The guide to events in central Scotland

Thursday 18 March - Thursday 1 April 2004

The Front

A new brand for Glasgow: we gauge the press reactions and offer a few of our own . . . Why smoking laws are bad for you . . . Insider goes AWOL . . . Plus letters on Charity Fabulous. West End snobbery. and supermarket wars in Portobello

Highlights 12 Pink She's sold more albums than Britney and Beyonce’ put together and she‘s attracting wild claims

that she could be pop's next Madonna. Mark Robertson investigates

16 Adventure Centre Ratho The List gets up to high jinx at Scotland's National Rock Climbing Centre

20 Jesus Christ meets Gram Parsons Two men who died in unusual circumstances are the subject of two very different new movies. We compare and contrast them and their celluloid manifestations

22 Fanzines Scotland is brimming with people who are creating hand-made. low-tech magazines. We survey the weird and wonderful world of the Scottish fanzine

103 Starsky 8. Hutch Forget the new movie: now you can get the complete DVD box set of the original TV series

1 12 iPod Mini It's officially on sale in Scotland in April. We preview the box of mini MP8 tricks. alongside the classiest record turntable on the market

Four bottles of Wolf Blass wine for this issue's top letter Offers page: free tickets to Monster, Shaun of the Dead and Glasgow International Comedy Festival

48 Win Cat power tickets and OutKast DVDs

83 A List discount clubbing card

1 29 Two for one offers at the Adventure Centre Ratho

‘M .5


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