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0 Gospel According to St Mathew ( l5) 0... (Pier Paolo Pasolini. ltaly/I‘rance. I‘lo-l) Iinrique Ira/oqui. Margherita (‘arusa. Susanna Pasolini. 137mm. Pasolini takes the Marxist approach to the life of ('hrist. who is here an overtly political messiah driven by righteous anger at social injustice. 'I’hought-provoking and beautifully filmed. and the marveIIoUs camerawork all backed tip by an imaginative score featuring anything from Bach to Billie Holiday. Eillnhouse. Iii/inlmrgh.

Grand Theft Parsons I )2.-\) 0... (Day id ('allrey. ['8. 200-1) Johnny Knoxville. (iabriel Macht. ('hristina Applegate. 88min. See feature and review. ('(K‘ Ren/i'ew Street. Glasgow; ('(i('. Edinburgh. The Haunted Mansion (PG) 00 (Rob Miiikoff. LS. 2003) Iiddie Murphy. Terence Stamp. Nathaniel Parker. Marsha 'I‘homason. Jennifer Tilly. Wallace Shawn. 86min. Jim livers (Murphy ) is a real estate shark who makes a detour from the family holiday to take his family to an old mansion at the request of a ghostly butler. Ili jinx and life lessons ensue. Anaemic attempt to turn a Disneyland theme park ride into a family film. (ienel‘ul release. 0 Hawks and Sparrows (PG) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1066) Toto. Ninetto I)avo|i. Rossano I)i Rocco. 88min. Vagabond father and son Toto and I)avoli. deciding to emulate St l-‘rancis and talk to the fowl of the air. are accompanied on their trek across country by a left-wing intellectual crow and encounter a similarly quuacious cow in this unique parable of Italian life. continually caught between the twin poles of the (’hurch and Marxism. l-ilmhouxe. Edinburgh. Honey (I)(il .. lBlllL‘ \Vtitidrllll. l-S. 2003) Jessica Alba. Lil‘ Romeo. Mekhi Phifer. David Moscow. 03min. lloney (Alba) is a dance instructor who takes pity on a group of underpriv ileged breakdancing kids. The mean city inspectors want to close down the centre where lloney works but as fate would have it



:; '~:2..'éi: Delphine GLEIZE .

“Cool, comic and clever“-



Coster and Duvia‘il pinned down in Open Range

there is an empty church that can be taken over for a night to put on a show that will highlight the value of the centre to the community. lloney also has her own demons to overcome when she discovers that video producer Michael lillis (Moscow ) lttts an interest in some of her performing talents. but what is his real motivation? Pious. uninvolving against all the ghetto odds children‘s dance flick. It's enough to force the closure of every community street theatre for kids. (ieIte/‘rtl release.

House of Sand and Fog (15) 000 (Vadim Perelman. ISA. 2003) Jennifer ('onnelly. Ben Kingsley. l2-lmin. Kathy ((‘onnolly ) is a recovering addict and ends up being evicted from her father‘s old house because of a bureaucratic error. Iranian immigrant Behrani (Kingsley) buys the

property. so one has a legal claim to the house.

the other a moral one. With obvious sectarian parallels the two individuals go to war against



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“Flamboyant and adventurous... a.»

a dazzling work of art"


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each other. Irritatingly contrived and overly symbolic take on Andre I)ubus Ill's best- selling book. The lead performances. however. are great. (.'(i(‘ Renji’eiv Street. Glasgow; Dominion. Edinlnu-gh.

Gin Search of Locations for the Gospel According to St Matthew (the) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. l‘)()4) 54min. A documentary chronicling Pasolini‘s preparations and decisions that went into filming 'I‘he (iospel .rleeonllng lo 5! .llullhew. his sincere and sober account of the life of Jesus. ()riginally intending to shoot his film in Israel. Pasolini travelled to Tel Av iv where he soon discovered the modern conditions would not suit. This is the account of how he came to choose (‘alabria. a poverty stricken province of Southern Italy. l"llIIiltotl.\e. Edinburgh. Infernal Affairs l )5) 000 (Wai Keung l-‘ai Ma. llong Kong/('hina. 2002) Andy Lau. Tony Leung. Anthony Wong (‘hau- Sang. Iiric Tsang. Kelly ('hen. Sammi (’heng. 98min. Hear-style Ilong Kong set thriller that plays on the considerable domestic appeal of these two phenomenal leads. ('op ('han (Letmg) has been working for years as a deep cover operative inside the Traids. (Lau) meanwhile. is a secret member of the Triads who has infiltrated the police force with an equal level of success. As they feed their bosses information on the plans of the organisations they pretend to serve. they both begin to feel the stresses of their dotible lives. As the two organisations become increasingly aware of the moles in their midst. the race is on for (‘han and to try and get out of the game alive. Above average lIK policier with an Al cast. Selected release.

Intolerable Cruelty I 12A) 000 (Joel/lithan ('oen. IS. 2003) (ieorge ('looney. (‘atherine Zeta Jones, Billy Bob Thornton. 99min. The (‘oens' latest is a return to the screwball comedies of yesteryear. With this cast it's going to be a success but this is their weakest film to date. It's your typical lawyer meets goldigger romantic comedy. A lot of fun. but closer in studied. slightly cheerless spirit to Hmlsueker I’roxv than anything they have done in the last few years. Brunron Theatre. Erllnlmrgh.

Kirikou and the Sorceress (t')

0.. (Michel ()celot. France/Belgium/l.uxembourg. 2003) Antoinette Kellerm. I-‘e/ele Mpeka. Kombisile Sangweni. Theo Sebeko. Mabtitho ‘Kid' Sithole. 74min. 'l‘apping TlWil)’ from inside his mother's tummy. Kirikou wants to get on with life; he‘s impatient for it and so out he pops. But crawling to the safety of mum's breast he learns the terrible truth. All his brothers and family have been eaten up by the evil Karaba. the village is decimated what are you going to do Kirikou‘.’ I’ight her and rescue everyone. of course. Lovely little Kirikou go on lad. (‘harming animation. ('('.-I. (ilosgoiv. L’Atelier d’ecriture (tbc) (Yalere .\'ovarina. France. 1096) 52min. In her documentary Noy'arittzt joins writer Pascale Bouhenic in his alpine writing sttidio to talk about his work. Following the screening Novarina leads a writing workshop. Institul Eruneuix (I'Eeosxe. Edinburgh.

L’age d’or ( 18) (Luis Buriuel. Spain. 1930) (33min. Butiuel's essay on I-Iros and civilisation

in which two lovers are torn apart by the church and state. (ii-"II Glasgow. 0 La Rabbia (the) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1963) 95min. Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini's reactionary compilation of documentary footage from the late 1950s. focusing mainly on the Algerian War and the reign of Pope John. A series of newsreels. strategically employed as a Marxist denunciation of the offenses of Western culture of the time. are accompanied by Pasolini's poetic commentary (read by (iiorgio Bassani and Renato (iuttttso). In Rub/nu is the first of a two-part film that provides contrasting analyses of the human condition and modern society. l-i'lmhouse. Edinburgh. La Ricotta (PU) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy/France. 1963) Orson Welles. Mario (‘ipriani. Laura Betti. 37min. Pasolini's Ix! Rieorru represents a key moment in his highly acclaimed career as one of the greatest poets in Italian history. This story of a film extra working on a Biblical epic in Rome (meant as an outcry against the betrayal of religion). was perceived as blasphemous and landed Pasolini on trial. According to the prosecution. Pasolini presented his hero as the ‘new (‘hrist'. and he was subsequently charged with ‘insulting the religion of the state‘. Ilis four month imprisonment was later suspended but his alluring film of social satire. neo-realism and earnest charm was banned nationwide. l-‘ibnhouse. Edinburgh. The Last Samurai ( IS) 000 (Iidward Xwick. I'SA. 2003) Ken \\';itariabe. Tom (‘niise. William Atherton. (‘had Lindberg. Ray (iodshall Sr. l59min. Nineteenth century Japan. one fearless samurai who is still loyal to his weak-willed. vulnerable emperor. Katsumoto (Watanabe) rebels against the ruling bureaucrats who then seek military aid from America. Ilelp arrives in the form of ('ivil War veteran ('aptain Nathan Algren (Cruise). Algren is ultimately charged with bringing the renegade Katsumoto to justice. But Algren. a bitter. cynical drtmk since serving with (ieneral ('uster in his inglorioUs campaign to extinguish the Native American. finds he has more respect for the honourable samurai than the westernised way that previously sickened him in America. Ilugely overweight rites of passage epic which has clearly been cobbled together as a vehicle for the (‘ruis‘eter Director Xwick keeps things very watchable. however. if a little simplistic. Fans of the wee man should approve but you may find yourself thinking that maybe Richard (‘hamberlain did a slightly better job in Shogun. .S'howeuse ('inemu. ('mitbrulge. Laurel a. Hardy: Way Out West and the Music Box (t') 00000 (James w Horne/James Parrott. L'S. l‘)32/37) ()liver Ilardy. Stan Laurel. James l-‘inlayson. 95min. Double bill comprising L&ll's finest feature and finest short. In the former. the boys get into trouble with I’inlayson's wily saloon owner and his flapper. but find time to sing about the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia; in the latter they carry a piano up about 50.000 flights of stairs -- a dozen times! One word: hilarious. (ii-"II (iluxgow. Leo ( I8) 0... (Jose Luis Borau. Spain. 2000) Iciar Bollain. Javier Batanero. Valeri Jlevinski. 87min. Borau makes a personal appearance for the premiere of his moving portrait of life on the margins of society. Bollai’n. who your might remember from Land and Ereerlom. is a tomboy living on the streets of Madrid. ()n a rundown industrial estate she meets watchman Salva. and the pair embark on an unlikely romance. Part of the ;\'ivaf Spanish Film Festival. ('(}(' ReIi/i'ew Street. Glasgow; ('(i('. Edinburgh. Life of Oharu (PG) .0000 (Kenji Miloguchi. Japan. 1952) Kinuyo Tanaka. Tsukie Matsura. Ichiro Sugai. Toshiro Mifune. 'l'oshiaki Konoe. Kiyoko Tsuji. 148mm. ()haru. a 50-year-old prostitute. looks back on her life and it has not been a good one. The daughter of a l7th century Samurai. she fell in love with a man below her station. They were discovered. and ()haru and her family were exiled. From that point ()haru led a life filled with sorrow and humiliation. Late classic from Mi/oguchi who died in 1956. Rarely has a film so well addressed the tyranny that male-led society can imbue on a woman. A masterpiece. I‘ll/nhouse. Edinburgh. '