0. per‘ltaps'.’ [7490/39

V I saw you hot gtry at the back of the 22 ((iyle-I.eith 6pm 08/03/04). me. pinstriped. fraz- zled and tired with headphones. Yott casual. hot and sexy with headphones. Wanna have cof- fec'.’ [7490/40

V I saw you red trousers otrt on the town. Where is the red hair I love so ttltlc‘lt'.".’ I7/490/4l V I saw you at the (ilobe with the black fluffy jacket. You

Scottish me horny. You were named after a bird of some sort btrt l'rn hoping I could be your bird. Let‘s go lly together. Cute aussie bird. [7490/42

V I saw you in the Bank Hotel in your cute chef's [inl- fortn. You cooked me up a storm for dinner now let me cook you tip a storm for dessert. Laura can come as wellllll From the BI boy. [3/490/43

V I saw you the 27/2/04 "2 many dj's" were playing in the "City...." Something. I can't retnember the name. but I remember you. with your red blouse. you were unique just like everyone else. Hope to see you again. [,7/490/44

V I saw you at Dogma. Calton Studios on Friday night. You said 'hubba htrbba' to tne and made my night! Wish I'd come and spoken to you. [7/490/45

V I saw you...once I ptrt my glasses on...but then you were gone...where are you now‘.’ Love to bump into you again. [.7490/46

V I saw you croc - falling otit of my bed shouting 'l'tn a crocodile!’ I love you...sparkle sparkle! [7490/47

VI saw you Will! (living otit cheesy bugs for free in the Iimporium of (‘heeeeesinessl Thank you for being a wee star when l was all in a miserable grump! At least I'll be able to wave across the street at you frotn my new shop and run over and stamp on your welliles. Hope the Bow Bar hires you so we can wave to the Mellis mobile together with big smug grins!!! Nikki xxx [7/490/48

V I saw you: Iley sexy man. I only get to make eyes at you over the popcorn. btrt I think you're hot. wanna meet me in the back row‘.’ Love kittenxx [7490/49

V I saw you: Hey amazing woman. so the company's set up. fantastic. can't wait for the first production. Love you loads ('x [.7490/50

V I saw you on the platform at Waverley Station. waiting for the 9am London train on Jan 21st. You - tall man with cropped hair. green scarf and red jumper. Me - tall redhead in next coach. Too brief an encounter‘.’ [7490/51

VI saw you Kinky swizzle stick. cool hair. cool shoes. cool clothes...just Cooll I love you x [.7490/52

V I saw you 36 every morn- ing. Tattoo in the small of your back. (let on. (let off before you. When will we IiVIiR chat'.’ [.7490/53

VI saw you Irish gtry Nick wearing a hat in the Jekyll+llyde 28/2. I was the rnouthy girl sat at the very back. Sorry if I was rude to you. [7490/54

V I saw you it me you're looking for‘.’ [7490/55

V I saw you with your head in a book; all pretty and demure - thinking of pandas and fish suppers?! You rawk my world xx [7490/56