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Name The One O'Clock Gun Started Feb 2004

How often Quarterly is it? New 19th century-st

covering literature. politics, history

Manifesto To combat

Scottish literary scene t

Why? In the 'fight against a stalk our beloved City

Available Bookshops. b

. They say Pax Edina (peace to

We say Once more unto

the miserablism that h or too long with a sense pathy and indolence tha

ars. cafes and galleries Edinburgh) the breech. dear friends.

yle Edinburgh 'scandal sheet and life in the capital

as pervaded the. of fun and frolics

1 continue tO throughout CW

once more





ID ATTACK ON BZAG/ PURE BOY’S OWN 1980— THE END POPCORN Eariy 1990s Fa~fa-fa-fa-Fashion 19308 Mid 19305 Havin’ it large H d t l- f h Football, training shoes, It’s All - ar 0 be leve now rom t e wedge haircms and a“ Happening! Predating the wave

glossy. ad-heavy excesses of ID as we know it, but once upon a time the ultimate style mag was a photocopied samizdat affair passed arOund the nightclubbing elite.

things Scally-centric Before inventing lad Culture with Loaded, James

Brown cut his teeth on a down to earth rag

that, while ostensibly

music based. was a working class

riposte to student 3' pseuds.

of dance mags that until recently

got an entire generation to sit still for longer than five minutes. this was put out by DJs Terry Farley and Andy Weatherall, before giving rise to the global brand that was and still is Junior Boys Own Records.

Produced by then Seup Dragon and Current Future Pilot AKA Sushil K Dade. this obsessive little zine came in a plastic bag with a free flexidisc. Needless to say, it covered the bulk of early Creation Records' acts and the wave of janglers. shamblers and anglers that followed in their lo-fi wake.

REBEL INC 1992-94 Fiction and poetry. Or else.

‘Made in Scotland from biros' was the battle Cry of Kevin Williamson's litzine. Rebel Inc brought the best of home- grown prose artists to a wider audience. in a manner worthy of, well, ‘Sniffin’ Glue.‘