Shades of Pink: From R&B terror (right) to Punk dominatrix (above)

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It was at this point that she hooked tip with ('raig Logan. who became her manager and mentor. .\ pop star in his own right once (well. kind of) he had the privilege ol' being the Andrew Ridgelev ol' Bros which is quite an achievement in itself when _vou consider the devastating vapiditv ol' the (itiss brothers. his partners in pop crime. Logan sensihlv quit Bros and established himself behind the scenes and wound up managing several international acts including Sade. 'l‘ina 'l'urner and Natalie lnihruglia.

In 2()()|. Pink tnade another close liond. this time a writing partnership with l‘ormer 4 .\'on Blondes leader Linda Perry. \Vith l’errv she created a monster. and called it .lIiss[minnow]. In this. a tnore expansive and varied collection than its predecessor. Pink

explored her rebellious and angry sides [As

properly for the lirst time. The iron_v was

that the upbeat tone of lead single '‘s (iet the l’art_v Started' was prett_v I'M

unrepresentative ol' the album as a whole

it was tnuch darker and tnore introspective I than this ruckus anthem might suggest. lt I'M was this song. however. that helped propel the album to sell l2 million copies. more than Be_vonce and Britney's best sellers put together.

Her latest adventure. 2003‘s 'I'rv 'l’lu's'. will inevitalilv struggle to equal the scale ' ol‘ its predecessor hut represents a shil't sonicall_v it. nothing else. ‘I got the same reaction from the record companv when I told them I wanted to work with Tim as I did when I said I wanted to work with Linda l’errv.‘ she sa_vs. 'And as long as evervone thinks I’m cra/_v I know I'm doing exactly the right thing.‘

The 'l'im she t'c‘lt‘t‘s to is Tim Armstrong. l_vnchpin ol' Bav .»\rea punk legends Rancid. A peculiar choice perhaps tor a pop artist but l’ink views it as the tnost natural thing in the world. ‘He acttrall} approached me and I thought it was ama/ing. l was so lilattered. But 'Iijv This isn't a punk rock record anvwav: it's ver_v schi/ophrenic and eclectic like I always am.‘

A punk record it is not. .'\dmittedl_v .-\i'tnsti'ong\ contributions. including the ultra catcliv single "l‘rouhle’. enjo} shades of punk