ELECTRO DEATH DISCO The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 20 Mar

This month’s line-up proves once again that the Arches’ Death Disco night absolutely refuses to let its standards slip when it comes to putting on the glitziest, trashiest, dirtiest party in town. As usual DD has mustered a fine value line-up of three acts who demand you get your ass on the dancefloon

First up is Ellen Allien, DJ, promoter and founder of the BPitch Control label. Having been on the techno scene in her native Berlin since 1991 (as a radio host and producer, in addition to the already weighty CV above), Allien makes much of her observations on the changing cultural face of the city since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subculture that has sprung up since. She bases her work on collaboration the label itself, for example, or the DIY BPitch Control parties she organises around the city and even named last year’s second album Berlinette in tribute to her home.

A more home-grown hero is Radioactive Man, the fully-fledged solo guise of Keith Tenniswood. Anyone not familiar with the name might find themselves enlightened when we explain that Tenniswood was part of Andy Weatherall’s Sabres of Paradise collective and later joined Weatherall as the

other half of Two Lone Swordsmen. Bringing an aesthetic that’s similarly - like Weatherall punk- rockin’ to his work, Tenniswood mixes the electronic with the old-school. A very Death Disco sort of guy. Finally, a full band appearance by John Peel favourites and emergent London electro scene darlings Riviera F rounds off a great night. ‘Yeah, we do play electro,’ explains the two-boy, two-girl F’s Etienne LeBeau. ‘But we do so much more: we play guitars, we put on a very minimalist, almost performance-based show. We’re not full-on dark electro. It’s more fun, more pop than that. I’d compare us to someone like Blondie or Duran Duran

‘Kraftwerk crossed with Abba’ Riviera F

I Radioactive

Breaks from down under with Kid Kenobi



Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Tue 23

mar; Sub Club, Glasgow, Wed 24 ar

Like barbecues. beer and bungee Jumping, breaks are big in Australia and

the man at the top of the tree is Kid Kenobi. As Ministry of Sound's man down under, the Kid has spent the last couple of years Cutting mixes and touring extensively. pausing only to accept myriad DJ awards and production accolades.

[not surprising considering the latter’s Nick Rhodes produced Riviera F’s debut single ‘lnternational Lover’], or Kraftwerk crossed with Abba!’

Chatting about the scene in London, LeBeau hits the nail on the head as far as modern electro is concerned: ‘It’s great, it’s like the mood of the blitz with people going out and organising underground parties. One of the best things about the scene is that it remains true to itself, even though it’s spent so long being underground and now the mainstream is starting to take an interest.’ (David Pollock) an also plays Musotica, the Conimp/ex. Edinburgh, Sat IO Apr

‘The scene back home is well established now and it's still developing.' he explains. ‘Altnougn .t':; not on the same scale as [ urope. it's really healthy.’ Not satisfied with ((XiK‘l‘t} the Aussie masses. Kenobi is forging a name for himself internationally. Returning to the UK for neariy t‘.'.':> weeks of dates. he's gracing Scot and Wllll two nights of breaks inayne'n. ‘lhese tours Just get a little bigger eaci‘ time. It's kind of fun. and an honour. Musically it's very inspiring'

lhe three inix releases the Kev‘op. has made for the Ministiy of Son: have seen him cover the whole breakbeat spectrum and more. so ‘.'.'t‘.£ll can the Scottish inid week l(}‘.’(}l.'(3'tl, expect from the Antipodean Breaks King? 'I like to keep things ‘.'(tll(}(l. depending on the night and the <:'o'.'.;i.' he says. 'With breaks you can carry t,“ a varied style. there's a lot of fieeuo'n lhere's a groove and a funk to ‘.‘.’I‘.;l'. l play. but above all it's eneigetic.’

(Mark [ (iinundsonl



The latest club news

CHARITY FABULOUS JUST keeps on coming and this time we have a real treat for you as Grant Morrison (yes, that Grant Morrison as in the man behind The Invisibles, Arkham Asylum, Animal Man, New X-Men and many more groundbreaking comics) puts on his drawing hat and inks a script from Twitch. Very special indeed, I think you’ll agree.

SOME HUGE DATES FOR YOUR diary here as DJ Hell brings his 'l.et's Fucking Rock Tour' to Scotland. Stirer one of the most influential DJs of modern times, his International Deejay Gigolos label is the epitome of cutting edge cool. Fetir hour sets are premised on both dates: Presswe. the Arches. Glasgow. 10 Apr; Pogo Vogue and Sativae Records. the Venue. Edinburgh, 16 Apr. Unmissable.

THERE IS A NEW CITY-BASED dance festival on the way in the shape of Smirnoff Experience Central taking over Glasgow on 15 May. Expect loads of DJs, live acts, art, photography, multimedia instillations, seminars, demos and films. Basically everything dance related will be in Glasgow come 15 May. Names are still being kept under wraps but we’ll have more info next issue (including headliner details).

TALKING OF GIGS. SOME LIVE dates worth making a note of in any clubbers diary: 2 Many DJs mined by the LCD Seundsystem play the Barrowland. 3 Apr; Welsh hip hop crew Goldie Lookin‘ Chain hit the Cathouse. 4 Apr; glam electro- disco perverts the Scissor Sisters are upgraded to the Barrowland. 8 Apr; Manga present a live show from Hospital Records' mainman london ElektriCily. LiQUid Room. 9 Apr; the first slut of electro-rocking Peaches also at the LIQUId Room. 15 April; punk tunk ambassadors the Rapture. Barrowland. 5) May: old school ambient from the Orb. the Arches. 6 May and finally wide bOy garage/hip hop from the Streets. Barrowland l5) May.

DJ Hell

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