Simon Foy and Alan Belshaw keep their public on the delirious side of happy with another serving of trance and techno at one of UK‘s biggest club nights. (iuests include Fergie. the frightsome Petrae Foy. Richard Tulip and Shari. I Jamboree at Reds. l lpiii»~3aiii. £7 (£5). Weekly. John Lyons and Martin llesketh of Velvet Rooms fame mix tip a blend of commercial R&B and soul. I Kevin Austin at ('anvas (Arta). l().3()pm- 3am. £7. Weekly. (‘ontinue dancing to the main roont sounds of funk. disco and club anthems while the live entertainment take a well-deserved break. I Life at Life (Corinthian). l()pm» 3am. £5. Weekly. A formidable night of ftiiik for those who like their entertainment mature. btit still jammin'. Ross Macmillan presents a selection of soul. ftitik and disco augmented with original loops and samples to guarantee a new take on familiar sounds. I Lite at Corinthian. 9pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Beautiful new modern bar and club at this gorgeous Ingram Street mega- venue. They always ptit a lot into their venues. so try to make an effort. will you'.’ I Lush at the Polo Lounge. l().3()pm—-3am. £5. Weekly. Andy's in the Trophy Room with hits from the 6()s to the 80s. while Tom provides an tip-front dance selection iii the main room. Has to be the prettiest gay club iii the city. I Melting Pot at Riverside (‘lub l2 3am. £l(). 27 Mar. Monthly. There's always a strong New York flavour to these nights. with Simon (‘ordiner arid Billy Woods reeling otit the nu house. underground I Moda at Moda. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Fine (ilasgow DJ (and footballer) Barry (iemmel drops some explosive sounds at this beautiful bar iii the gay district. I Monkey Porn at the t'niv-ersal. l()pm- 43am. £2. 28 Mar. Scratch your bits to an assortment of b-boy breaks. electro. disco-sleaze and jungle-boogie. The primates exposing themselves on decks are the Hood. DJ Tookeii. Mascheck and e-rok. I Opus at ()pus. 2pm~3am. Free. Weekly. There's a live swing batid from two. and then it gets funkier with DJ Patil from Wicked Sounz playing until three in the morning. Oh yes. I Papacool at Ad Lib. l lpm ~3am. £5 (£4). 27 Mar. Monthly. Dusty old soul records and noodly jazz. vibes. with the ever-popular Billy arid Mat. I Rapture at Media. 1 1pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. 7()s arid 80s classics from James Russell. and guest DJs every two weeks make this a fun night otit. I Red and Gold Room at Arta. l()pm 3am. Free before I lpm; £8 after. Weekly. Billy Milligan mans the decks at this fine night of Latin house. If your life needs spicing tip. look no further. I Rub Down at Ad Lib. I lptii 3am. £5 (£4). 2() Mar. Monthly. Prince Boab. the Nut Bros. DJ Dillion and pro-vinylist Karim head off on an experimental tip. abetted by their electronic ftiiik powers. old school flavours and some l6mm documentary footage. I Saturdays at Blanket at Blanket (formerly Bed). l().3()pin- 3am. £7 (£5). The ftiiikiest R&B in the city rocks the big back bedroom on at Sat in Bed with the legendary Raymond Woods. Jiiii da Best and his musical antics keep you awake iii the front bedroom making this new Sat night one of the most popular in the city. Scratch Perverts at Queen Margaret Students l'nion. l()pm <2.l5am. £|() (£8). 2() Mar only. Prepare to be blown away by [K Ilip Ilop's very fittest. Traxxeveiits present the trio with the skills to pay the bills. I Seduce at Archaos. l lpm 3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. (‘harty dance and R&B. not to mention an unhealthy smattering of cheese on this huge Sat iiigliter. I Shack at the Shack. 10.30pm 3.30am. £7 (£5). Weekly. (iraeme Ferguson plays to the crowd with a fine line iii Shack favourites. so hit the dancefloor arid get moving. will you‘.’

I The Shed at the Shed. l().3()pm 2am. £6. Weekly. Demand is hiin for this one. so get there early. Tuneage deployed by litian Neilson and Andy Robertson.

I Shine On at (’orinthian. I lpm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. (iordon Miller and Ross Macmillan rock the joint after a session in the Lite bar. Lots of funk and ftiti all round as the residents take in the genres they want.

I Soma Sessions at MAS.

l lpm 3am. £8 (£6). 2() Mar. Fortnightly. Full-strength beats and deep. soulful grooves from (ilasgow's sonic voodoo bandits Silicone Soul. pltts deck treatment front funky Parisian Dan (iliciiacia.

I Streetlite at Liquid Lounge.

l()pm 3am. £8 (£5). 2() Mar. Loosejoints and Stevie lilemeiits serve tip all manner of Itisli soiitids at this monthly house party. As ever they're joined by very closely -guarded surprise guests.

I Subculture at the Sub ('lub.

l lpm 3am. £ It). Weekly. In the third of a series of guest nights presenting the cream of underground datice in the ITK. the iiiagtiiliceiit ('raig Richards (27 Mar). a man who knows how to work a room. gets iii the box with llarri and Dotiietiic. See [ll't’l'ft'lt'.

I Superfly at the Woodside Social. l()pm 2am. £5.90. 20 Mar. Twice monthly. Brilliant night of musical exhibitionism. replete with slide shows. Duncan Superfly and laii ‘The Midnight (‘ow'boy' l.etiiarra supply soul classics. fat assed fittik atid 6()s atid indie danccfloor fillers. It's a third birthday party tonight arid Superfly's favourite ftiiik band ('alale's Fat Laces are live.

I Switchback at Switchback. .-\nniesland. l lpm 2am. £5. Weekly. Billy Milligan provides the chart anthems and dancefloor classics at this commendable otit-of-tow'nei'.

I Tiger Tiger at 'l'iger Tiger.

l lpm 3am. £6. Weekly. Most of the boys and girls at Tiger Tiger like to look the part. so nice frocks atid suits are a good idea. The music policy is commercial dance atid the ubiquitous R&B.

0 Transmission at the Henry wood llall. (‘Iareiiiont Street. Times the. £l(). 2() Mar only. Furo-disko mayhem ensues at this unconventional btit charming club venue as Dutch visionaries (ilohal Darkness provide the sounds. See preview: I Nisted and Braintire at the Vaults and Yang. 9pm 3am. £tbc. 27 Mar. Dance like it’s l‘Nl again as Yang goes old skool. llardcore. gabba. trance and techno with special guests Impulse Factory. Akira. Ilixxy and Acid 6‘) (live). I VEGAS! at the chfrew Ferry.

9.30pm 2am. £0 (£7). 27 Mar. Monthly. Swing. old time country and suave classics with the lounge mobsters Frankie Sumatra. Bugsy Seagull. Dino Martini and Rick Hudson. plus the exquisite Vegas Showgirls and the Fabtilous Scott Brothers.

I Wired at Asylum. ('aledoniati l'niversity l'nion. l()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. (ilasgow’s lotigest running alternative indie night with drinks promos aplenty.

I Upstart at the Liquid Lounge.

l(lpiii 3am. £8 (£5). 27 Mar. Residents Kev Stevens and Michael scratch together a sturdy selection of hip hop. house. disco. ftitik and breaks.

Glasgow Sundays


I Bennet’s at Beniiet’s. l l.3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. In which we are confronted by a strange phenomenon. Tom plays some baiigiii' handbag aiid tunes loved by l2-ycar-old girls. to equally appreciative gay men. Funny old world.

I Bite at the (‘athouse l().3()pm 3am. Free before I I.3()pnt; £2 l .50) after. Weekly. A milder mix of indie and rock than you'll find at the city's premier rock venue on Fri or Sal.

I B’Lo at B'l.o. Upiii-3am. Free before I Ipllll £5 (£5) after. \VL‘L‘kly. Look out your Sunday best fora night of smooth. classy dance music.

I Boogaloo at the Social. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Block style party grooves. urban R&B. scratch hip hop. live percussion atid guest M(‘s all in a swanky New York-style setting.

I Budda at Budda. l lpm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Relaittiched venue back on track with details still the.

I Candy at Trash. 1 lpm 3am. £4(£3). Weekly. Kick back with your choice of tasty promos and enjoy a medley of sweet tunes.

I Club Budda at (‘Iub Budda. Dtitiibartoii Road. ('lydebatik. l lpm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Ryan Kerr spins. sending ('lydebank's well-heeled set reeling itito Monday.

I Club Tropicana at the (iaragc (Attic). llpm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Indie. both classic atid contemporary. with a healthy dose of Britpop.

I Disco Badger at Bamboo.

l().3()pm 3am. £4. Weekly. Scottie B. Dominic Marlin atid Robiii keep the Sunday throng satisfied in the venue whose marriage of R&B arid hottse has been aii unqualified success. ()ii 28 Mar Badger celebrates its first birthday with special guest superstar DJ Tony Walker iii the house.

I Dream at Strawberry Fields.

l(l.3()pm 3am. £l5. Weekly. Fifteen quid to get in'.’ You're 'aviii' a laugh. ain't ya'.’ Btit wait: the bar is completely free all night. so stop moaning aiid get drunk.

I Edge at lidge. ('oatbridge. I lptii 3am. Free. Weekly. Scott (hanger and James ('urrie ensure the party tunes are pumpin' and the diehards. well. they‘re jumpin'.

I Free Sundays at the t'niv-ersal.

l Ipiii 3am. Free. Weekly. Ilip hop. fittik. soul. reggae. house and jazz all iii this great. virtually unknown venue just behind Sauchichall Street.

0 The Good Vibrations Sound System at Liquid Lounge. I lpiti 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. A Sunday night shindig from

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the people at (‘arbon Records and Five2()liast Records. Taking the spirit of house music and house parties and i cookin' it up real nice. with added rock. breaks. reggae arid R&B. 28 Mar sees the visit of hip hop legend Jazzy Jeff.

I Intervention at Mas. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3). 2l Mar. Monthly. A new night of l fresh. funk-filtered house to whip up the joint. The miraculous Divine Intervention

is iii control.

I l Candy at Trash. l lpm—3am. £4 : (£2). Weekly. DJ Rob has the big anthems and floorfillers to keep (ilasgow's beautiful people dancing all night long.

I Liquid Cool at the Belo. 9piii~3am. f £5. Weekly. AJ. Kris Keegan and [art 'l'hotiipson play top-notch vocal garage

and house to a club packed with hyper- hedotiistic twentysomething revellers. all

of whom seem to have forgotten that they have work in the morning. If qttality

tunes and glamorous antics are your bag. Sun at Belo is unmissable.

I Mungo’s Hi Fi at the Buff.

8pm 3am. Free before I lpm; £5 after. Weekly. Scotlanth number one reggae dancehall collective. formerly residents at the Woodside Social. do what they love most at their new venue. playing inna

sound system style. and packing in the masses with their roots riddims and mic action.

I One Sunday at the Tunnel.

1 lpm 73am. £4 (£I ). Weekly. The R&B sessions continue at this sinful Sabbath seance. Wear nice clothes for admission. please.

I Optimo (Espacio) at the Sub (‘luh

l lpm 3am. £6 (£5). Weekly. The Sub

('lub invites all-comers fora dress- tip/come-as-you-are saturnalia that has to

be one of the most musically diverse club nights around. ()ti 2l Mar we have a rare appearance from a true American

maverick. Mr Bobby (‘onn.


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