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Glasgow, The Arches continued

Sophia New L'ntil Sttn 2| Mar (not Fri/Sat). Thu 3—10.30me Sun

12.30 8.30pm. £8 (£6): live-day apex £35. Two new video works from Sophia New. co-founder of Plait b. ll’hen nu mtt’

was looking. l.\‘llll('/\' lute/(stage is shot in a disused dark space featuring a fetnale figure and [low I lUH’tl you until I eon/(l no longer see you is a video performance portrait in which the intage disappears as more red lipstick is applied to the screen.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival


Titre title) Night

bY Shakespeare directed by Bruce Vownie

,: ,l /‘}—\\\“ 1/.

,——‘s w ~r / t’) "y qh' hA l (j ,/

Fri 19th Mar * Sat 3rd Apr @ Z30pm

(not Sun let, Fri 26th, Sat 27th or Sun 28th Mar) -' Tickets: Mon Tues 56/3 Wed v Sat 59/450

A Advance booking: SECxtra 08700135464 for credit and debit card booking , ‘. counter facility at SECxtra TicketCentre -i at St. Enoch Shopping Centre.

Dr buy on the 24 hour internet site WWW.SECXiYa.COM f.

Ramshorn Theatre 98 Ingram Streeti Glasgow 61 tel: 0141 552 3489 i

Takuji Kogo with Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries l'ntil Thu l8 Mar. 3 l().3()ptn. £8 i£()); liye-day apex £35. Takuji Kogo collaborates with Korean artist Young llae ('hang lleayy Industries in this latnent for a failed globalism. Images of mobile phone handsets combine with popular song from the Japanese occupation of Korea during World War II.

Franko 3 Thu l8 Sat 20 Mar. Thu

3 4pm; Fri ts Sat noon & It).3()pm. £8 (£6): liye-day apex £35. An illustrated lecture by l‘ranko B. who has been creating work across the art forms and for exhibitions since I‘M). plus a screening of his \ ideo installation My Heart is Broken. Helen Paris - Family Hold Back Thu [8 & liri l‘) .\lar. Thu 9.30 li).l5pm: l’ri ll).l5 llpm. £8 (£6); liye-day apex £35. A darkly comic performance from London-based llelen Paris highlighting the pen el'silies oi politeness and the linglish dinner table etiquette.

Kate Stannard Thu l8 Mar.

6 (i.45pm. £8 (£6); lise-day apex £35. A performance from RS:\.\ll) graduate Kate Stannard entitled .llissing 'I'ltings. Leslie Hill - Smoking Gun Thu ix & Fri 1‘) Mar. Thu 8.30 9.15pm; l-‘ri 9.15 ltlpm. £8 (£6): tiye-day apex £35. Performance. Video and digital artist Leslie Hill presents Smoking (iitn. a series of interconnected adyentures and revelations about humanness.

Liz Aggiss (with Billie Cowie) Thu l8 & l’ri 1‘) Mar. Thu 5 7pm &

7 9.30pm; l‘ri () 8pm & 8 It).3()pm. £8 (£6); iiye-day apex £35. StTi/Nt'd to ll'iI/tin (III Ine/t u/‘lter Life is a looped solo installation performed by Liz Aggiss where both the film and the performer becotne incased in the work. The Men in the “it”. deyised l3} Aggiss and Billie (‘ow-ie. is a four—screen installation. Michael Curran Thu 18 Mar.

li).3t) l l.3()pm. £8 t£o): live-day apex £35. Michael ('urran's first feature length \ ideo exploring themes of coldness. the act of storytelling attd loneliness. Raimund Hoghe Thu l8 Sttn 2i Mar (not i‘t‘i/Stttl. 7 8.30pm. £8 t£olz lise-day apex £35. :\ lecture/perftirmance frotn (ierman performer Raimund lloghe. Reckless Sleepers Last Supper Thu 18 & liri l‘) .\lar. Thu

4 5pm it 8.30 9.30pm: l‘ri

l2.3() l.3()pm & 4.45 5.45pm. £8 (£6); live-day apex £35. The British premiere

of Reckless Sleepers' small performance for 3‘) people based on the chapters of the Last Supper according to Matthew. Alexis O’Hara l‘ri It) & Sat 20 Mar. l-‘ri ll.l5pm: Sat ll.3()pm. £8 (£6): five- day apex £35. ()‘llara presents I Require Iz‘let‘lrit‘ily about an outfitted girl in a seemingly trance-like state who creates a cinematic. electro-phonic storytelling experience. manipulating sound through the ttse of a microphone and pedals. Carole Novak l‘t‘l B) Mar.

430 l().3()pm. £8 (£(it; liye-day apex £35. Noyak is a l-‘rench artist educated at the ('onseryatoire d’Art Dramatique de Brest. Here she presents a piece about the former part of the camera obscura made up of a simple plaque pierced by a small central hole.

Lunch with Lee Wen and Baiju Parthan l‘ri l‘) Mar. l.3() 2.30pm. £8 (£6): liye-day apex £35. Middle Bar. The man most popttlarly associated with his yellow man persona joins Parthan to offer you food for thought.

Paul Hurley Fri 1‘) Mar. 3.45 5.15pm. £8 (£6): live-day apex £35. Hurley performs heeonn’ngasnuil. one of a series entitled lieemning-ittt‘erleln'ule consisting of a simple continous action performed inside the confines of a glass greenhouse in an attempt to embody the non-human other.

Richard Layzell liri l‘) & Sat 20 .\lar. l‘ri 8.15 ()pm: Sat 9 9.45pm. £8 (£6): liye-day apex £35. Lay/ell's presents this commission The Per/eel Day fresh frotn his residency with the .\'RI..’\ in Perth. .-\ttstt';tlitt.

Ricky Seabra Fri 1‘) Mar. (1 7. l()pm. £8 (£6): live-day apex £35. Airplanes and skyscrapers take centre stage in this piece by Bra/ilian/l'S.-\ performer Seabra in which he tells stories and manipulates images of airplanes and skyscrapers with his own hands liye on stage.

Robert Franciszty hi it) Mar.

73” 8pm. £8 (£0): liye-day apex £35. The (‘roatian performer presents’.v\/(). a double word meaning play relating to outlawing the \ ictimisation of animals.

Talk (Raimund Hoghe) Hi 1‘) Mar. 3.45 3.45pm. £8 t£(tt; liye-day apex £35. (ierman dancer lloghe discusses his British premiere ‘I‘limu ing the lmtly into the l'ig/tl.

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