0 I saw you _\e\terda) tSat Ill-()R-li-li waiting lot" the In? Yott got on with the - and littxt eottldn't keep m} e) ex au'a} lrotn you? Yott - lantastie Redder ol‘ the red hair. huge jewels on your lingerx. reading a :Jallel'} inlo hooklet and t'atli— ating the hext \ ihe all m er the [up thL‘IxL‘t‘ til tlte ll)? .\IL‘ - lillxel‘ .iaeket \illittg tleat‘ )titt? lane to ha\ e axked your name? l.o\ e to litttl ottt m et‘ a eollee or \UIIIL‘- thing? You're great? II [WWI/50 V I saw you on the ntttnher S hu\ on Sun lJ-(t‘s-(H. Yott - short hlond hair. .\'ir\ana \hirt and oh so \e\} hootx? .\le - little hair. (II'L‘\\L‘tl in all hlaek \\ ith leather hiket‘ ~iaeket. Yott got oll at Morningxide - and ana} lt'om Ill} \ieu lore\ er? All I wanted to do I\ \a_\ "hi"??? lane} a drink \otnetiine‘.’ .\'II l'/-l‘)l/5I V I saw you \at‘eaxtie. hilari— oux Irish girl \elling tne tieketx to Yoi‘kxhit‘e at Wmet‘le) Station. ‘l‘titik lliL‘ [V‘sx ()lll til ttte and made me smile. don't knott )ott htit thankx. [HUI/52 V I saw you Yiek). on the plane lrom Ileathroxt. l4th Mareh. We ehatted on the httx to Iidinhurgh. and )ott l'axeinat- ed me. I'd lo\ e to eliat some more. [WWI/53

V I saw you hahe \\ ith )otn' laee paek and a late night ettrr) ltl (ilaxgou man} tttooth ago. You're the I‘ilth} and (itil'gt‘tillx one \\ ho tll'l\L‘\ tne et'a/_\. l'/-l‘)l/54

V I saw you in list lpx}t‘lttt dramat. l)undee ix luck} and I'm luekier. (‘ome to ()rkne} and marry me eox I l.l‘l-'(' )ott. m_\ groatie httekie ho}. [HUI/55 V I saw you drinking \odd} redhull \\\iltl.\ will} you tiger I'/-l‘)I/5(i

V I saw you - (‘it_\ (‘al'e Saturday 13th .\lareh. You

\ha\ ed head and hright green J':\dore 'Ii-xhirt. ttie at the har erextlallen tltat you \\ ere leax - ltlg \U Cttt‘l}. li/J") l/57

V I saw you prett) hlond girl \\ llll tt L‘lllL‘ aeeent ltt .v\l'ill Inuk— itig lor a prolexxor on 32/3. Sorr} I didn't know tlte natne? lane} a eollee lt'om the maehine next time'.’ [HUI/58 V I saw you in ('aharet Voltaire at the etid ol lieh. We had our pieture takett and I \\;I\ meant to we )Utl there again on the 30th. Sorry I eouldn't tnake it. lane} trying again'.".’ [HUI/5‘) V I saw you. I'ii \Yttllttt‘e Uh yeah hah). I l()\ e it when you do that et‘aI} tlting “till your lipx. You are lreakin Imely and I \\;llll you datntnit? I' want mel’i’ erg} hh} \\ Il-IUI/(ill

V I saw you .\la p'tite Mari. I haxen't \een _\otl lor qttite a while httt l'ortunatel} I'll he \ee— ing _\ott prett} \oon. .\lega lettl en perxpeetix e pour leter toti

anni...? (iet read) ttta loulotttte??? Je t'emhraxse trex lort? 'l'a loulottte. I'/—I‘)l/(il

O I saw you Laurenee. in I)elmoniea\ oti St l’atriekx .\'ight. lose the gu} in the \hirt and eome stay with me iti Iidinhurgh. l-"ront the Irish guy in glaxxex. [HUI/()2 0 I saw you at the ‘I‘rmerxe.\ go to the ‘l‘raxerxe. it'\ really ttiee there. We eould get a hoollt'.’ [WWI/()3

O I saw you 'l'rax hatlger. hadgering aua}. .\'e\ er gix e up on the 'lt'o. [WWI/()4

V I saw you at the 'l‘raxetxe Bar ('ale e\perienee. just “on— tlei'ittg...lla\ e _\e no got an} ill III()\L‘ \\ ee lflxt‘ltilx'.’ [7491/65 V I saw you atid would like to see you again dexpite _\ott lk‘lllg tt \litie thiel?? Il/JQI/(il) V I saw you in hall iii in} magie show You're the hext il\\l\l;tlll around. Ke\ itt WWI/()7 V I saw you lunk) ('anadian redhead in Baroque. l.e\\ \\til'I\- ing late and more drinks required? [HUI/(ix

V I saw you in Joe} l) elolhex \ltop on Broughton Street. I named to \a} ltello htit time slipped h). Yott \tniled ax )ott lel't the \hop and I ha\ e a lree/e l'rame ol it in in} head. l'/~l‘ll/(i‘) V I saw you at Munro l’laee. looking so line. _\oti \touldn't \peak to tne tyou ltixl _\our wheel. I \\ ant to eo\et' you ll] lair) lightx and paint )0“ red. We IU\L‘ )titt?? [WWI/7U

V I saw you Iiuan .\le(iregor. sitting at the end ol the har in Baroque. Yott look so ettte in _\our “aisleoat; \hame ahottt your hlonde girl. do women real- I} \tlll\l_\ _\ou'.’ X l'/—l‘)l/7l

V I saw you hehind the 'l'ra\et\e har. I)ark \hirt. dark

hair. niee e} ex. lane} a drink oil-duty? You he III} heaxt. I he )‘ottt' heatit}. l'/-l‘)l/72

V I saw you selling \eg at the Iidinhurgh l-‘armerx Market. You are a niee. \L‘l’llll}. hand- \tillIL‘ lad. I‘ane} \eeing me tnore than t\\ iee a tnontlt‘.’ I’rom a niee \L‘l‘llll) girl. [WWI/73

0 I saw you while Iieking your laee in ('ahei'et Voltaire I;th month. No“ it's )ottt' turn to eotne Iiek mine? l'/-l‘)l/7-I

V I saw you Rttxxell. looking dattm line in (‘it_\ ('ale Sat I3 .\Iat'eh. \Ye loeked. \\ e talked. let's toueh? See you ne\t ‘lttextla_\? [WWI/75

V I saw you l’oke at the Tim poking il\\;l). l’oke doesn't get it. :\h \\li\ \xtit't'ied? l‘/~l‘)l/I

V I saw you ktektng ahotit on l’rtnee\ Street. looking all ont and untmaginatne. I)id )titt knou \\ here )ou \\ ere going’.’ Iltnmmm...eotn- hatx )ou \a} 1‘ And} \ [Huh]

0 I saw you one taxte. l \a\\ )ou reading Ken \\'ilher...are you in Iidinhurgh'.’ Want to start a hook eluh and talk auarenexx'.’ l'/-l‘)l/l O I saw you Ulll\ltlL‘ Kiltg'x 'l'heatre lidinhurgh. alter J(’ Superstar. Yott gothie-looking. smoking. utterl} Imel}. You smiled at me. \\;l\ it _lll\l pit}'.’? I \\tt\ da//led guy \\ ith long hair. l)rink‘.’ l'/4‘)l/l

V I saw you |)erreg|t at ('eroe. 'litleula} \. SI. Stephenx. IIUPL‘ I \pelled )our name right? Net er ha\ e the ehanee to ehat. )ou're aluayx daneing \\ hen I'm not atid \ tee \L‘l'\tl...\\tlllltl |o\ e to htt} _\otl a L‘lililiL'L‘ \UIIIL‘lllllL‘ and tll\- L‘ll\\ all those moxex. I'/~I‘)I/|

V I saw you Mi“ IllliL‘\ ot' the line \lttiex. llapping and l'alling this morning.\ get \quill'}... I'/-l‘)l/I

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