V I saw you Mr Massie. out- side the Dungeons swinging your mouse around your head you naughty boy u. keep up the good work tiger lots of love ? xxx [.7490/57

V I saw you sexy Irish boy. Who's new in town. building quite a reputation - in Planet ()ut [.7490/58

V I saw you Lady Eye and Miss Allison. .\'ice partying with you girls...keep it coming and stay beautiful wocka wocka! (‘JG [7/490/59

V I saw you outside St. Vincent St toilets. You - tall with pointy eyebrows and a blue cagoul. We shared the best lif- teen minutes of the year. Hope to see your new bed soon! [7490/60 V I saw you sexy firefighter! You can put my tire out any day!...Soon I hope! [7490/6l V I saw you sexy bird in red berret and matching pants!... Fancy a date sometime? [,7490/62 V I saw you Foxy Body! Short hair really makes you the messiah of looks! [7490/63 VI saw you sexy ginger lady at the Pair Tree - I fancy your line scowl! [.7490/64

V I saw you with your Bindy on your forehead. I want to rayage you. How about it mucker. [7490/65

V I saw you with your irrestible Turkish eyes and smile. (‘ome dance with me for a while and let‘s run a mile. [.7490/66 O I saw you big lips in the Basement on Valentines day. (‘ome lick me all over [7490/67 V I saw you with lire dancers. (‘ome on shake my body too. [7490/68

0 I saw you with your black sequinned dress. (‘ome on be my heart’s sultan. [7490/69

V I saw you mad Irish girl in your l920s flapper dress. long legged and laughing playing your tin whistle. [,7490/70

V I saw you whining down Princes St in yer tight red pants. (‘ome and wrap yourself around me. xxx [.7/490/71

V I saw you (ireggles at the launch of the Iiuropean Mock Iilections. (iet your hands away from those St. (ieorges girls! love it! [.7490/72

V I saw you in the queue in Burger King. Princes St at 6.20pm on Feb l2th. You are beautiful. I was the tall brown haired guy in a green jacket queuing behind you. [.7490/73 V I saw you - the Japanese speaking gardener from York. Bo's. 13/02/04. Yeah. I'm in Belfast. but let's keep in touch... [.7490/74

V I saw you tall. handsome. Swedish-looking guy with a Turbonegro T—shirt - good taste! (iet in touch - I can make you happy! [.7490/75

V I saw you all at my birth- day party in the Marlins Wynd. Thank you for being such beau- tiful friends! Life began! Kiazxx [7490/76

V I saw you small and hairy and handsome from File in Moriartys (‘lerk St. [7490/77 V I saw you crushing ice in the basement on Wednesdays. (‘ome splash your dreads all over me you sexy time bomb. [7490/78

V I saw you drumming at The (lab Foot on Tuesday. You lIat- capped sexy mother. Let me feel your pulsating rhythmic beat. [7490/79 V I saw you samo at the money shot 4 years ago. My life has been empty eyery day since then. [me me again. [7490/80 V I saw you girl with blonde curly hairjust back from 0/ in Basement. .\le wearing jaunty neckerchief on No.44 [7490/8] VI saw you Miss 'I ripped it' thought you would neyer be an 'I saw you'. [me beanie [7490/82 V I saw you Paula from ['rban Ilair in Planet Out. You need to come out!! xxxSS [7490/83

V I saw you la plus belle French of Planet. you are a real queen. Hope to be your seryant for a long time. ['r spanish ser- y‘ant. [7490/84

VI saw you Miss Tosh. you sexy [)umfries babe. you always look so hot. yours Big Lenny [7490/85

0 I saw you in the Pear Tree. You: Specs. sideburns. loud shirt. Wish I could haye

joined your "philosophical" dis-

cttssion [7490/86




V I saw you ()riental lady Thurs 4th March. Pear Tree. 1 was with someone. but not with any- one. I with moustache and heard looking at contact sheets at bar. could I contact you? [7490/87

V I saw you under clean red sheets. sleeping late with the warmest ()ban girl. Xx [7490/88 0 I saw you u-a cheff. .\le- had blue glasses. we met in Dublin '02. saw u in Iidinburgh. (iet back in touch? [7490/89 V I saw you Killing Joke gig. (ilasgow Oct 2003. You. tall fair guy in black with long pig-tail by T-shirt stall. me. red- head with dreads. You smiled at rue as though you knew me. would you like to? [7490/90

V I saw you behind the cash desk at the Iidinburgh Dungeons on saturday. You can scare rue anytime with your Irish beauty [7490/91

I saw you guy from l.(iB'l‘ at the Blue Moon. Mon 23 Feb. You. stripey jumper. drinking red wine. Thanks for the inter- esting chat - fancy doing it again? [7490/92

0 I saw you in (‘ity ('afe on l7th February. you dark grey- ish mohican. brown sheepskin jacket and cute ass that I could- n't resist pinching. fancy some more ass pinching? [7490/93 V I saw you with your head in a book: all pretty and detnurc - thinking of pandas and fish suppers?! You rawk my world xx [f/490/94


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