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Six Female

the passion: linglantl

Jacqueline Dattkworth.


27th March

voices in harmony

a JUN/N) made [/2 [mute/z

shine: Scotland

Sara Colman antl Liane Carrol and .\\at‘.\‘ .\\ac.\\astet'

Box office:

Corrina llewat, .\l_\'th .“cCormaclt

In 'Scotl,and,,the Gaelic languageis all around us:- in thenarnesjio

mountains, riversgtowns, villages, music and literature.

We are offering drop-in seSSions for“

parents and toddlers to learn the

language through play and song. Each «5 session costs £1 and our main aim is to have W” fun in a friendly and informal environment.

Sun 21 , Glasgow

I Guitarfest 2004 Ramshorn 'l‘heatre. Ingram Street. 548 34-1-1. Peter Argondil/a directs mo days of masterclasses. \\’(it‘k\ltt)p\ and “Hill-gig» plus a performance by internationall) acclaitned guitar dtto Michael Neuman and Laura ()ltman.


I Les Miseres l-‘aith. ('ou’gate. 225 5583. 9pm lam. £4 £5. ('ajun \tilltltlx l’rom this lidinhurgh-hased hand. Advance tickets autilahle l‘rom l-‘orext ('al'e on Bristo Place.


I Ceilidh Dance St .-\ndre\\"\ in the Square. ol‘l‘ Saltmarket. St Andre“ '\ Street. 5-18 (3030. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). Fundraiser for the (iirx'an l'csliutl.

I Ceilidh Dance Ri\'ct'\itlc ('luh. Fox Street. 348 .il-l-l. Spin. £(i. See Hi 36.

I Mistresses of Harmony Rotal ('oncert Hall. Sattchiehall Street. 353 8000. Split. £l3.5() l£lll (’eltic Friend). Scottish leg of a British tottr tor the double hill of powerful l'cmale \(ic’itlislx in lingland's the Pasxititt and .'\l}lli .\Iac('ormack. Mary .\lac.\la\ter. and (’orrina Heu'at in Shine.

I Guitarfest 2004 Ramshorn 'l'heatre. lngratn Street. 548 34-14. See Fri 36.

Sunday 28


I The Clachies Bar LS5. Buchanan Hotel. Buchanan Street. 333 738—1. 5pm. Free. See Sun 31.


I The Kaba Gazars Roxy All House. Roxhurgh Place. 467 50“). £5. l-‘ood. Bar. Presented h) the Drttmalhan linxemhle. Absolutel} authentic Bulgarian \illage music from the Rhodope liltitllllitillx. (ioatxkin bagpipes. songs and dances in hand-made traditional c‘tixltttttcx. Dancing \telcome. Pitt’l (ii. (‘l’I'lltl/l (.ll/HHY‘. See pt'e\ ieu.

I Tom Chapin l'xhet' Hall. l.olhiatt Road. 338 l I55. 3.45pm. £5 £7.50; l'atnil} ticket £33. Popular .-\merican singer \tillng'llCl' and guitarist.

I Althing \Vec l‘olk ('Iuh. Ro}al ()ak. lnl'trmar) Street. 557 3976. 8.30pm. £3. An eclectic collectixe ol~ \i\ tnuxicianx l'rom Scandinzn ia. the British [\lL‘S and liastern liurope. l’ttl‘l til. (ti/It”! ('ll/llll‘t’. See

pt‘et ieu.

Monday 29


I Me Suena Tu Cara 'I‘lte Doric 'l'a\ern. Market Street. 335 IDS-l. 9pm. Free. See Mon 33.

I Greco Latinos ('aharct \‘oltaire. Blair Street. 2200170. I lptn 3am. l‘ree. See Mon 33.

Tuesday 30


I Folk’n’Friends 'I‘he (‘anonx' (iait. (‘anongate. 55o 4-181. 9pm. l-‘rce. See Tue 33.

Wednesday 31


I St Andrew’s in the Square Ceilidh Dance St Andi-ext \ in the Square. ol'l‘ Saltmarket. St Andre“ 'x Street. .548 ()(l3l). 7.50 ll).3\()pllt. £5. See “ed 34. I Singing Session ('al'e Source. St .-\lttll’e\\\ in the Square. St .'\lltll'c‘\\\ Square. ol‘l‘ Saltmarket. 548 6030. 8.30pm. Free. See “ed 34.


I Aileen Carr and Brian Miller lidinhurgh l-‘olk ('luh. ('aharet Bar. The Pleaxance. (i5ll 334‘). Spin. £(i t£5 l. Bran \oicex. muckle \Utig\ and tho ing guitar. Part ol' (‘t’ilt’tllt (‘u/Itm'. See prex ieu.


I Ian Davidson l.i\e at the Star. St Andre“ '\ in the Square. oll Saltmarket. St Andrew's Street. 548 (303”. Spin. £(i t£-ll. \Veel-lxent song“ riter uhoxe songs haxc hcen cmercd h) Pegg} Seeger. Archie l‘ishcr and Adam McNaughton.

We are also running separate classes for parents with a creche available.

There is no need to already speak the language yourselfifll/lgs chhildren in , Gaelic medium education come from homes where/.parents'doinot speak

it. Our research suggests children introduced totGaelic la age find it easier to go on to learn other languages.

3‘531‘7“ ‘1“ ‘l'lil‘

ng'ua‘ge‘at an‘early' "53'

For more details of times and .venues, please Contact‘Nvorma Martin, Early Years Officer: 0131 469 3307 or email: norma.martin@ed,<

, wish 3', .

62 THE LIST 18 Mar—l Apr 2004

HORSE As she rose to prominance in the early 90$ after an appearance on The Tube and the release of her debut album The Same Sky, it became clear Horse MacDonald is always more than content to take her own distinct musical path. She is fortunate enough to have a truly beguiling voice so she finds that many will follow. A new album Coveted is out on her own Randan label - a collection of her favourite cover versions which she will no doubt be showcasing at these two home turf shindigs. (Mark Robertson)

I Ot/oon's Ha/l. Edinburgh. Wed 24 Mar; Barrott/land. G/(ISQOW. S;1t;.’}'/\/7a/.