I-laar by Matthew Draper forms part of a series of pastel studies of Edinburgh’s Old Town at the Open Eye Gallery

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 I)oune Terrace. 225 7l8‘). Mon l‘ri ‘)am 5pm; Sat llam 3pm.

Eftersyn - Time Check t‘ntil Hi 3() Apr. A suryey of the work of Danish photographer llenrik Saxgren who since the (i()s has produced portraits. docutnentary and photographic features.


at Marie (‘urie House. 2‘) Albany Street. 478 7050. Mon Sat l()am 5pm.

The Birth of an Angel Hi 20

Mar Thu 8 Apr. An exhibition of prints by [)adou Roche.


Belford Road. (i24 (i200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed &

l-‘ri Sun l()am 5pmz'l‘hu l()am 7pm. ('afe.

Artists Design Textiles l'ntil Wed 24 Mar. A display of the collection of fabrics designed by artists such as Victor Vasat'ely. Ben Nicholson. lili/abeth Mink and ('ecil (‘ollins. produced for lidinburgh Weayers in the l‘)5()s.

The 19605 l'ntil Mon 3 May. A display of works from the S.\'(i.\IA's collection featuring works by Roy Lichtenstein. l)ayid Hockney and Bridget Riley.


l8a I)undas Street. 557 5227. Mon Sat l()am 5.30pm.

Peter Nardini t'ntil l-‘ri 26 Mar. Recent landscapes and liguratiye works by Peter Nardini.

Gillian Goodheir Mon 2‘) Mar Sat 24 Apr. An exhibition of still life. land and seaseape paintings.


()a I)undas Street. 558 ‘)3(i3. l()am 6pm. The Paps ot Jura l'ntil Sat 27 Mar. A series of new paintings by (‘ornish-

based artist Kttrt Jackson capturing the changing light and mood on Islay and Jttra.

lconoclasm Mon 2‘) Mar Sun 4 Apr. Scottish London-based artist Darren Jones explores the nature of identity in this series of semi-abstract compositions.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART 74 l.auriston Place. 22l 6000. Mon Thu l()am 8pm; Fri Sat l()am 2pm.

The Visitation: An Illustrated History l'ntil Thu 18 Mar. li('A master of fine art students create a mixed-media installation encompassing performance. collaboration. film. sculpture. drawing and painting in a brief set by Turner Pri/e nominee Mike .\'elson.


20a I)undas Street. 557 5002. Mon l‘ri llam 5pm; Sat l()am lptn.

Venice Remembered t'ntil Tue 30 Mar. (’ityscapes of Venice by Norman .\laclean. Andrew Fitzpatrick. Josephine (iraham and (ieoffrcy Roper.


23 t'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat l()am (3pm.

Imprint: Triennale Internationale D’lncisione l'ntil Sat 27 Mar. Jointly presented by (ilasgow Print Studio. Iidinburgh Printmakers and the Italian (’ultural Institute. a major celebration of Italian graphic art featuring etchings and engraying by 24 of the most respected graphic artists in Italy today. See reyiew.


4() 44 Thistle Street. 225 ll8l. Mon l-"ri l()am 5.30pm.

Rethink l-‘ri l‘) Mar Thu 22 Apr. An exhibition of work by 13 graphic designers frotn Iidinburgh (‘ollege of Art. NEW SHOW.

Talbot Rice Gallery * '

Merlin James: Easel Painting

round room: Ellen Munro

6 March - 8 April 2001. Open: Tues - Sat, 10am-5pm


Old College. South Bridge Edinburgh, EH8 9YL Tel: 0131 650 2210/2211

Email: info.talbotricetaed.ac.uk Web: www.trg.ed.ac.uk

Scottish Arts (Ouncil


88 Lothian Road. 22‘) 5932.

John Bellany I'ntil Sat 27 Mar. Small paintings and prints by John Bellany.

FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat 1 lam (rpm; Sun noon 5pm.

Louise Bourgeois: Stitches in Time lintil Sun ‘) May. Free. The first major [K suryey of work by the French artist Louise Bourgeois. curated by Frances Morris and featuring a group of life-size sewn fabric busts and two major suites of etchings. Born in Paris in 1‘)! l. Bourgeois moved in 1938 to New York ('ity. where she continues to liye and work. Her beginnings were as an engrayer and painter but by the l‘)4()s she had turned her attention to sculptural work. By the mom. she began to execute her work in rubber. home and stone. referencing what has becotne the dominant theme in her work her childhood. Although she has been showing her art for many decades. she has only been fully recognised later in life. In l‘)82. she became the first woman to have a retrospectiye at New York's Mtiseum of Modern Art. See Ilitlist.


22a I)undas Street. 556 2181. Mon liri llatn (rpm; Sat 10.30am 4pm.

Art from Ukraine l'ntil Sat 3 Apr. The tenth annual exhibition of t'krainian art featuring landscapes. seascapes. still life. animals and figuratiye works by (irygoriy Shyshko. Petro Magro. Panas Tytenko and Leonid Kudryaytsey.


32 3o (ireat King Street. 557 35()(). Treasures from Venice: Venetian Silk l'ntil Sun 28 Mar. A selection of Venetian Silk (XVII XVIII century) frotn the Sartirana (‘ollection

A programme of free lectures and workshops accompanies the exhibition

For details visit www.g|asgowmuseumsxom

Turner. Il‘l‘ lnlrx Stunt ape". I'M! been organized by the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Williamstown. Massachusetts.

and Manchester City Galleries.

Van Tromp Going about to Please His Masters. Ships 3 Sea, Getting a Good Wetting, 1844 (detail) tithe J Paul Getty Museum. los Angeles

listings Art

Jacqueline Orr Until Sun 28 Mar. New paintings of Venice.


34 Abercromby Place. 558 ‘)872. Mon l"ri l()am 6pm; Sat l()am: 4pm. Victor Pasmore (1908-1998) I'ntil Tue 30 Mar. A selection of etchings. lithographs and screenprints by Victor Pasmore.


() (‘arlton Terrace. 556 444 1. Tue Sat l()am 5pm.

0 Thomas Joshua Cooper - Rock Water Wood Thu 18 Mar Sat 8 May. New photographic works by one of the most celebrated landscape photographers. Thomas Joshua Cooper. lising an antique field camera. he pinpoints a location on a map. tracks it down and then photographs it. This new body of painterly. verging on abstract. images includes pictures of the source of the River North lisk. the Hudson River and the source stream of the Forth as it spills into Loch (‘hon iii the Ti'thsttc‘hs. See preview and Ilitlist.



4 6 North Bank Street. The Mound. 226 4807. Mon Sat l()am (rpm; Sun

noon 4pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed l4 Apr. Paintings by Janet Christie. Ross l-‘lemington and Jacqueline lliggs. tnetalwork by Aldona Juska and ceramics by Karen MacDonald.


65 The Shore. I.eith. 553 5255. Tue Fri 1 lam 5pm; Sat llam 4pm.

TWO Years On t'ntil Sat 20 Mar. The best of last year's New l‘aces exhibition featuring Jonathan Brown. Ben l)ayis Jenkins and Helen Kilyington.

é See Tu rner‘ ' at the I.


2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G43 fAT

Phone 0141 287 2550

Free admission, wheelchair access, cafe, restaurant, gift shop, free daily guided tours of the museum.

Open daily 10 am. - 5 pm. except Friday and Sunday 11 em. - 5 pm.

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