{the \Vcckl}. 'I‘hc \xcckcntl kickx oll dounriu‘r \\ ith a \lou. L‘ltlllttlll \otmtltrack. I Coded at Vault. llpm Rant. [5 till). \VL‘L‘kl}. The} .l'C ll‘ttlll tt I‘L‘L‘Ol'tl \torc. \0 lltL‘ ttmm are going to he lrcxh and highl} l'unlx}. aren't the} 1’ :\ rotating I'oxtCl' ol I)J\ alliliatcd to 33rd Precinct \uppl} thc littllw-lL'tl groon )ou can rcl} on. Stcwn .\lc('rccr_\ is the main man. hut the pool of talent includes Bill} Kilkic. Bill} \Vootlx and Amanda l’ricc.

I Crash at the Shed. “Lillpllt 3am. (3 till. \Vcckl). linan and And) pla) the finest ol cwr‘}tltiitg at this blinding \onthxitlc cluh that alxunx \ccmx to he ltll\}.

I Creation at ('orinthian. l lpm 3am. L‘thc. \Vcckl}. Alter a “arm-tip in the l.itc Bar it's tlti\\li\l£lll'\ \\ ith the gear for Paul Rca and Km in :\ll\[lll. )our hoxtx at this L‘litMiL‘fl til. \L‘llUL‘\.

I Destiny at l)c\tin_\. l lpm 3am. L'thc. \Vcclxl}. l)c\tin_\ 'x t‘clattnch L‘Uttlttiucx \\ ith tip-lor-it part} tuntw. home and Rtkli lla\a\.

I The Edge at the l-Ltlgc (‘oathritlgu

l lplll .ittllt. £5. \VL‘L‘H}. RL‘\ltlL‘tll\ .’\lL‘\ Keane and Scott (irangcr bring )01! the best in hoth and clnh claxxicx.

I Fluid at 'l'rash. l lpm 3am. {hit-1i. \VL‘CH}. Beat lllh'x l.t\;t l.llllL‘\\t)Utl. Scott Macka} and Rim B all pla} ttx i‘cxitlctttx at thix raucoux part} up at the mad entl ol' ltt\\ll. liimk} ltottxc. urban pop and loatlx ol' cheap home make it a u inning propoxition. I Fresh at the Polo Lounge. 1 lpm 3am. £5. \Vcckl}. \lichcllc and And} are in charge of thc maxical tlllllL‘\ at thix tlcliciottx. gay llll\Ctl Mcrchant (it) club. .\lo\t \\ ho cntcr come out \llltllllg‘.

I Fridays at Blanket at Blanket tlol‘llk‘t'l} Bull. l lpm 3am. to (Hi. \VCCM}. Ra) montl Wood» Naccm and Stuart .\lc('allum take ltll'll\ \\ ith the Rtkli lla\a\ in the big hack room. “line out l‘ront Bill) .\lilligan mi\c\ .\lolo\\n \\l[ll part} L'l;t\\lc\.

I Friday Street at ‘l‘hc Liquid Lounge. llpm Sam. ‘51“). 30 Mar. \lontltl}. ('laxxic mod \Ulllltl\. ()l)\ px} ch and northern \Uttl at Scotlantl'x premier moh club. chulai l)J\ Mike} ('ollinx and Paul .\lollo_\ are joined on tlL‘Clx\ h} (ia\ itt :\t'no limit the leadinill in Sheffield.

I Fuel at l-‘ucl iltixhophriggxl.

lllfillpm 2am. £4. \Vcckl). .\ hitl to L‘\Pillltl the awragc (ilaxucgian’x idea of

\\ hat \wckcntling mcanx. from the (3] (iroup. l’aul Rea play club claxxicx. Rtkli. tank and aii_\thang \\ ith a groow. Stttltlhttlc atttl \ttt'llhltlc tl'x \lttl'titlg to get like London up hcrc. .\ “to hit.

I Full On at l’rixilcgc. lllfillpm 3am. U) ([7 l. \VL‘L‘H}. 'ltttlt \Vllutll. (it‘lxlxttlttt). Stcxxart (irccn. \Villiam Daniel. (i;t\ llttllxlttlt. Stu llirxt antl (iio l‘crri arc )ottt' hoxtx at thix \wckl} tlancc night tlt)\\ll on lltilk‘ SII‘L‘L‘I.

I Funhouse at Haiti). l lpm 3am. £4 ti.i l. \Vcckl). .\ night ol clued-up punk atnl cathartic indie pop llUl1\L‘ll\L‘. It's pogo-tr gogo “ith Radio l'x Vic (i;t|lo\\;i_\_ Mr Paul NL‘L‘tllL‘x ttlttl [)1 Alpha \lilcltcll.

I Funk Room at the Art-hex.

llpm 3am. Ll" lUil. l‘) .\lar. Monthl}. (‘ratc-tliggin' funk \PlL'lltlUUl' \xith rcxitlcntx Simon liighcat and Andre“ l)i\ inc. (ict tlccp tlt\\\l1 into )onr l'unk} \ottl. l-ur Illl\ i/(llr' rill/V '.'l-/.i\l'i'ill'r/ hit/(INN g't'l Int/I pr'ii't' ('IIII‘V l’t'lUl'l’ Inn/night.

I I Love 1970 at Slt‘alhclulc Sttitlcnt'x .-\\\oi;iation. 0pm 3am. L'thc. \Vcckl}. .r\\ the name \uggcxtx funk} l'un "fix (l;t\\l(\ all night long.

I Impromptu at .'\\l |.ih. l lpm 3am. U. l‘) .\lar. llo\\ (ice. the llaggix King and their ax )ct unconlirmul gucxt pla} l'unk. tltxco and chL‘tro. litittx ol l’t‘incc. l’igna and Maxie lio\ arc expcciall} cncom‘agul. I Kinky Afro at the Suh ('luh. Nut date 9 Apr.

I LiveVEvil at (ilaxgou. School ol' .v\rt. Nut date 2 Apr.

I Latin Fever at llauma. 9pm 2am. l‘rcc. \Vcckl}. l)J Keith I) \pin\ up \omc (‘olomhiatL (‘uhaiL Xe“ York and .-\l'rican \alxa. adding a tu lxl ol‘ l.atin chart. Rtklt and global hcah to thc rlnthmical \tcu. 'l'axt). '

Mixed Bizness Pro—vinylist Karim and Boom Monk Ben are getting freaky in your area with a veritable orgy of cuts and scratches. This new night of boundary-pushing is something of a showcase for Glaswegian hip hop. but your hosts will drop just about any kind of music. Glasgow School of Art, Fri 79 Mar.

Scratch Perverts Despite giving up the Soundhaus residency. Traxx has hardly gone into retirement. In the latest in a series of fabulous one—offs they bring the 8 boys of UK hip hop. the Scratch Perverts. to Glasgow. Tony Vegas. Prime Cuts and Plus One may be DMC Champs. but their sounds are as diverse as they come. QMU, Sat 20 Mar. Transmission Global Darkness proffer a unique take on contemporary sounds. Legowelt splashes out with his palette of freaked-out Chicago Io- fi and Italo—disco. while DJ TLR takes the tunes off-killer with his scuzzy. electro-disko. Henry Wood Hall, Sat 20 Mar.

€75", Pressure Worth the ticket price alone to catch DJ Sneak (pictured) when he's in town. It's hard to imagine anyone who has shaped dance music in the last five years more than he. Reared on Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk and Steve ‘Silk' Hurley. his disco- filtered house grooves have been known to rock dancefloors the world over. The Arches, Fri 26 Mar.

Harlem Nights One of the most accomplished DJs and producers around. Steve Lawler “the UK‘s Tenaglia' -- takes over with his uplifting house and chunky. NY sounds. Mas. Sat 27 Mar.

The Good Vibrations Sound System Now an enormously talented DJ and producer. Jazzy .Jeff was both a rap pioneer and a turntablist who was way ahead of his time. What's more. he's the man. and he's playing in Glasgow. Liquid Lounge, Sun 28 Mar.

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