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Disabled access key \\.,’\T-\\.hCL‘lCh;lll' access; 1' llCClL'llilll' access u ith assistance; l’-~l’ai'l\iiig facilities; \\-(.=.'\tl£lpl£‘tl lUllCll \l.


253 .-\i‘g}|L' Street. 505 ltl23. [\\'('. \\‘.I\| The National Review of Live Art l'ntil Sun 2| Mar. 'l'iiiies \ar_\. £i\' l£(il; li\e-da_\ ape\ £35. The annual \Rl.:\ I'L‘ltll‘lts It) the :\l‘L‘liL‘s \\ ill] the da_\ s of inno\ati\ e. e\perimental and international li\e art. See full eompreliensh e listings below

Daniel Leveille that Thu 18 Mai: ‘).3t) 10.30pm. £8 (£0); fi\e—da} ape\ £35. A major figure in the theatrical current of (‘aiiadian dance in the late 70s. Daniel l.e\eille presents .lniuiu; :lt‘li/v If! .\'UII\. \\ ltiL‘ll L‘\[ilttl'L‘\ lll'L‘ ttlltl toueh and \\;is created in l‘)‘)t\' for I" tltlllL‘L‘l's.

Mark Jeffrey l'ntil Hi It) .\lai'. 'lhu .3 4pm. 4 (ipiii. 3 0pm &

ll).3l) ll.3tlpiii; l‘ri 3 5pm. 5 (rpm «k 7.10 Slllpm. £8 l£(ii; the da} ape\ L35. .\l;tl‘l\ JL‘llI'L‘} L‘Ulltllittl’ulL's \\ llll filmmaker I.ue_\ Bald\\_\tt. digital artist Judd .\ltil'l'l\\L‘_\ and sound artist l.ori 'l‘alle) in this highl} \isual perforiiianee/ installation. ()n eaeh da_\ of the festi\al.

THE Kl N G'5




(8kg tee)

0141 240 11 2 2 ticketmaster

0870 4000 680

(24 hrs. 0th tee) (Online. bkq tee)

llie uork manifests itself in four different phases (installation. |i\ e closer- tip. tk‘rlormanee and fading) o\ er a ten- hour work period.

Lisa Wesley t'niil 'l‘liu lh' Mar.

3 lll.3()piii & 5 5.50pm. £8 t£(il; fue— da} ape\ £35. 'l'\\o pieces from l.isa \\esle_\ featuring mo ll'i‘I/inu/ Sim/i. an installation eoinprising l\\o sereens. one displa_\ ing the major stoi'} lines of soap operas from a TV guide. the other documenting dail) footage of the performer. (iiiiii . . . (fUIIt’ is a solo pei'forinanee that e\plores a t) pieal British iiiglil out.

Baiju Parthan l'iiul Hi It) .\l;ii~. Thu 3 It).3()pin; l‘i'i noon 0.30pm. £8 i£(ii; l'i\e-da_\ ape\ £35. 'l‘uo

interaetix e \ ideo projections from llaiju

PuPPETllY i Till:

’Unbelievable!’ -

Sun 4 Apr

‘A remarkable performance of

power and Iyricism’ 1. New York Daily News

.‘n Tue 11 & Wed 12 May

Matthew Bourne’s Play Without Words, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

l’ai'than from India. The Diary oil/iv Inner ("r/mtg and How lmlunl Karma :l/gm'illim.

Rosie Ward l'ntil Sun 2| Mar. Thu 3 ll).3()pm; l'ri & Sat noon ll).3()pm: Sun 13.30 8.30pm. £8 (£(il; foe-day apex £35. Rosie Ward's he“ uot'k is a continuation of .-\.\'()N \xliieh “as shown as part of the NRIA platform last year. In a site-specific installation. she questions perception. suiwrimposing an illusion of existing i‘ealit}.

The Slide Show - Stuart Simpson t'iiul 11m 18 Mar.

3 10.30pm. £8 (£0): live-da} ape\ £35. A digital mix of sound. \ ideo and montage exploring famil} photograph}. relationships and memento performed h) Stuart Simpson.

’Wildly entertaininq’

Mon 5 - Sat 10 Apr

'A musical mountain of a hit'

Mon 17 - Sat 22 May

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Six Black Candles Mark Thomson's splendid production of Des Dillon's comedy is a delight. Six Sisters plot revenge against an errant husband and the woman who's offended one of their number in a brilliant comedy of working class life. Royal Lyceum Theatre. until Sat 3 Apr

Dumbstruck James Brining's production of this popular comedy has plenty of potential for giggles. A tooch ol mordant humour adds spice to the evening that set in an old dark house among luvvies of the variety era. Dundee Rep. Wed 24 Mar—Sat 77 Apr

Play Without Words Matthew Bourne presents strong narrative in the form of dance through this rendering ot the Joseph Losey film The Servant. Sexuality. power and 608 chic in abundance are promised. Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue 23—Sat 27 Mar


Starring Elaine C Smith 5. Andy Gray Mon 19 Apr - Sat 1 May

Chisinau National Opera presents


by Bizet The most seductive opera ever written, sung in French with English surtitles

Mon 24 - Sat 29 May

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‘34, Mai