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e ca ' letter from the Faslane peac , und. frhe2finiglrrgc remains one of the best 90095.03 8395979833--»n—v ~- or . ____________ --__-~—---—~““‘" "' w a . t __-_._.—-—--’—->--—‘ -~- colours. ’7:— nn spring afternoon and the caravans appear sudhdehlgltlg 3";ngth fleet :1: a bit off the road that runs by Fastahe naval base't Oera‘sice camp from of (Trident nuclear armed submarines. This IS a pefr_manenS Smduced . . . Faslane ocus l ° - - tion is organised and the . . , . ' a es which difercghffanzme appeared in The Lists office this month Wlftgtiiftagpe. We "This? ether and the address label stuck dpw.“ Wm a Stcrjl'p 0one from the Step 'nsgiged Poems cartoons. newspeper Ct'pp‘ngs' 'ndu mg were I ' '

' ' ' ' da on the Faslane base for his bcal Paper aEAOSJrcgrjscopes and slogans all jostleétbout gram/mg Of H rchic gisorder. There's also a hand-written request that ref:3 s. tn SUDreTZrei1v‘eis who like to insult us on their way past please shiutorlnome 3:55 :8 we have difficulty understanding your comments. Than y ,

peace campers x x x.‘ I g V In the age of emailed ' ' I, i! ' I I r ' I press releases and

It I I: I. l t weblinks, the hand

M It produced care ‘and roughness of this publication was like a

It's an underground rag that '3 been scraping the bristles off Edinburgh's stubble with its satirical

i, '“F in

I in? ' t'r' 1.1., into the office fresh and Etheer up 0“ OW ’t 99’s a” diny at the same time- 't - -- -- - deserved a visit. What prompted you to start Shavers Hoosey (pictured) takes Weekly? us into the communeI Shavers Week/y was started in 1986 after one Mr caravan and rather shyly Frank FW Simpson, a 58-year-old self-made ... . exptams how it comes . millionaire, stuntman and general ‘nice guy“, left a together. 'We do the WWW considerable amount of money in a Dunfermline at Helensburgh library. . bank account for the sole purpose of creating a . then in the caravans DUt 't traditional, no nonsense publication for the together with scissors and furtherment of social drinking and the discussion glue. lt gets printed 'n of bedwetting related incidents. Glasgow. I think it looks Where did the name come from?

much better that way it‘s

not quite professional and The hame Shavers Week/y was decided a long,

, ., lonely time ago when two oun lads th l t . the .dea, | . . . y g OUg 1 (fig/3|: @312." AS we" as about starting a drinking fanzine but only had to , " shave on the deliberate destgh . e a.week' What is its Circulation?

concept ‘there's a strong . ' punk influence' there are Normally 5000 rismg to 6000 during the Festival

practical considerations to and then up to 49.000 in Shavers Weekly editor take into account. .Our Frank Simpson '3 imagination. t. . ' . o c . 'nd powered generator has broken down and so we re relyth 0” the b'cy Theztayggrg'ztnbrte "T SW d W _ . _ _.._ - . ex remey camp elivery one at the moment . for 21 years and has a circulation of 1000 With fairies that sneak in unnoticed to deliver in 120 The magazme 8 been 90mgt and to Europe and Japan. Despite its rough. different outlets throughout the capital. No one Copies going across the CCkDUh lg" of the mater-lat Comes from the politicalthinklng ever sees them but they do leave behind them a hat'cheted. homespun Aogh'isais a rad-ma! network, whose philosophy IS rooted Ih strange. pungent yet inviting smell. press caued gtrenefttth’tltuencers of the Manics) and Anarchism - the genera“ 'dea You’ve been credited with coining the term Situationism . ‘weejie’ - how did 0 ' ' 0 . . SSNe. y u come up With this. being: act now. be aetglfeszgsgfs glue and wonky angles has. then. a idea"; ' Quite simply by shortening the word Glaswegian The seeming Chaos . mental fences and straight lines And .t. It , . , _ o - idin principle. Over the road behind the reg! t | (Rum Hedges) ' 3 See weeg'e by the way. 80 It IS- gu 9 ening and out of con r0. Where is SW produced?

lurks an anarchy that is far more threat

town of Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife.

I \ ln plush. plush offices that rise high above the

Has anything you’ve published ever got you

’3 - _ . . t I ,/ into trouble or caused great controversy? .' S ~ We used to have a character called 'the naked

{W Laughing in the face of another wet afternoon defeat on the terraces is a prerequisite for man' who was constantly getting arrested -- being a Scottish football fan. And dedication to the cause reveals itself with no greater love Amsterdam. PariS. London. Lumphihahs and

and humour than in the football fanzine. We pay tribute to the heroes who keep up the outside the chip shop in LOChgelly. words and faith with some of our favourite titles. What has been your favourite story of all

time? Favourite article would have to be part of our

Dundee United Can I Bring My Dog? Mothenivell No Need to Lose the Heid Shavers Week, I t. , .

Raith Rovers Starks Bark Simpson's keenyygt/Eftrglilagia r835: Mr Dundee “’5 Half PaSt Four and we're 2’0 Down sent out; complete with tenthai/trrtivefsrirxyvere Brechin City The Hedge Clippings stopwatches. to measure the length of the tiush Cowdenbeath When the Sun Shines / of toilets in various pubs in town. The Calton Forfar Athletic Loons Mad Office 2 Hotel had a latrine with a massive. clean. Hearts Always the Bride amazonesque 24 seconds. The toilet downstairs Stimng AIbion Rave On at RippingRecords didn't fare so well though Celtic Once a Tim Always a Tim t W'"‘ a m'mma? 6‘5 seconds-

Hibemian Mass Hibsteria What are Shavers Weekly’s favourite

Falkirk Rupert's Roar SUb'ectS? "ammo" Accies HASH - Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigators.

_ , , . -- oxtail soup and the rising homosexuality within Kilmarnock Help Me Make it Through the Night the Ryder Cup

Partick Thistle Sick in the Basin

211‘ THE LIST latter—1A4: £004