I Double room in spacious (‘oinley Bank Ilat. sharing with 2 others. stiit n/s young profes- sional. £214 pm + ("1' + hills. Tel: 0131 332 2802.

I Good size double hed- rooin. in funky central flat in Viewforlh. ideal for fun-loving. otitgoitig professional. to share with another ol' the same. Tel: 01700004313 or013l 477 4892.

I Southside. Friendly sociable flat mate to share will] 2 others. All mod cons. (i('ll. n/s. would stiit profes- sional. long term preferred. £250 pcm + ("1' + hills + 1 month deposit. Tel: 0131 ()(i2 118‘) (Kirstie).

I Double room to let I’orester l’ark (‘ostorphine. 3 miles west l'rom city cen- tre. near (iyle airport. £350 pctn + hills + deposit. Tel: 0131 33‘) 7I‘)5 or 07775 341 250.

I Double room in bright. recently decorated Bruntslield flat. to share with I other. stiit n/s professional. As'ailahle frotn mid April. £275 pcm + ("1' + hills. Tel: 01 31 22‘) 3025.

I Very large double room in peaceful. friendly flat. Meatlow'hank. os'et'looks Queens I’arks. Single person. £230 pcm. cotiple £200 pcm. l.ow hills + ("11 Tel: 0788‘) ‘)I3 485.

I Central very comfort- able room in quality house. stiit discerning n/s. iiitist see. £295 pcm + hills. Tel: 07754 764562.

I Newtown double room, would stiit ii/s profes- sional. sharing with 4 others. £275 pcm + deposit. Tel: 07884 I I l 840.

I Large sunny double room iii West lind flat. as‘ailahle now until end August. £243 pcm + ("1' + hills + deposit. Tel: 01 31 22o () l 3 l.

I Room available in spa- cious farm cottage with garden. near lleriotwat tllllVel'slt} at edge of city. good puhlic trans- port into cit). 15 minutes h_\ train. peace & quiet. £l‘)0 pcm. including ("11 Tel: 0131 44‘) ()(l2l.

I Bright double room to let. sharing with 1 female. Stiit mature student/young professional. no couples. All tiiod cons. close to bits routes. £250 pcm. 'l'el: 07‘)70 200 950.

I Professional female to share n/s l’olwarth flat with 1 other. Double room £230 pcm + ("l' + hills. Tel: ()1 3| 22l 9796 or ()787‘) 826 I01.

I Furnished room to rent in attractive West lind hasement flat with patio. share with female. professional 25— 35 preferred. £420 pcm inclu— si\'e + deposit. Tel: 07753 700 74 l.

I Bruntsfield. Very large douhle room in spacious. ltl.\'tl- rious flat for professional. all mod cons. £270 pcm + hills. Tel: 07740583 ‘)I5.

124 THE LIST I 12') Apr 2004

I Double room in quiet. friendl} l.eilli llat asailahle for li/s pl‘olessional/post grad female. sharing with I other. Separate lounge. all mod cons. £275 pcm inclusive. 'l'el: 07‘)7I llll 590.

I Double room in t’rieiitlh llal asailahle for ii/s from April. sharing with 2 others. £215 + deposit + hills + ("II Tel: 0131 3322 802.

I Huge double room in lo\'el_\‘ l.eith llat. Wooden llooi‘s. (i(‘ll. pow er shower. cahle 'I'Y. Stiit professional female. sharing with 2 other females ck cat. ’l‘el: 07‘)l‘) I31 82‘) or ()1 31 .554 4186.

I Large double & 1 sin- gle in light. spacious l.eith flat. (it!) friendl) students pre- ferred. All mod cons. sharing willt 1 other. £200/£245 pin. 'lel: ()7‘)3l Will (\(18.

I Canonmills / Stockbridge. Large stlllll) room in quiet garden flat. shar- ing with 1 other. 2 hedrooms 2 hathrooms would stiit mature professional. £300 pcm + hills + deposit. including ("l'. 'l'el: 0131 55o ‘)58l (answering machine).

I Newtown room avail- able in central flat with mod- ern kitchen. (i('ll. W.\I & drier. £240 petii + hills. 'l'el: 07‘)32 784 I25.

I Double room in large. friendI) (ioldenact‘e flat near Britannics. all mod cons. (i('ll. parking. stiit professional. availahle now. £220 pctit + ("1. Tel: 0131 552 5817 or 07‘)57 405 257.

I Wanted, n/s female for large room iii flat in l.eith. Suit professitiiial/inattire student. £275 pcm all inclusise. Tel: 0131 5555 ‘)54.

I Central large room with enstiite hathrootii. for siti— gle person in shared flat. ('lean. spacious. heatitiful location. £330 pctii + hills. Tel: 0131 220 l lo7.

I 2 large rooms in spa- cious flat near 'I‘ollcross to let from April 1st. £245 pcm + ("l‘ + hills. Tel: 0131 228 8341.

I Tea rooms in gorgeous newl) furnished New Town flat with garden. to share with 1 male. wooden floor. all mod cons. Looking for post gt‘adti- ate. mature. n/s student. £300 pcm + hills. Tel: 0131 55o ‘)53. .

I Newtovvn, double room in full} furnished top floor Ilal. all titod cons. a\ail- ahle now. £330 pcm. 'l‘el: 07‘)(i8 023 780 after (ipni.

I Double room in bright spacious liaster road flat. shar— ing with tnale. Suit eas} going n/s professional. £260 + deposit + hills. 'lel: 07032 032 620.

I Good sized double room to rent situated in quiet central location in l.eith. stiperh. clean fully furnished flat with all mod cons. close to tnain htis routes. restau~ rants atid ptihs. free parking. £280 pcm + Bills. 'l'el: 0773o 047 440 ()r 0131 476 5137.




I l’etite woman 45. artist/ musician eii_io_\s dancing. hon- lires. countr) side and li\e music. W1I1‘.\I positi\ e happ} man. (Box .\'o: l’/4‘)I/4l


I 40s male, artist, seeks woman who seeks pleasure without attainment. passion without hounds. ahandon w illi- out feai‘. (Ros No: l’/4‘)l/2l

I Shy Edinburgh male, 2‘) 5'0” likes ptllis. occasional cluhhing. cinema. ('ross dresser. W1.'1‘.\1 understanding female 24-34 for ftiii tk friendship + tllos no: l’/4‘)l/5l


I Creative swimmer (male) w ith gorgeous smile. requires partner to s_\l1L‘l'ol1lsL‘ with. likes puhlic school l)t)_\s under 45 with (iS()ll. tllos No: l’/4‘)l/l l

SEEKING FRIENDS I Edinburgh female 42,

seeks to meet those of sitllilal‘ interests to attend ja/l and hlues gigs. tlios .\'o: l’/4‘)1/3i


V I saw you attempting hotly-coiiihat tno\es all o\'er (ilasgow. Watch sourself doll. )ou‘re going to hurt someone hesides )otirself one da_\. l’..\l.'l'.l.A.\\'.ll .s t'/4‘)I/l

V I saw you at 'l'heaire Rtwal on ‘)th March at the (ieorge I’iper Dances. I know )ottt' name's Jarkko. some with Scottish Ballet. lost nerse to chat )titl up! Ash t'/4‘)l/2

V I saw you ser\ iiig tiie in I’apingo's. with red streaks in sour hair. I' spat on me as )00 asked for in} order. ('an I he in .‘otit‘ 'hroiecl"? l’lease. t'/4‘)l/3 V I saw you. It was like lise art. Yoti were making a cake. (’an I has e in) cake and eat it'.’ You're too sweet to resist. l'/4‘)l/4

V I saw you He} .\lelhourne (iirll t'/4‘)l/5

V I saw you at King This on Stinda}. We talked and listened to the music. I realls want to gel to know ti hetter helore ti go hack down under. Please get in touch? l-/-I()l/(I

V I saw you (a the Weakerlhans show at the (iarage iii London. Yoti were at the front singing along. You were lit. ('all me. l'/4‘)I/7

V I saw you llal'l‘) Potter and Ron. ('an I he lleriiiione'.’ Whisk me awa} on _\our .\'imhus 2000. I)on't tise sour parcel tongue on me. l'/4‘)I/8 V I saw you _\oti peed in a hucketlll M) friends will neser forget? l'/4‘)I/‘)

V I saw you in the Note acoustic thing. (iraliani l’ - gee/ a feel. l‘roin sour worst night- mare \. t'/4‘)l/I0

V I saw you sitting down looking at 111} ses} ass. So I said do _\oti want me and son said that's that stripper n then ti said look me. l'/4‘)l/ll

V I saw you \‘ietoi- from Still (iame pushing a pram down ll}l'es Road. l'iii telling lsa low .\'a\ id. l'/4‘)l/l2

V I saw you the (ilasgow BarfI} working hehind the bar on the liolida} plan show. You had the hlack 'I'-shirt with the X on. l'r l‘l'l'll? t'/4‘)|/l3

V I saw you huh). .\l_\ ai‘se is hetter than _\otll's. But lieli sou know that. l.o\'e ti. l-‘ore\ er l.olt. ll/4‘)l/l4

V I saw you gi'iI/l} hear in the Barfl) tk in 01' hedl You said ti'd rather he a squirrel htit ti don't want 2 he eatin' nut/ now do )ou‘.’ X. t'/4‘)I/l5

V I saw you 1 ant here with a heautiftil woman. I ha\ e known for l7 )eal's she is set} kind. gen- el‘otls and considerate. l'/4‘)l/l(i V I saw you kitten eltops. You don't e\ en realise how fan- tastic son are. So here it is. You're a star. [on [on we need _\t)ll. l'/4‘)l/I7

V I saw you ses) Alan in the hat‘. l,o\ e the shared head look. can 1 stroke it some time'.’ You light tip in} coffee cups? l'/4‘)I/I8 V I saw you 13th .\‘ote Dan I) AKA Dingle hells AKA Dan the man the ('eltic fan. You need a haircut. Michelle Scissorhands. l'/4‘) I/I‘)

V I saw you (itiillame )oti mmmmaniac SIII'I' l'l'fl

V I saw you ruining it for L‘\L‘l'}t)llL‘ behind the hat in the Stand - )otl make pain _\otit' possession. l./4‘)l/2ll

V I saw you da do ron ron shaking tip lisers + piiiapple. ('an I lia\e ice'.’ l'/4‘)l/2l

V I saw you Jim. We're )otl'l'e llitc‘lles. ttl\\tl_\s ltere. alwa}s eager - lo\ e ti. Bah}. 'I'ron hitches. t'/4‘)l/22

V I saw you Nool'}. see _\otl in Paris. at the 1.oti\re. Looking for hushands. l.o\e (iiorgio. l'/4‘)I/23 V I saw you _\otl bastion of 70's sole leaning c‘tlsllall} on the har. in the Iron on Saturda} the l3ll1. You were Kate J. effort- lessl} liglititig tip the room with sour S3000 smile. l'/4‘)I/24

V I saw you ('ai‘ol}n R heiiig hored to tears at 'l"uts last Sat. You pltis me equals noo— dle/plate theft soonlf ll/4lll/25 V I saw you l)a\e looking S() hot. I would St) pull son in that outlit lo\ e the stllll'_\ .\lc('ami \s. l'/4‘)I/2(i

V I saw you Sophie .\l shakin' that ass! Yoti se\_\ thang (‘I st} le and stihstance lslss kiss kiss. t'/4‘)1/27

V I saw you the gorgeous ginger celehrating her 27th hirthda). Yoti w ill make a heati- tiftil hridesmaid one da). X. li/4‘)l/28

V I saw you 'l‘ron hos office. Sa/la » sorr} _\ou'\e left. We all lose sou loads - from the hos oflice possel l'/-l‘)l/2‘)

V I saw you at the Sluts of Trust gig at llai'fI). hill the new iinpros ed Sleti/s's is much het~ ter N we should has e heeti there? I '/4‘) 1/30

V I saw you (il‘anl in |)tiiiferniline stop reading this and go find a sex} woman if _\oti can?! l'/4‘)I/3I V I saw you Mr litl meets the tnarker pen? Did it ha\ e ftiii Kat loser? \Ye tlitll l.o\e _\oiil X. l",\en with ur I armed stock- ing sweetheart. l'/4l)l/32 V I saw you drinking in l)l'ootllles. Dundee. ..Yer a line lookin' looii .\Icl.eanl I.u\ Roslieell. II/J‘H/f‘.‘ V I saw you working hehind the har at King 'l‘uts. l)o _\ou w ant to get ~iigg} Wiggy.’ l'/4‘)1/34 V I saw you sex} thingl...\\'ith _\otir heatitiful hlonde hair and sour cheek} smile. I had hltie patterned jumper. hlack hair. t'/4‘)I/35 V I saw you ('i'aig ll )oti se\_\ haslard. 1 line _\oti is alwa_\s will. Lots of line )er fiancee l.eigh. l./4‘)l/3(i V I saw you gu} with green 'l'-shirt on. sat alone ts a while. slia\ ed head. .\light work here. l'/4‘)l/37 V I saw you se\ god adonis on the clockwork orange. Take off sour headphones sometime tk slllile. Hail to Adidas N lltii‘herr}. l'/4‘)l/38 V I saw you on l'crgus l)i'i\e sa wee slink} )al Xss. ('lark K from Kent Rd. l'/4‘)I/3‘) V I saw you \londa} 15 March. 131 engineer with \an outside Wagamamas. You - long hair. jeans + tool ho\. t's iii Wagamaina eating and enjoying the \ iewl l'/4‘)l/4(l V I saw you cute Irish girl ((1 ()wsle} Sunshine gig 7th March Barfl}. Yoti - hlack hair. wild e}es. I74” I /—II V I saw you Ben sou se\_\ sttid muffin? Ruhh} lo\es _\ou tool Hats for downs la la la la la -|a-la. l.o\e )oll. .\\\. t'/4‘)I/42 V I saw you Kels in the stal- lion at e\ i1! l.ookiii' mean n'meaningful! Want to hook tip w ith an angel - winged p\ c clad I—‘odess'.’ X. t'/4‘)l/43 V I saw you in Ilamhoo. You were at m} lirst gig in l)uiiifries & are at (ilasgow tllll. Hope to see )0“ again? l'/4‘)1/44 V I saw you se\_\ hos! l.ookin all hot tk hothered in ur hlack (‘arling tee? l‘ r a se\_\ _\oung man? Your accent makes Ill) legs go weak! I'/4‘)l/45 V I saw you hlue L‘}L‘tl hlonde l'nion St l'opp ho} looking forlorn and alone. Your pain is m) salsation. ('ome and he a lion iii in_\ den. from Sweet Sisleenl [749 NM) V I saw you in [his train. ()li\et‘. l'/-I‘)l/47 V I saw you haw hag work- ing in Slea/s's. llope sou weren't in a huff? l,o\c )ou'.’ l‘/4‘)1/48


V I saw you in the (‘anth Baron Sattirda) night it was sour mates 30th...l pinched sour htiiii to _\our delight. You had nice teeth. I left and came hack. drinking champagne out— side...\oti got on sour knees for

me. t"/4‘)l/4‘)