Until Thursday l’ri l‘) Mar.

4 4.45pm. £8 (cm; lire-day apex £35. The company prexentx Play A’- I’lui'r'rx uxing materialx found. donated or reeeix ed to ereate new performance teeliniquex unfamiliar to them ax the audience ix gtiided through the ‘printed‘ \earx (ll. l‘)53 to l‘)(il).

Yann Marussich Hi It) at Sat 20 Mar. l~'ri .3 8pm; Sat 5 l()pm. £8 (£6); lixe-day apex £35. Sxx'ixx daneer and perl‘omer .\laruxxielt hax created about It) perlormaneex and ehoreographiex xinL‘e WW). Here he liex lilotionlexx in a 2m x 1m x (l.5m \xindoxx' aeeominodating an ant hill. Charlotte Egmore Sat 20 Mar. .\'oon l(l.3()pm. £8 (£0); lixe-da} apex £35. Video xound inxtallation. in lllrn I’r’rwmulr'. which imextigatex the tl}'llitltllC\ of order and dixorder W ithin human heliax iour and language through projection.

Chris Gilligan Sat 20 Mar.

l.3() (i.3()pni. £8 (£6); live-day apex £35. A redundant angel xeek’x ,xolaee at

Angel ('luh \\ ith an arra} ol' undelixered inexxagex in xlllm’l ('lu/i (Nun/ii inxpired h} the proliferation of realit) tele\'ixion. Deer Park Sat 30 Mar. 4 5.05pm. £8 1%); lixe-da) apex £35. See mu xti'rmn examinex the xxxooning factor and lolloxxx William liurrouglix' humoroux muxingx ol Stendhal'x eapaeit} to he ttl'l‘eetetl h} painting.

DJCA Sat 20 Mar. .\'oon ll).3()pm. £8 l£(il; lixe—da} apex £35. A programme of He“ \xork from Duncan ol Jordanxtone ('ollege of Art & l)exign. Essi Kausalainen Sat 20 Mar.

5 8pm. £8 (£(il: lix'e-da} apex £35. lnxtallation and performance piece. I.lUl/\(l ix performed in a xpaee knitted out of red \xoolen xtring and explorex intimae}. eonimunieation and prixate territoriex.

Gilbert and Grape Sat :0 .\lat‘.

l 4pm. £8 (£6); lixe-da) apex £35.

I'fo/ter um/ ('unm'n t‘ugue/V from where.“

exaininex the quextioning of training and heeoming intricate in the memoriex \\ e don't knoxx ho“ to trace.

Bartelby, North Edinburgh Arts Centre

Jacqueline Mann Sat 20 Mar.

.3 4.l5pm. £8 (£6); lix'e-da} apex £35. Shoueaxed inxide a ltolltm pol_\'xl_\l'etle hox raixed three feet ahox'e the lloor ix Mann'x Inn/ml. which attemptx to xltttW the hardxhipx of life and ne\ er being able to xtop.

listings Theatre & Dance

Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci Sat 30 & Sun 3| Mar. Sat 7 7.45pm: Sun 7.45 8.30pm. £8 (£6); foe-day apex £35. Ruhher ix na\ igated in ('nriI/et/ (prayers) ax ('ool and Baldueei interrogate the belief and form of the prayer. With

im ited artixt l’ierpaolo (‘al/olari.


Scottish Arts Council


promoting and developing performing arts for children in Scotland

Would like to commission a new, middle scale dance or dance theatre production for young audiences to premiere in May 2005 at the


children’s festival

The commission is open to individuals or organisations working in dance, theatre or other performing arts. It is not necessary to have experience in creating work

for children and young people.

For an information pack please call 0131 225 8050 or email tessa@imaginate.org.uk

Closing date for proposals: Friday 30th April 2004 Charity Number SC016437


Stepping ()ut Stepping ()ut

Stepping Out

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 25 Friday 26 Saturday 27 Sunday 28 Monday 29 mesday 30 Wednesday 31 Thursday 1 See (‘omedy i i i Kltlttappt'il ! Kidnapped Kidnapix-tl ' Kidnapped l mt- ' Kidnapped l m.- Faeriex l-‘aeriex Dead lind \\ l‘.2\lit l).-'.xi:1he \\i!l.l W luxtl: Houxn the \\ mi! ' W lnxtfe l)l“~'-!l the \\ ind I D \\ Emile l).r.-.i~. the \\ .-;.i - \\ 3:51.. I). x z. t: e W 22.! I W l‘;xl:\' lion. 2: "'i; \\ ::..‘.

l'iqulltl‘llulil The Other Side

Kliltlaltpt‘tl l “\C

: Arches

: Citizens

' Gilmorehillmz ' King’s i : Paisley Arts


o F > in o o E

lialtle ol the llulge lialtle ol the Bulge Battle of the littlge See Rm k l\ l’i'p Derek \eoiali Derek \uii.ili “Vick Mitt-Ill lldll‘“) l“ P-l'i‘m‘c

Twelfth Night A? See Folk See Folk 'l'u'elt‘th Niuht 'l'u ellth Night 'I'ix‘ell'th Night Twelfth Night n h

a aIIIS Ofll \xt'lllxll llallel xmiuxli liallet Royal

Into the New. 2 Into the New. See (‘laxxieal See (‘laxxie'il

i amway \ .‘tai' \f ltt the Ht“,'l'lf‘.1!!,‘ \ hall 8: In the lleeiuntnj,‘ \ li.ill \t In the lierrmeue Sdlh'lllt'lldll SI See (‘laxxle .il i .' l' . See ('laxxieal X Factor Dance Starduxt

llt‘iltla (i.tl\let

l lk'tltlil ( i.tl\lel

l’Ia} Without Woitlx l’la_\ Without Wordx l Jextix ('hiixt Stipeixtai Jexux ("hiixt Supetxtar Six lilaek (‘andlex Six lllack ('andlex

luniiel \ixionx 'ltinnel \ixionx

l lt‘iltla ( i.Il\lt‘t

’la) Without Wordx

Six Black ('atidlex

\l} l'.tll 1 ad)

llt 5 :\li\e

Six lilaek (lindlex

\lx l.tll I all}

\l} l.itl l .ltl\

lit 5 :\|i\e

SH lilaek (idlltlltN


. . a

ll: .~ Atm- I Feshval Th 5

-: .‘I: \\ ,~ .i. \\s~,. t ..-.i 2

Six lilaek (\iiidlex g

()l‘t'lllt‘ll \Miittletlanil 1 = "averse 2

Church Hill

' llxfitll

1 At" I’OtZ-l THE LIST 71