Music rock 8 pop listings

Sat 27

I The Usual Suspects Nobles Bar. 44a (‘onstitution Street. l.eith. 55.3 3873. 9.30pm. Free. Rock and pop cox-er Versions.

Sunday 28


I Sugababes (‘arling Academy. 121 lfglinton Street. 0905 020 3999/0870 771 2000. 7pm. S()l.1) ()l'T. ()yer- 14s (standing). no age restriction on seating. The surly ‘Babes return to the Academy with their cool pop poise and. if we're really lttcky. Mutya might eyen crack a smile.

I Gene Parsons and John Hinshelwood The State Bar. 148 llolland Street. 332 2159. 8pm. £10. A treat for Byrds fan as their ex-yocalist performs in an intimate setting. supported by local country/folk artist on whose latest albttrn Parsons guested.

I Cosmic Rough Riders, Paul Malcolm and Oli Atack Jongleurs. l‘(i(’ building. Renfrew Street. 0870 787 0707. £9. The perma-jangling Rough Riders spread some tnelodic sunshine.

I Joe Brown and Marty Wilde Royal ('oncert Hall. 2 Sattchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £18.50/£16.50/ £14.50. The two proud rock’n'roller dads of Sam and Kim clarnber back up on stage in their own right for some nostalgic beat sounds.

I The Hitmakers l’ayilion 'l‘heatre. 121 Renlield Street. 332 1846. 7.30pm. £12/£10. Featuring ('hris ‘()ul of 'l‘ime‘/’llandbags 8; (iladrags‘ Farlowe. I)aye "l‘he (‘rying (iame' Berry. former

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Manfred Mann \UL‘illlSl .‘ylike D’Abo and (lift Bennett of Rebelrousers ‘fame'.

I The Heavy Metal Kids The Ferry. 42 (’lyde Place. ()1698 26551 1. 8pm. £6. Feelgood melodic rock veterans described as ‘(‘heap Trick meets the Motors‘.

I Halo Friendlies, The Holiday Plan and Chase King Tut‘s Walt Walt llut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8pm. £6. ()yer- 14s show. All-girl punk pop band from Long Beach. ('alifornia whose music has been used in Buffy- and Freaky Friday.

I June, Three Days Born, Septic Sceptic, Safeguard and Mutley The ('athouse. 15 [Tnion Street. 248 6606. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£5). ()yer- 14s show.

I Ursula Minor, Viva Stereo and My Latest Novel Stereo. l2 l4 Kelvinhaugh Street. 576 5018. 9pm. £3. Trio of bands embracing rock and electronica elements in their sound.

I TPP, Psycho Dalek and Kreeper Barlly. 260 (‘lyde Street. 0870 907 0999. 8pm.

I Mydas The Bunker. 193 199 Bath Street. 229 1427. 10pm. Free.

I Figure 8 l’iy'o l’iyo. 15 Waterloo Street. 564 8100. 8.30pm. Free. Acoustic residency.

I Engine The Scotia. 1 12 l 14 Stockwell Street. 552 8681. 4pm. Free. Rock covers residency.

I Big Blues Jam Studio One. (irosy'enor llotel. (irosyenor Terrace. 341 6516. 6.30pm. Free. Hosted by the New Blues Sut'lers with contributions from Studio ()ne regulars such as Rey Doe and the Nimmo Brothers.

I Phil’s Sunday Session t'isge

To advertise your gigs in this section call 0131 550 3060

cuscow Aim EDINBURGH mamma-

Mad about music 0ut every two weeks

Beatha. 232 Woodlands Road. 564 1596. 6pm. Free. Bring your own instrument. I Live Music MacSorleys. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 9pm. Free. Three bands to be confirmed.


I Tom Chapin l'sher llall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 2.45pm. £5 £7.50 (family ticket £22). .-\merican singer songwriter and guitar maestro.

I Aura Sun, Acconite Thrill and Nixie Kye (‘aledonian Backpackers. 3 Queensferry Street. 476 7224. 7pm. £5. .Wr'lrl/ llummr'r-sponsored tour with Lockjaw Records signings and lidinburgh support. signed to Molotoy Records.

I Ugly Duckling The Venue. I7 21 (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £10. Hip hop invested with humour and intelligence from l'gly Duckling.

I In the Shit, Social Insecurity and MIUKU The .‘ylercat. 28 \Vesl Maitland Street. 225 3861. 8.30pm. £3.50. Night of punk action.

I Richie Gallacher and Pneumosis Whistlehinkies. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 51 14. 9pm. Free. Ambient dance merchants l’neumosis hit the stage at midnight.

Monday 29


I Simple Club featuring Simple Kid g2. 490 Sauchiehall Street. 353 3111. 7.30pm. £7.50. Simple Kid is a 21st century one-man band. updating folky influences in much the same tnanner as the redoubtable Beck. Tonight is his Simple (‘lub and all manner of

extraneous shenanigans are promised

I DRI King 'l‘ul‘s “ah “ah lltil. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £9. Hardcore thrash punks the Dirty Rotten imbeciles. to giye them their ftill appellation. formed 20 years ago in Houston and were once dubbed 'the lastest hand in the world.

I Aconite Thrill, Aurasun, All My Logic and This Familiar smile The 1311] Note (Kile. 50 ()0 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £4. Post-hardcore from Aconite Thrill.

I The Alf Stewart Combo Studio One. (irosyenor llotel. (irosyenor 'l'err‘ace (off Byres Road). 341 6516. 9pm. Free. Blues.

I Acoustic Jam \ic'e'rt’SIea/y. 421 Sattchiehall Street. 333 9637. 8pm. Free. With a free drink as incentiye for participants.


I The Blueskins The Venue. I7 21 ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £6. l’rimal. garagey blues from Wakefield quartet. fronted by former boxer Ryan Spendloye.

I Acoustica ('abar'el \‘oltuire. 3o 38 Blair Street. 220 6176. 7.30pm. Free (voluntary contributions on exit ). See Mon 22.

I Open Mic \Vhistlebinkies. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 51 14. 9pm. Free. See Mon 22.

Tuesday 30


I Obie Trice Barrowland. 244 (iallowgale. 552 4601. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()I'T. ()yer- 14s show. liminem‘s Detroit

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15-21 Calton Road. Tel :0131 557 3073 Tickets avallable at Rlpplng Racerds Tol:0131228 7010


located at the corner at N Charlotte Street & Queen Street

JAZZ 3 nights a week! 9pm, late bar, food till 9.30 admission - FREE!


David Patrick's line Trio hosts an 'Open House' with all kinds at talent on stage!


The pick of Top Jazz Groups On Stage in The Cellar Bar

Saturdays: 8OQSt HOUSE BAND!

Groovin' stompin' 5-piece with variable (surprise!) line-up. Top JOZZ players, with great arrangements at

modern jazz classrcs.

Call tor details: 013] 226 5097 Eighty Queen Street (Bar & Restaurant) 80 Queen Street Edinburgh E82 4NF