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("onilm tor Owain Arwel Hughes

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Y 2 . 7.30pm llSHl-LR HALL, LDINBURGH 01312281135 SATURDAY 27 MAR('H, 7.30pm Tilt; GLASGOW ROYAL (IONCl-LRT HALL 0141 353 8000

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Classics Spring 2004

Ludovico Einaudi

Saturday 20 March

8pm £10 - £20

Take a voyage through delicate, emotional and gently melancholic piano compositions from this Classic FM Favourite

Opera Gala with

Renée Fleming

Monday 22 March 7.30pm £15 £41.50

’the most beautiful voice in the World’ The Observer

Box Office 0131 228 1155 i


84 THE US? 18 Mar-W Apr 211,123.

Sun 21


I Music for Life t'sher Hall. I.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm.

£3 £10. ()\ er 350 children from lirskine Stewart‘s Melville Schools and local primar} schools sing with Lisa .\li|ne in the “odd premiere of Jennifer Martin‘s Look ill Illt' .llirml' and the Scottish Premiere of Andre“ ('arter's llorimm. I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen's liail. ('lerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.4511111. £7 £22. See iii 26.

I Luisa Morales and Christobal Salvator Mansfield 'l'raquair ('entre. 15 Mansfield l’lace. 8pm. £10 (£5 £7). Harpsichord and dance duo \\ ith the sounds of Spanish 18111 ('entur} music. I Chapterhouse Singers and St Mary’s Music School St .\1ar_\ ‘s lil‘iscopal ('athedral. 23 Palmerston Place. ()68 201‘). 7.30pm. £10

(£7.50 schoolchildren free). John (irund} conducts a performance of Bach's St Joint l’assion.

Sunday 28


I Junior Academy Orchestra RS.-\Ml). 100 chfre“ Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £8 (£5). l)oug1asBo_\d conducts the Ro}a| Scottish .r\cadeni.\ of Music and l)rama's Junior ()rchestra performing music h} ('hahrier. lk‘hihs}. Stratiss and lilgar's Ian/emu liil‘iuli'uns. I Glasgow Sinfonia llenr} \Vootl llall. 73(‘1arcmont Street. 287 551 I. 7.30pm. £7 l£2 £5). (ierard l)oltci‘1} conducts a performance of Schumann's Kon/ertstuck fur 4 Homer and Mahler's lst S}ittp11oii}.


I Scottish Sintonia (ire) trim-s Kirk. (ire) friars Place. 608 201‘). 7.30pm. L") (£3 £7). Mantle and the 100-strong Sinfonia orchestra perform innsic h} Bernstein. (iershss iii and Ra\e1.

I Meadows Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. ('lcrk Street. 668 201‘). 7.45pm. £81£1 £6.50). Peter lisans conducts the lidinhurgh-hascd orchestra \sith So-()ck Kim on \iolilt performing Beamish's The [hit Dun/I. Beethosen's Stilt/thorn nu 4 and Brahms' lin/i/i (inner/u.

Monday 29


I East Dunbartonshire String Orchestra RSAMI). lot) Reitll'e\\ Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £thc. .-\ndrca Brogan conducts a performance of inusic h) Handel. l.ecuona. \Vilh) and l'nger. I Whatever Happened to the Music? 'l‘ron 'l’hcatre. 63 'l‘rongatc. 552 4267. 8pm. Free. :\ltci'nati\e and contemporar) classical inusic from Paragon linsemhle caharet st} 1e.

Tuesday 30


I Alasdair Cameron Ramshorn 'l‘hcatre. 08 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). l.l5 2pm. £2.50. ;\ lunchtime piano recital of Bcelhm en's .-\ppassionata and l)ehuss_\ 's Images. Book 2.

I Lanarkshire Youth Wind Orchestra RS.-\.\ll). I00 Renfress' Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). linormousl) \aried performance of music h} .\'ige| liess. 1’eter(iraham. Sherma. John Xdechlik. liric \Vhitacre and Ste\ ie Wonder all under the careful baton of .iohit Miller.

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I String Concert 'i‘ranm‘a)‘. 25 Albert l)ri\'c. 0845 330 3501. 7.30pm. £4 t£2). (ilasgots ('it}"s String ()rchestras and the ('oncert Band play styles ranging from Bach to James Bond.


I Get Organised! Opera on the Organ l'sher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1 155. 1.10 1.50pm. £2. Squeeze some masic into your lunch hour with a performance by John Kitchen of popular \sorks including the (irand March from Aida and the Meditation from Thais.

Wednesday 31


I Lanarkshire Youth Wind Orchestra RSAMI). l00 Reni‘reu Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £8 t£4). l)a\‘id Kent conducts his talented )iitiiig forces in some tuneful and popular repertoire including Sihelius' Kare/iii Suite and the Sir/revs Jim/rules In" Brine/i.


I George Heriot’s School - No Strings Attached Queen's Hall. (’lerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.3(thii. £51£2L :\n esening of popular music Si1()\\c‘il.\llif_' the Senior ('oncert Band. the Junior ('oncert Band. 1-‘1ute linsemhle . Suing Band and Jan Quartet.

I Hebrides Ensemble ( ire} friars Kit'k‘. (ire) friars Place. 668 201‘). 7.45pm. £thc. Sig/ix. (fumes and .llewiges h} Kurtag is the main piece on this programme of music for \irtuoso solos. duos and trim for strings. including (‘athcrine Marssood on \‘iola and William ('on\sa_\ on cello. Bcrio. 'l'artini and 1.} e11 ('ressts e11 are the other composers whose music can he heard in this li('.v\'l~ presentation.


I Rosalind Sutherland and Julia Lynch Merchants ilotlse. 7 \Vest (ieorge Street. .55 97.57. l2.45pttt. £5 l£2 £4.50). (ilasgoss -horn soprano Rosalind Sutherland and pianist Julia

1.} rich in a performance of Spanish and linglish song with a touch of (iel‘sh\\ in. I Annual Concert for Flat Pavan 'l‘ranma}. 25 .-\1hert l)ri\e. 0845 330 3501. 7.30pm. £4 l£2). ilcar snippets of Renaissance music comhined \\ ith modern compositions. plus performances h} the (ilasgms Schools Recorder ('ntlsnt‘ls.

I Royal National Scottish Orchestra Ro}al ('oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £12.50 £26. Walter Weller conducts a performance of Brahms' I’imm (‘mm'riu nu /. featuring John ii” and l)\orak‘s .St'm/i/Imtr m) (I from the New World.

I St Matthew Passion (ilasgtm l'nixersit} (‘hape1. 0141 330 4092 7.00pm. £(i £12. Admission on the door. The Dunedin ('onsort in \\ hat is hound to he a special and mm ing performance. Ben Parr) directs the haroque Dunedin Miners and ('onsort. \\ ith James (iilchrist singing the lis'angelist and .\iatthe\s Brook singing (’hristus.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra 1'sherllall. l.othian Road. 228 1 J55. 7.45pm. £7 £22. Distinguished iilgar interpreter Ralph Kirshhaum is soloist in the composer's ('ello ('oncerto. \\ ith conductor Joseph st'ensen choosing more linglish inusic Vaughan \Villiains‘ Sump/1m” nu 5 to complete the esening.


I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra MacRohert. 1'ni\ersit} of Stirling. (11786 466666. 8pm.

£14.50 £17 iunder 25s £0). lili/aheth Layton directs a performance of music h} lla_\dn. Bach and Stra\ illsk‘}.