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Pete’n’Tlllle (PG) (Martin Ritt. US. 1972) Walter Matthau. Carol Burnett. Geraldine Page. Scripted by Julius J Epstein. this hard- boiled romantic drama sees Matthau and Burnett‘s lovers graduate from affair to marriage. with plenty of grudging wisecrackery along the way. Loses the plot later. though. as the film descends into soap opera-style dramatics. SI Bride 's Centre. Edinburgh.

Peter Pan (PG) «0 (Pl Hogan. US. 2003) Jason Isaacs. Jeremy Sumpter. Rachel IIurd-Wood. Ludivine Sagrtier. ()livia Williams. Richard Briers. 105min. Clap your hands if you believe in fairies! ()ne hundred years on from the original play. J M Barrie‘s enduring classic is brought to life by Australian director P J Hogan (Muriel 's Wedding. My Best Friend 's Wedding). Sumptuous in its production. the effects dreamed up by Moulin Rouge's director of photography are magical. but the real hook (if you'll pardon the pun) is in the characterisation. where Hogan goes right to the heart of Barrie's psychological issues. W‘ndy and Peter on the cusp of childhood and adulthood struggle with their conflicting instincts for innocence. adventure. freedom. love and maturity. Strong performances from the kids and grownups. and a particularly nice cameo role for Richard Briers as Smee. ensure you‘ll be cheering for Tinkerbell as her fairy- lighls fade. Selected release.

Pieces of April (12A) em (Peter Hedges. US. 2003) Katie Holmes. Patricia (‘larkson. ()liver Platt. Derek Luke. Sean Hayes. Alison Pill. 79min. April (Holmes) is cooking dinner for her until recently estranged family when she discovers that her oven has broken down. To make matters worse her new black boyfriend (Luke) has mysteriously gone AWOL and the emotionally volatile April must ask her neighbours for help. but this is New York's Lower East Side and her neighbours are as friendly as suicide bombers. April‘s family. led by terminally ill mum Joy ((‘larksom expect the day to be a disaster. Excellent. frenetic Thanksgiving farce from the lnDigEnt (digital and low budget) American film schmI/movement. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Pierrot Le Fan (18) me (Jean-Luc Godard. France/Italy. I965) Jean-Paul Belmondo. Anna Karina. Dirk Sanders. Raymond Devos. Samuel Fuller. 1 10min. Among Godard‘s most ambitious efforts. and one which almost succeeds in integrating every idea on a seemingly endless agenda. ()n the simplest level. it's an arnourfou road movie. but the central storyline sweeps with it a huge range of styles and moods before its tragic showdown. and sustains an ironic existentialism to its final frame. A work of flawed brilliance. and a turning point in Godard's career. GE]: Glasgow:

Power Trip (12) (Paul Devlin. US. 2003) 85min. A documentation of an American power company‘s attempts to regulate electricity in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. To say the electricity men are met with strong resistance from the local people would be something of an understatement. considering blackmail. sabotage and murder


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40 THE LIST 18 Mar—1 Apr 2004

figure in the story. Eilrnhouse. Edinburgh. Principles of Lust ( )8) «0 (Penny Woolcock. UK. 2003) Alec Newman. Sienna Guillory. Marc Warren. 108min. Paul (Newman) and Juliette (Sienna Guillory) have had a passionate whirlwind romance but now domesticity has beckoned and he becomes worried that their flesh is decaying as fast as their ideals. Enter the charismatic Billy (Warren). He introduces the frustrated writer to the seedy world of bare knuckle fights. strip joints. drugs and sex clubs. Rude. lewd and disturbing feature film debut from TV director Woolcock. About as dark and filthy as you can go within this certification. UGC Ren/‘rew Street. Glasgow." UGC. Edinburgh.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ( 12) (Kim Bartley. Donnacha ()‘Briain. Ireland. 2003) 74min. Kim Bartley and Donnacha ()‘Briain set otrt in 200l to film a profile of the charismatic Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. infamoth among the Venezuelan elite for his plans to redistribute oil profits. The two directors were inside the presidential palace on April I I. 2002 when he was forcibly removed from office. Their footage records the 48-hour coup d‘état that ended with his remarkable return to power. A unique and dramatic documentary about Venezuela‘s power structure and an extraordinary portrait of the man who wasn't afraid to challenge it. GI-"IZ Glasgow. Roeemary’a Baby ( l8) eeee (Roman Polanski. US. I968) Mia Farrow. John Cassavetes. Ruth Gordon. l37min. In this fastidious. frightening adaptation of Ira Levin‘s novel. young housewife Farrow moves into a new apartment block where she comes to believe that her neighbours are witches and her husband is the Devil. Polanski works at the ambiguity factor all the way through by contrasting the everyday surroundings with the extraordinary events (imagined or otherwise) taking place in and around them. while the cast all play it with some conviction. ('01. Glasgow:

The School of Rock (PG) eeee (Richard Linklater. US/Gemiany. 2003) Jack Black. Mike White. Joan Cusack. Sarah Silverman. Joey Gaydos Jr. Miranda Cosgrove. 109mm. Dewey Finn (Black) gets thrown otit of his rock band. the other members of which are tired of his ten minute guitar solos and his propensity for inappropriate stage-(livery. In need of some quick cash. hetakes a job. assuming the identity of his flatmate Ned (White) and ends up as a supply teacher at a posh kids' prep school. Knowing next to nothing about history or maths. Dewey puts his class on permanent recess until. that is. he overhears them playing classical music. Well. if they can play Rodrigo. they can play Zeppelin and there‘s the Battle of the Bands competition coming tip. Ingenious. smart. sassy comedy that plays to star Black‘s and director Linklater's strengths. General release.

Screaming Men (IS) eeee (Mika Ronkainen. Finland. 2003) 73min. They call themselves the Screaming Men and they hail from the town of ()qu in Finland. Part

Bare Guns and auste

M”.’”“ ~~ v

re drama in Son rere

performance art. part punctured experimental rock music troupe. this platoon of yellers fills art galleries and conference halls in Tokyo and Paris. A brilliant. bizarre documentary. GEII Glasgow.

The Singing Detective (IS) «0 (Keith Gordon. US. 2003) Robert Downey Jr. Robin Penn Wright. Jeremy Northam. Katie Holmes and Adrien Brody. A schizophrenic artist lies in a hospital bed on a cocktail of drugs. he has trouble deciphering reality from fiction. Ill thought out remake of the Dennis Potter TV classic that does. however. have a few big showy moments worth savouring and a great turn from Mel Gibson as Dr Gibbon. There is no danger that this will erase the memory of the 1986 mini series however. Fried Gambon anyone? UCI. Clydebank. Snow Dogs (U) 0. (Brian Levant. US. 2002) Cuba Gooding Jr. James Cobum. Nicbelle Nichols. 99min. This unremarkable Disney comedy follows a Miami-based dentist as he discovers his previously unknown Eskimo roots. Though competently made and featuring a reliable lead and cast. it still struggles to raise a decent laugh. Not unwatchable. but nothing special. Grosi-enor. Glasgow.

Something’e Gotta Give (IZA) ee (Nancy Meyers. US. 2003) Jack Nicholson. Diane Keaton. Frances McDomiand. Keanu Reeves. Amanda Peet. 128mm. ()ld playboy Harry Sanbom likes young woman until he has a heart attack and realises he actually likes woman closer to his age as exemplified by the award-winning playwright and mother of a previous girlfriend. Erica Barry (Diane Keaton). Dreadful. smug and overlong star vehicle that attempts to address the vagaries of ageing love and lust by throwing heaps of star power and sugar over the subject. A big disappointment from Nicholson after the excellent About Schmidt. General release.

0 Son From ( )5) eeee (Patrice Chereau. France. 2003) Bruno Todeschini. Eric Caravaca. Nathalie Boutefeu. Maurice Garrel. 95min. See interview and review. Filrnhouse. Edinburgh.

The Son’s Room (La Stanza dl Flglio) ( IS) em (Nanni Moretti. Italy. 2002) Nanni Moretti. Laura Morante. Giuseppe Sanfelice. 99min. A significant creative departure for Italian actor-writer- director Nanni Moretti. the Palme D‘Or- winning The Son 's Roorn makes for a fascinating portrayal of how an unexpected death fragments a previously united middle- class family. Moretti depicts the chilling practical details of the funeral arrangements. and then shows how grief is both extemalised and intemalised by the bereaved. Aided by understated perfonnances and an unobtrusive visual style. this is a film of deceptive simplicity. which engages directly with the spectator's emotions while avoiding tearful reconciliations. Edinburgh Eilrn Guild. Edinburgh.

South from Granada (18) (Femando Colombo. Spain. 2002) Matthew Goode. Veronica Sanchez. Guillermo Toledo. 1 l Imin. A young English writer falls for his idealised

vision of a girl and her rural town on the outskirts of Granada in Fernando (Tolomo‘s film adaptation of Gerald Brenan's autobiography. The search for personal liberation in l920s Spain consumed by economic. religious and social constraints is the theme of this quirky. wann-hearted romance. GE]: Glasgow:

Spare Parts (15) me (Damjan Kozole. Slovenia. 2003) Peter Musevski. Aljosa Kovacic. Primol. Pctkovsek. 87min. ()n the border between Slovenia and Croatia speedway champ Ludvik (Musevski) makes his living ferrying illegal immigrants across the border into Italy. His boss sends youngster Rudi (Kovacic) to be his assistant and the latter soon leams that in their trade ‘having a guilty conscience is a waste of time'. Chilling and poignant street level political thriller with some great action sequences. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Spirited Away (PG) 0.... (Hayao Miyazaki. Japan. 2001) Voices: Daveigh Chase. Rumi Hiragi. Sidonie von Krosigk. Miyu Irino. Jason Marsden. l25min. At more than two hours long. any Japanese animation with a children's certificate can only be a hard sell for westem audiences. Despite winning the best animated picture ()scar and getting a heavy push front Disney. Spirited Away didn't get the audience it deserved in the States. Which is a shame because Hayao Miyazaki's film is an animated masterpiece and truly takes you by surprise. Chihiro travels through a tunnel into another world. where she happens upon a bathhouse for the spirits. After chowing down greedily on some spiked local produce. (‘hihiro‘s parents are transformed into pigs. leaving their suddenly dutiful daughter to seek work in the bathhouse in order to release them. Philosophy. anirue and shamanism this is something really stunning that needs to be seen to be believed. Eilrnhouse. Edinburgh.

Stanky It Hutch (l5) .0” (Todd Phillips. US. 2004) ()wcn Wilson. Bert Stiller. Vice Vaughn. 101mm. S *e review. General release.

The Station Agent (15) on (Tom Mccarthy. USA. 2003) Peter Dinklage. Bobby Cannavale. Patricia Clarkson. 88min. See review. GFII Glasgow.

Suzie Gold (IS) (Richard Cantor. UK. 2004) Summer Phoenix. Frances Barber. Rachel Stevens. 94min. Such are the plot similarities of this story of a girl who wants to many for love. but has a family who want to arrange things otherwise. Su:ie Gold might. more rightly. be titled My Big l’ar Jewish Wedding. But if marital trauma makes you laugh . . . (Mean A! The Quay. Glasgow

The 39 Steps (PG) eeeee (Alfred Hitchcock. UK. 1935) Robert Donal. Madeleine Carroll. Godfrey Teale. 8 l min. Undoubtedly the best film version of John Buchan's novel. as Donal evades a spy ring across the length and breadth of the country. with marvellous set pieces in the London Palladium and the Forth Bridge. Hitchcock at his action-packing peak. Edinburgh Film Guild. Edinburgh.

0 21 Gram: (15) «on (Alejandro Gaonzalez Inarritu. USA. 2003) Sean Penn. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Benicio Del Toro. Naomi Watts. 124mm. A car accident changes the lives of three total strangers: ex-convict- turned-youth worker and fartiin man Jack Jordan (Del Toro). suburban wife and mother Cristina Peck (Watts) and college professor Paul Rivers (best actor ()scar-winner Penn). who‘s terminally ill and awaiting an organ transplant. Following the accident. Jack. Cristina and Paul are thrown together on a joumey towards retribution. Brilliant. compleny plotted tragic drama from the filmmakers behind Arnores perms. The title refers to the weight we all lose when we die. A major movie. a classic. unmissable. General release.

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