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Bang! The theme for this year’s Science Festival is experiment - get dabbling and blow away any ideas you had about stuffy old science . . .

I Eyes on the Skies Look up I Mission Mars Robot

at the stars from the Starlab Workshop Ages 9+ . Logo's Planetarium, check out the come a long way from the early comet-making demonstrations. days of simple choppers. ioday handle real life meteorites or try you can program your logo your luck at spotting sun spots. robot in a rescue mission.

it I Dr Bunhead’s Exploding I Science and Society at Kitchen Show Ages 7 4. the Movies A chance to watch Eiveryone's favourite mad the delicious [than I lawke in scientist returns with more _ __ (jattaca. before discussing the highly educational explosions. ' _ ideas behind this science-fiction teaturing his world famous fruit. thriller with a panel of experts. ‘r'l I Dastardly Dinosaurs: I Vets ER Ages 8 9 . Become a Face Masks and Finger vet and help save this special Puppets Become one of these Dalmatian listen to hrs heart great creatures as you make a and check he's still breathrng. face mask or finger puppet and put your creature to the test. 442-:

I Flowers By Night Take part I Up Yer Hooter Ages 5 i .

in a magical mystery tour of the ()Iamber‘ inside a giant nostril.

Botanics with night stories. past the bogey and into a lung

exotic scents and urban but beware the serial smoker.

adventures. Dastardly i ag.

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