The Cremaster Cycle: Part Five 1 IS) “OOOtMatthew Barney. (SA. 1097) l’rxula Andress. Matthew Barney. Joanne Rha. Norman Mailer. Siixan Rha. Amy ('hiang. And so it begins (the wrong way around naturally ): American artist Matthew Barney 's films have taken a long time to come to Scotland. but if you like your cinema served w ill) a slice of madness and lashings of avaiit garde

sly Iixation then this is for you. These films are based around a certain testicular muscle (hence the title) and in the course of these films it becomes quite clear that it is the particular muscle that helped produce little baby Bjork. like it really matters. but just for the record (‘reiiiiixlt'r 5 is a tragic love story set in l‘)th century Budapest on a campily operatic set. Truly bonkers but unforgettable. (til. (iliiyenw; I’ll/)i/iuiisi'. Iii/iii/mreli.

The Cremaster Cycle: Part Four ( t5) “onthlatthew Barney. [S 1905) Matthew Barney. 42min. (‘rrnitrxrer 4 allegedly offers up the beginning of Matthew Barney 's bi/ari'e and brilliant avant garde series of films. It has by far the most linear and easy to follow time line as it investigates the tiiiioii between mythology and technology. l‘l/Hl/lllllw'. [xi/inland).

The Cremaster Cycle: Part One ( t5) .0. (Matthew Barney. [S thi) Matti Domination. (lemma Boiii'doii Smith. Kathleen ('repeati. .\'ina Kotov. Jessica Sherwood. 42min. ('n'mtivler / gets right to the nitty gritty of reprmluction. Despite being a perverse take oi) the l‘l30x' Btixby Berkeley style musical it investigates themes of birtl) and fertility. Barney 'x demented view of the world is actually a lot of fun especially if Warhol. (ireenaway. .\lekas. Snow or Brakhage are among your heroes. .Aiid let's face it. they should be. l‘l/lll/ll‘llu'. Iii/inlmre/i. The Cremaster Cycle: Part Three (IS) 0... (Matthew Barney. [S 2002) Richard Serra. Matthew Barney. Aimee Mullins. Paul Brady. ‘l‘erry (iillespic. l7‘lniin. 'l‘hix is the key film in this divinely mad series of installation filinx: part gangster film. part Ioinbie pic. (‘ri'nimli'r 3 explains as iiiticli as it hides. A masterpiece of a kind. ((31. (i/iixgmi .' I’i/ni/iuuvi'. [xi/titliiireli.

The Cremaster Cycle: Part No ( IS) 0... (Matthew Barney. l’SA. l‘)‘)‘)) Norman Mailer. Matthew Barney. .'\tlt)ll}ltlt)ll\. Lauren Pine. “hum. (‘ri'niuvler 2 is a gothic western that somehow links murderer (iary (iilnioi'e and writer Norman Mailer. If you care. these films are actually all about the creation of America and its many historic rencgadex and characters. ('('A. (i/iivemi .' I'i/Iii/inuvt'. Iii/in/im'e/i,

Thirteen ( IS) 0.. ((‘atherine Hai'dvvicke. l'S. 2003) livan Rachel Wood. Nikki Reed. Holly Hunter. Jeremy Sisto. Wmm. 'li‘acy (Wood) is a nubile Lolita; an apparently innocent child who wants nothing more than to lose the tag of innocent child. She craves the riches and glamour of a ghetto fabulous lifestyle that she is force-fed by the media. 'l‘racy 'x eventual sedticer. however. is no Humbert Humbert btit livie (Reid). the moxt popular girl in seventh grade w ho seems to have it all: nice clothes. tattoos. a rebellious nature and the adoration of all her classmates. Tracy buys herself into liv ie'x affection by

world. ((24. Glasgow.

Tooth (1') O tlidouard Nanimoui’. l'K. 2004) Yasmin Paige. Rory ('opus, .\laixie Preston. Sally Phillips. 'l‘ini Dutton. Harry linfield. Phyllida Law. ‘)liiiin. Young fairy Tooth (Yasmin Paige) gives all of l‘airytopia's money away to a needy brother and sister. thereby bankrupting her home and potentially scuppering ('hristinax. With only 36 hours to save the holiday. Tooth and her companions set off to find Mrs ('lit‘isttttttx. now it) retirement. Predictable and yet cack-handedly chaotic pantomime style children's film that appears to have been put together solely around the availability of the adult stars. .St'lt'i‘lt’i/ I‘t'lt'ityi'.

Torque ( IS) .0. tJoseph Kahn. [S 2004) Martin Henderson. lce (‘ube. Monet .‘vla/ur. .‘vlatt Schul/e. Jay Hernandez. 84min. ('ary l-‘ord (Henderson) goes lielmet-to-helmet with a black biker gang lead by 'l‘rey t('ube) and a group of Nazi bikers. ’l'rey wants revenge for the killing of a brother and he ix also rather interested in the million bucks worth of crystal nieth hidden in the fuel tanks of a bunch of stolen choppers. and while he‘s at it. he really wouldn't mind winning back the love of his lady bike mechanic Shane (Monet .\la/ur). Stupid. high octane. fun action fiick with some great stunts. (ii'm'rul It'll'tlH'.

Touching the Void f IS) omo (Kevin Macdonald. (‘anada. 2003) Nicholas Aaron. Brendan .\lackey. Simon Yates. Joe Simpson. lfltimin. Brilliant cliff-hanging reconstruction feature documentary of the terrible events that overtook mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates when they tried to climb a Peruvian mountain in I‘LS'S. Macdonald pulls every trick otit of the bag to make this as heart-churning|y scary as a real climb in bli/lard conditions. It ix. as they say. quite a title. (.(I-(‘ I’ttl'k/tt’ttil. (i/ttyunu .‘ (it/nu). l-{i/iri/iiireh.

Trilogy: One ( l5) 0.”. (Lucas Belvaus. l‘rance/Belgitiiii. 2003) ('atherine l-rot. l,t)cax Belvauy. Dominique Blane. ()rnella .\luti. (iilbert Melki. Patrick Descanips. l l linin. After nearly 15 years behind bars. revolutionary terrorist Bruno Le Roux tBelvaus) excapex. He heads straight back In his cell's base in (irenoble. He llllL‘lltls to settle some old scores. regroup his old team and hook up with hix e\-lo\ er ((‘atherinc

l-"rot ). Btit things ain't what they used to be: most of his allies are dead and those that are sllll alive have settled Into a life of middle— claxx denial. Bruno has to devise a plan but lit‘xt he needs to shake llte \ iclotts cop. .\lanise. t.‘vlelki) from his tail. The beginning of Belvauv's remarkable trilogy of films. whatever you believe to be the truth in this film will not be the truth you believe by the end of the third film. Sheer brilliance. ('(C'l. (iliiveou .' (iinii'u. lzilililiure/i.

Trilogy: Three f 15) 0... (Lucas Belvaiis. France/Belgiun). 2002) Dominique Blanc. (iilbert .\lelki. ()rnella .\luti. (‘atherine l'i‘ot. l-‘rancois .‘vlorel. Lucas Belvaus. l23niiii. The conclusion of Belvaus's remarkable 'I’ri'lnev focuses on the intimate drama between policeman Pascal t.\lelki) and his morphine addicted wife Agnes tBlanc). We have. of course. spent a little bit of time will) these two

realise how bad these two middle-age petits botirgeoisiex are for each other. She is a hot- blooded ltaliaii. and he ix a mixed-up hypochondriac. \Vhat unravels ix a wholly unnecessary but hilarious farce where the incompatibility of the way both these characters communicate embroils them boll) tbut .Alaiii mostly ) in a web of madness. xlapstick and deceit. ('( 'xl. (i/uvemi:

The UK/Canadian Video Exchange ttbc) (Variotis. 2003. l'K/(Xmada) Prog l l30 min. A two-part programme featuring the works of over 40 (‘anadian and l'K film artists that displays the social and aesthetic parallels between the two countries. This year's exchange e\plot'ex the political and geographical background of each country's filinmaking history. but keeps things upbeat with deadpaii humour. ('('.'1. (iluveun.

Un Chien Andalou t t8) oooo (l.llf.x Btiiiuel. l-‘rance. I‘)2ts’) Simone Mareuil. Pierre Batcheff. Jaime .\lirav illex. Salvador Dali. Luis Bunuel. sundry dead donkeys. l7min. ('lassic Spanish surrealism. with the faiiious ey eball-slitting scene and a great deal of bi/arre imagery of obxcure meaning. (il’li (i/ttsenu.

Under the Tuscan Sun f IBA) oo (Audrey Wells. l’S/ltaly. 2004) Diane Lane. Sandra ()li. lindxay Duncan. l l3inin. See review. (iv/rem! ri'lt'iiu'.

Uptown Girls 1 13A) 000 «final Yakin. l'S. 2003) Brittany Murphy. Dakota l‘anning. Marley Shelton. Heather l.ocklear. 02min. .\lo|ly (illflll (Murphy) New York socialite and daughter of a deceased i'ock star ix forced to get a job when her manager xtealx her money. As nanny for the precocious Ray (running) the son of the slightly neurotic daughter of a music executive t|.ocklear) she learns what it means to be an adult while teaching Ray fiow to be a child. Above average New York set rom com from the director of A I’m i' .l/mi (' Rubin. (iv/ii’ru/ "(’ll’HAF.

Valentin tP( l) .0. (Alejandro Agresti. Argentinit/Netherlands. 2002) (‘arnien Maura.

lrown,‘ King C

wrnul, john Tayl paintings by Colin law

video by John MtGeoc

index Film

Julieta (‘ardinalk Rodrigo Noya. 8(iinin. See review. Film/muse. Edinburgh.

Whale Rider (PG) .0. (Niko Caro. New Zealand. 2003) Keisha (‘astle-Hughes. ltllmin. In a small New Zealand coastal village. the Maori peoples claim descent from Paikea. the Whale Rider. a pseudo mythic male elder who was one with the barnacled beasts. The bloodline is supposed to lead to Koro. now an old man. who is wonying that his son Porourangi has only given him a granddaughter. Pai. who cannot carry on the dynasty. Keisha (‘astle-Hughes (as the chosen one. Pai) and the rest of the cast are delightful. while (‘aro makes maximum use of her low budget and amateur crew by working within the confines of a real east coast Maori reservation area. Touching and intelligent naturalistic drama for older kids and adults. this has enthralled audiences at film festivals across the world. Nari/i Edinburgh Arts

( 'c'nrrt’. Edinburgh.

Welcome to the Jungle (12A) oo (Peter Berg. (TS. 2004) The Rock. Seann William Scott. Rosario Dawson. 104mm. See review. (ieiieml release.

Whisky Galore (PG) .0.” (Alexander Mackendrick. l'K. Ill-19) Basil Radf‘ord. Joan (ireenwood. Jean (‘adell 82min. .‘vluch-loved lialing comedy by the late Sandy Mackendrick. A ship carrying a cargo of whisky is shipwrecked off a Scottish island during wartime. so the locals decide it's time to quench their thirst. Full of wit and charm that others can only hope to emulate. (il’lI (ilusgmr: I-ilnilioiisc'. Edinburgh.

You’re my Hero t IZA) (Antonio (‘uatlrL Spain. 2003) l03min. (‘uadri's semi- autobiographical film recalls his youth in Seville in the mid- l970. where the boy moved to live with his father and where he must deal with the tisual coming-of—age trials: bullies. new friends and love. (ii-"II Glasgow.

0 Zatolchi ( is) one (Takeshi Kllitttt), Japan. 2003) Beat 'l'akeshi. Michiyo ()okusu. 'I'aka (iatarukanarti. 1 16min. See preview and review. St'h't‘lt'd I't'lt'us‘t'.

It“Vl'kuul Stott 9}

' ‘Why can't aillc‘pac :s 2‘ * :x Vet-gaging." aiiitisiitg.‘vvitty. reia. u ‘l

played antlj-ist p.

stealing a purse and sharing the windfall and pretty soon they are inseparable. livie'x

before. Pascal is and wax the vindictive copper on the trail of Bruno tBelvauv) in the first

pay back ix to help her new friend Tracy turn from innocent child to rebellious teenager. liiiprexxive l'S indie about the angst of being l3. l‘l/Hl/IUHH’. l'fili'Ii/mre/i.

Together with You (PU) oooo t('hen Kaige. (‘hina/South Korea. 2002) Yuri 'l'ang. Peiqi l.lll. Hong (hen. /.hiwen Wang. ll7min. Soon after arriving in the big city. 13-year-old Xiaochun commences music Iexxons with the reclusive Jiaiig. However. when his father l.iu (‘heng discovers that the boy has been distiacted by his friendship w ill) attractive neighbour l.ili and that his v isits to his professor‘s dank. decrepit home have focused more oi) nostalgia than notation. he arranges for him to study with the stricter and more reputable in instead. Xiaochun'x disillusionment and fury at his father‘s interference act as a cataly st for the events that follow. Multilay cred tcarierker that not only L'\ttflltfte\ the relationships between father and sons btit also carries with it a sense of alienation at a caniiibalising consumerist

'I'ri'lnev film. and Agnes w as and is the woman who offers Bruno protection in the chalet of her neurotic friend (‘ecile t.\luti ). This time we focus on the heart breaking reality of a wife who has forced her legally bound husband to forage around the back door of drug dealers for most of their married life. Powerful endgame to a fascinating cinematic experiment. ('( 'xl. (ifuvgrm.

Trilogy: Two (Hi) 00 (Lucas Belvaus. l'fdflv‘C/liclgllllll. 2002) ()rnella .\luti. lirancois .\lore|. Valerie .\lairexse. Bernard .‘vla/linghi. Dominique Blanc. (iilbert Melki. (‘atherine l‘rot. Lucas Belvauv 07min. The first Il'f/UL'\ film was a political thriller detailing the hard-bitten story of escaped left wing terrorist Bruno (Belvaus ). In this film Bruno gets to take a back seat as in the foreground is the cra/y hysterical relationship of ('ecile and Alain (‘ostex t()rnella Mini and l‘ranv'fnx Morel ). Alain and ('ecile are the couple from the first film who own the log cabin. As we enter their private world we

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