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As the Glasgow International Comedy The List has teamed up with UIP and UGC cinemas in Glasgow and Edinburgh to give away 1005 of tickets Festival (17 March-3 April) draws Closer. to see Shaun of the Dead before it opens to the rest of nation on 9 April. By taking your copy of The List to we have the second Pal1 0‘ QurtiCket either UGC box office from 18 March 2004, you will get two tickets to see Shaun of the Dead on Thursday give-away. There are four Pat's Up for 1 April at 6pm for 6.30pm.

rabs for. g Directed by Edgar Wright, from an original screenplay by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Shaun of the

NATALIE HAYNES ! Dead is an everyday tale of life, love and the living dead, focussing on a group of friends who encounter a & LUCY PORTER r _‘-=: literal night from hell at their local pub when it comes under attack from a zombie invasion.

3:;23 mar’ v. , The comedy horror stars Simon Pegg. Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Lucy Davis, P l W'lt d 'llN' h.

Stand Comedy Club, . I I ene ope l on an Bl lg y



|[ TERMS 8i CONDITIONS: The offer is subject to availability. There is no cash j alternative. Offer is not available when

i UGC Fountain Park UGC Renfrew St I [I . I f Dundee St 7 Renfrew St : V f DWIGHT SLADE I h ' Edinburgh Glasgow 5 (“Ni-Emmi , : booking in advance by telephone or by Tue 30 Mar, ' a: L 0870 902 041 7 0870 907 0789 j internet. Maximum two tickets per reader. 8.309111 1 a , ._

Cottier Theatre, 210/29


& CAREY MARX Wed 31 Mar,

8.30pm , Stand Comedy Club, 527/26

The first Olll of the hat will. win. so send an

Olliilll marked GLASGOW COMEDY 2' to

pron0110!lSWllSlLJOtlk(Jr send a postcard

to The List, 1:1. High Street. Ediniinlrgh. EHl 1‘le no later than 22 March 2004.

Please include daytime telephone

number and postal address.

For details: www.g|


The List has teamed up with the Glasgow Film Theatre and the Cameo in Edinburgh to give away over 300 tickets to see the .. .. ., I, Oscar winning film Monster on Sunday 28 March 2004. By = « ~_ v- taking your copy of The List to either box office from 18 March,

j i; 0 ST - you will get two tickets to see this amazing film weeks before

m. __ it's released.

" w r J.“ 'l \' 1' it ' t K - ..."‘. \Mx Kl ‘, y \l L ‘L * * 7w Patty Jenkins' powerful drama, featuring an Oscar-winning ~ , , , * * J performance by Chanize Theron, will open across the UK on ' "? .. -H _‘ “i; y, f 2 April. Theron's remarkable portrayal of serial killer Aileen ' Wuomos won her an Oscar, a Golden Globe award and 10

nominations from film critics across the US.

Monster burrows beneath the tabloid headlines to unearth the human story behind America's first female serial killer, and amidst the horror, unearths an unlikely love story between two misfits. Wuomos, the victim of a tragic, abusive upbringing, is a drifter and hooker. Selby Wall (Riccr) is a young woman sent by her parents to live with an aunt in Florida to 'cure' her homosexuality. Unable to find a legitimate job, and desperate to sustain her relationship with Selby, Wuomos continues to work as a hooker. When one of her johns turns violent, Wuomos shoots the man in self defence, the first in her tragic string of killings.

M" - M "fl‘ ‘,

www. mensteri‘i i in item



12 Rose Street 38 Home Street M E T R 30 0 M E - Glasgow Edinburgh Sunday 28 March - 2pm I Sunday 28 March - 6.30pm