King Tut’s, Glasgow, Fri 27 Feb

Kasabian fail to deliver on their recorded promise If there’s one thing worse than Stereophonics, it’s attempting to sound like them, and first act up onto the King Tut’s stage, Freeview, are utterly guilty of this with horrendous pub rock results.

Thankfully, Chikinki save the night from plunging into retro hell with their frenetic, electro post punk-influenced sound. They shimmy and writhe around the venue, leaping in and out of the audience and winning us over with their dark and edgy keyboard, beats and guitar-filled chaos. It’s awe- inspiring stuff, but alas they are too tough an act to follow, and there is utter disappointment when Kasabian subsequently churn out swampy trip rock. The drugs obviously haven’t worn off since those heady baggy days, as we’re transported back in time by the frontman’s terrifying combination of Liam Gallagher’s unmerited arrogance and the tuneless gurning of Ian Brown, backed by Primal Scream-esque smacked out guitar meandering. On record Kasabian’s infectious melodies pour out of a thrilling sound but tonight, rather tragically, this is nowhere to be seen. (Camilla Pia)



Various venues, Edinburgh, Sat 20 Mar-Sun 25 Apr

Now in its second year. Ceilidh Culture is less an Edinburgh Festival than a marketing event for contemporary roots. folk and traditional music. dance and the spoken word. Prices. and social orientation. range from the ESO-a-ticket charity bash. Creative Culture. to the defiantly proletarian. and free. Traditional Music and Song Association night in Rebus' favourite the Oxford Bar.

The programme brings together the capital's regular events and established organisations like the Edinburgh Folk Club. International Harp Festival and Netherbow Storytelling Centre With concert fixtures like the Incredible String Band. It also encompasses major initiatives like Off Kilter Dance Base's ambiti0usly contemporary take on all things Scottish. Northern Streams concert brings beautiful traditional- t)ased players from Norway and Sweden. while the Queen's Hall rolls back the carpet for nights of uninhibited dance grooves with Ireland's manic. shamanic Kila and Our own Caribbean Caledonians. Salsa Celtica. Traditional dance forms from home and abroad are well taken care of in workshops and ceilidhs. And an event which missed the programme: a rare chance to see dancers. singers and pipers from the great European


Paul Brady

enclave of traditional music in Bulgaria's Rhodope mountains.

A highlight of the whole event. however. must be veteran Irish singer. songwriter and brilliant guitarist Paul Brady. whose career maps the evolution of the folk revival over the last half-century. He kicked off with the earliest rock'n'roll (he played piano then) and progressed through the phenomenally successful 60s folk of the Johnstones to Planxty and his wonderful nee-traditional recordings with Andy Irvine. Then he made his move to rock and classy country. Nashville and compositional collaborations with the likes of Carole King. Today. he incorporates all of this into one mesmerising performance. Though not a tall man. he still towers above them all. (Norman Chalmers)

m Ticketsme hmfim WW

I 2 Many DJs Barrowland. Glasgow. 3 Apr. I Goldielookingchain ('athouse. Glasgow. -1 Apr. I Jonathan Richman Renf‘rew l-‘erry. Glasgow. 8 Apr. I David Byrne t'slier Hall. Edinburgh. ll) Apr. I Marky Ramone Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll) Apr. I The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Barrowland. Glasgow, 1 l Apr. S()Ll) ()l'l‘

Auf Der Maur Garage. Glasgow. ll Apr. I Franz Ferdinand ()Ml'. Glasgow. 12 & 13 Apr. SOLD ()l'l I Duran Duran Sli(‘(’. Glasgow. 15 Apr. S()Ll) ()l'l’ I Peaches Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 15 Apr. I Incredible String Band Queen's llall. Edinburgh. lo Apr. I Calexico (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. l8 Apr.

The Shins and The Stills ()Ml'. Glasgow. 2() Apr. I Biffy Clyro Liquid Room.

Travel between Glasgw and Edm‘awgii is: per. El With Ciiyluiltl Wank

Edinburgh. 2() Apr.

I The Mekons Venue. Edinburgh. 21 Apr.

I Amy Winehouse (‘ouier 'l‘heatre. Glasgow. 21 Apr.

I 3 Doors Down Q.\1l'. Glasgow. 2l Apr.

I The Zutons Gui-age. Glasgow. 2-1 Apr.

I Willard Grant Conspiracy Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 2-1 Apr.

I David Cassidy (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 2-1 Apr. I The Wildhearts Garage. Glasgow. 2-1 Apr; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 25 Apr.

I The Von Bondies Garage. Glasgow. 25 Apr.

I Haven QMl'. Glasgow. 25 Apr.

I Divine Comedy t'slier llall. Edinburgh. 27 Apr.

I Keane ()Ml'. Glasgow. 27 Apr.

I Fairport Convention Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 Apr. I Mum ’l‘ramway. Glasgow. 28 Apr.


I Mute Night leaf Wire and Liars Venue. Edinburgh. 28 Apr: 'I‘ramway. Glasgow. 30 Apr. I Trans Am King Tut’s. Glasgow. 28 Apr; Venue. Edinburgh. 2‘) Apr. I Prince Paul and Madlib Sub (‘lub. Glasgow. 2‘) Apr; Venue. Edinburgh. Kl) Apr. I Franz Ferdinand Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2‘) Apr. SOLI) ()l'l I Andre Willilams Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 30 Apr. I Gwen McCrae Bongo (‘lub. Edinburgh. 30 Apr; Renl‘rew Ferry. Glasgow. 2 May. I To Rocco Rot Honeycomb. Edinburgh. 30 Apr; Tron 'l'heatre. Glasgow. 1 May. I Britney Spears Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 30 Apr. SOLI) ()l'T I Papa M and V “Min Venue. Edinburgh. I May". King Tut's. Glasgow. 2 May.

Barenaked Ladies (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 1 May. I Arto Lindsay Queen's llall. Edinburgh. 1 May. 'l'ramway.

Glasgow. 2 May.

I Funeral for a Friend Barrowland. Glasgow. 2 May. I Creeping Bent, Fence and Gdansk showcase 'l‘ron 'l'heatre. Glasgow. 2 May. I Rodney Crowell Queen’s Hall. Edinburgh. 3 May.

I Glenn Tilbrook Venue. Edinburgh. -1 May.

I The Orb Arches. Glasgow. 6

May. I Incubus, SE('('. Glasgow. l2 May.

I Bad Religion (‘arling

.-\cademy. Glasgow. I} May;

I The Streets Barrowland.

Glasgow. l5 May. Powderfinger (‘arling

Academy. Glasgow, 15 May. Ash ('arling Academy.

Glasgow. 21 May.

I The Charlatans (‘zirling

Academy. Glasgow. 2-1-25 May. Gomez Barrowland.

Glasgow. 2-1 May.

I Less Than Jake Sli(‘(‘.

Glasgow. 25 May.

I Graham Coxon \‘enue.

Edinburgh. 25 May; King Tut‘s. Glasgow. 26 May.

I Hothouse Flowers Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 May.

I Download Glasgow Green. Glasgow. 2 & 3 Jun.

I Peter Gabriel Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 5 Jun.

I Decide Liquid Room. Edinburgh. ll Jun.

I Red Hot Chili Peppers Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 13 Jun. S()Ll) ()l'T

I Yes ('lyde .-\uditorium. Glasgow. 2() Jun.

I Blondie ('lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 22 Jun: Playhouse. Edinburgh. 26 Jun.

I T in the Park Balado. Kinross. lll-ll Jul.

I The Doors SE('('. Glasgow. l3 Jul.

I Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow. 12 ()ct.

I Sara McLachlan Royal (‘oncert Hall. Glasgow. l‘) ()ct. I Motorhead Barrowland.

Glasgow. ‘) .\'o\'.


18 Mar -1 Apr 2004 THE LIST 51