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New art mag for Scotland

s The List the only publication tltat thinks the Scottish Arts ('ouncil is worth a damn? It‘s certainly the impression you’d gaitt by looking at recent headlines. From culture minister Frank McAveety‘s announcement of a review of cultural policy (and. by implication. of the S.-\(‘ at the sante time). to the acerbic announcements that writers want to ditclt it. and most recently tlte lukewarm coverage of its flagship. the (‘reative Scotland Awards. the :\t‘ls Council must be wondering where the next attack will come from.

We‘re not pretending that the SAC is perfect. liar front it. But on the whole it manages to do a decent job of sharing out less than enough tnoney to more than enough worthy recipients. lf lirank McAveety is planning to replace the SAC. we’ll be the first to raise the alarm.

We feel so strongly about it that we‘re even going to get into bed with them. After 18 years of independent publishing. refusing to ask for arty public money to do its work. the company that publishes The List is about to launch a new sister title dedicated to visual an and grant-funded by the SAC. Thanks to this three-year grant. the new quarterly magazine will be able to take art in- depth look at an that is really making a difference itt Scotland. We don‘t just

mean art/rum Scotland. although the tnagazine will surely contain its sltare of

that: but ideas from all over the world that are influencing the way our artists work. From Douglas Gordon to Rachel Whiteread. and from Rosalind Nashashibi to Bruce Naumatt. the new magazine will champion art from Scotland in a properly global context.

It's not only the SAC that gets a raw deal: Scotland‘s best artists receive wider recognition abroad titan they do here. The magazine will redress that balance. championing great art wherever it‘s on show: attd discussing ideas from film. music. literature and politics which are influencing artists' work.

The magazine will have a compact format (similar to (i/unmur magazine itt size) and ads for the post of editor will appear in The List (and onlitte as well as in The Guardian. And of course the editorial content will be fiercely independent.



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I EBT Champions/tips. Meadow/bank Stadium in Edinburgh. Call Olfil (ib‘l 535/ for deity/s.

10 THE LIST 1—15 Apr 2004

1 Capturing the Friedmans Film Andrew Jarecki’s remarkably painful documentary tells of a camera—obsessed suburban New Jersey family who are torn apart when the patriarch is accused of child abuse. See feature and Film, pages 14 and 22. Fi/mhouse, Edinburgh.

2 Lucian Freud

Art This show gives us rarely seen etchings by one of the world’s most celebrated artists in the first UK museum retrospective devoted to his output as a printmaker. See Art, page 86. National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.

3 DJ Hell

Clubs Four hours of no-nonsense rawness from one of clubland’s true innovators. Techno, electro and punk are categories too confined to encapsulate his Let’s Fucking Rock tour. See feature. page 12. Arches, Glasgow; Venue, Edinburgh.

4 Edinburgh International Science Festival

City Life/Kids Edinburgh becomes a melting pot of experiments, explosions and investigations into the wonderful world of science for two whole weeks. See City Life and Kids, page 101. Various venues, Edinburgh.

5 Blue Velvet

DVD David Lynch's 1986 classic of smalltown American going horribly weird gets the DVD treatment with extra documentaries and analyses. See Video & DVD, page 110. Sanctuary.

6 N*E*R*D

Records The world’s biggest production team knock out a second scattergun collection of rarefied poprockfunksoul which is both weird and wonderful. See Records. page 107. Virgin.

7 Battlefield: Vietnam

Games Online gaming finally gets a reason to be proud of itself in this multi-faceted war sim in which the roles of tank commander, helicopter pilot or sniper all need to be filled. See Games, page 109. Electronic Arts, PC.

8 Snow Patrol

Music Their transformation from indie also- rans to mainstream rock heroes starts here and they celebrate, in suitably perverse style, with a couple of island hoe-downs. See Music. page 43. Brodick Town Hall, Arran.

9 Monster

Film This feature tells the sad, pathetic and remarkably brutal story of Florida female serial killer Aileen Wuornos, portrayed to Oscar-winning effect by Charlize Theron. See Film, page 23. General release.

1 0 Helen Walsh

Books The latest literary enfant terrible delivers with Brass. a tough talking and hard- hitting expose of the seedier side of this sceptred isle. See Books, page 104. Canongate.