Krauss. He has been the bass player on several of the guitarists releases since the ground- breaking Nashville (1995). and the approach here is very reminiscent of Frisell's ventures into ia7z- iiieets-off-kilter-country territory. The guitarist's own contributions are very prominent in the music. along with those of dobro (and lap steeli maestro Jerry Douglas. Krauss' famous sister. singer Alison Krauss. also chips in With a couple of vocals. The bassist is probably best known for his work with Lyle Lovett. but has played with artists as diverse as John Fogerty and Martin Taylor. and holds his own in any company.

(Kenny Mathiesoni


THE SILVER PILL From Our Cold Dead Hands

(Amity) COO.

Anger is an energy they say. and here are the Silver Pill to prove it. This mini—album debut from Edinburgh's post-punk.

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‘1' .rre‘,‘ 'I‘ § ~ .. t «.1!

space rock loons is produced by Gordon "The Strokes' Raphael. and is a rampaging and disorientating romp of a modern rock record. From the first bars of opener ‘Hunt and Kill All Boy Bands'. this record positively seethes with vitriolic power. but never lets its ferocity affect its focus. Tracks like the aforementioned opener and ‘This is a Lesson' are wired little gems. while ‘Motorcade' proves the Pill can do epic with the best of 'em. A splendid start from a cracking band. (Doug Johnstone)



(Offbeat Scotland) 0...

Another strong outing from an artist who has flirted with bigger things

at various points in his career. but —- for a variety of reasons never quite made the final push. Tam is habitually described as a blues singer, and while he has that in his locker beyond any argument, it is far from alone there rock, R88. funk. cOuntry and jazz all play a part in the totality of his style. His voice has mellowed nicely over the years. and has lost none of its expressive qualities in the process. Ho/d On is also a powerful reminder of his strengths as a songwriter. which is how this disc came about in the first place. when film producer Norman Stone decided to make a movie based on the album's last track. ‘lvlan Dancin'.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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The long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed Droma Tapes . Guests include Al Perkins, Will Kimbrough and Karine Polwart

Available now from leading Hzord storeé


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'- THE LIST 107