The Carpenter’s Pencil ( )5) (Anton Rcixa. Spain. 2002) ltlotnin. Based on the best-selling novel by Gal/(flea author Manuel Rivas. thc (‘ivil War provides the backdrop for this rotnantic dratna. When Daniel. a politically active young doctor. is arrested for his beliefs. his fiancee. Marisa. dedicates herself to securing her beloved's frecdotn. GI-"II Glasgow.

The Cat in the Hat (PU) oo

(Bo \Vclch. ('5. 3003) Mike Myers. Alec Baldwin. Kelly Preston. Dakota Fanning. Spencer Breslin. 82min. American classic perverted and robbed of any charm. Mike Myers‘ golden touch tnay have just come to an end. .Mind you this did pretty well in the States. but there is of course no accounting for public taste. See review. page 25. (it'ltt'l‘ul I't'l('(1.\('.

Charlie ( 18) (Malcoltn Needs. 17K. 2004) Luke (inss. Steven Berkoff. l.eslic Grantham. Anita l)obson. Marius Weyers. Nicole Sherwin.\\'cll received film biopic of (‘hat'lie Richardson. the Kray twins' sometime right hand man and business associate of the omnipresent Mad Frankie lira/er. Made on a low budget by the director of last year's .S‘hon'diu'h. this tnay be a British period gangland flick worth checking out despite some very bizarre casting. SU/(W‘ll'd I't'lt'tm'.

Cheaper By the Dozen (PG)

0. (Shawn Levy. IS. 2003) Steve Martin. Bonnie Ilunt. I’ipcr l’crabo. Tom Welling. llilary I)uf. ()7min. Tom Baker (Martin) is a football coach who finds himself moving to a big-name job in ('hicago while trying to keep his huge family under control w hcn his author wife Kate (Bonnie Hunt) has to go on an unexpected book tour. Another dull. harassed dad comedy from Martin. remade frotn a 1950 ('Iifton Webb vehicle. Sr'lt'vlt’d I't‘l(‘(l.\('.

Chill Out! (Descongelate!) (15) (I)unia Ayaso. Iiclix Sabroso. Spain. 2003) I’cpon .\'icto. ('andcla I’ct'ia. I.olcs Leon. ‘)7min. A quirky and over-the-top black cotnedy about an oddball performer whose luck seems to finally head upwards when he‘s offered a starring role by a trendy director. But when the filmmaker dies suddenly. the performcr‘s wife comes up with a bizarre and drastic plan as a desperate attempt to save the deal. ('( 'xl. Glasgow; l'i/mhouu'. Edinburgh. Chinese Honeymoon (tbc) (Xu Shujun. I'K. 2002) 22min. Part of the lilcctric Shadows British ('hint'st' Shorts Session. it tells the story of how a former

. it . From The

Red (iuard member copes with his shift frotn revolutionary musician to being a manual worker in London and his search for a new wife in China. (,'G(‘ Ron/ray .S’Irr’t't. (iluxgou‘.

Comizi D’Amore ( IS) (I’ier l’aolo I’asoIini. Italy. I904) ()2min. The title for Italian director I’aolo I’asolini‘s racy documentary translates to ‘A soapbox for sex'. which makes it unsurprising that the film is based entirely around l’asolini‘s interviews with Italians around the country about their opinions on sex. While people are often reluctant to disclose truthful opinions. tnany seem to be firm in their views. I’asolitti’s own commentary is occasionally interrupted by psychological analyses that qualify his ultimate stance that Italians are hugely

conformist in their attittides to sex. Part of

the I’asolini season. Eilmhous't'. Edinburgh.

The Cremaster Cycle: Part Three ( IS) 0... (Matthew Barney. IS. 2002) Richard Serra. Matthew Barney. Aimee Mullins, Paul Brady. 'I‘erry Gillespie. I7()min. This is the key film in this diviner mad series of installation films: part gangster film. part Zombie pic. ('rwnasu'r .i’ explains as tnuch as it hides. A masterpiece of a kind. (TA. Glasgow. Cyberworld 3D (PG) (Various. (78. 2000) Jenna lilfman. Matt lircwer. Woody Allen. 44min. Jenna Iilfman is the cyber- host who introduces us to various unrelated segments of cyber animation. The Simpsons and slntz. tnake 3I) appearances in a spectacular display of today‘s most impressive graphic technology. MIAX, Glasgow.

Dawn of the Dead ( I8) oooo (Zack Synder. IS. 2004) Sarah l’oIIey. Ving Rhames. Jake Weber. Retnakc of (icorgc Romeo's I978 zombie classic. scripted by James (ittnn (who graduated from trash film factory 'I'roma to also write Scoova Duo and its sequel). The plot remains the same: when North America is overrun by a plague of loltthics, a group of sttrvivors hole tip in a shopping maul where they're besieged by the flesh caters. The original was a wry commentary on the perils of tnodern day consumerism. See review. page 2().(}('n('r(ll I'(‘l(’(l.\'(’.

The Decameron (18) oooo (l’ier I’aolo l’asolini. Italy. 1972) Ninetto l)avoli. I’ranco (‘itti. I I lmin. Boccaccio, according to I’asolini. means visually extraordinary medieval production design

Wedding Singer to comedy clanger in 50 First

and much naked romping. Part of the I’asolini season. GE'I: Glasgow: Eibnhous‘r'. Edinburgh.

Die Hard ([8) D... (John Mc'l‘iernan. I'S. I988) Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman. Bonnie Bedelia. IBImin. Willis plays a cop who attends a tower block party with his estranged spouse. The building is raided by terrorists. so it's left to Willis to bump off the baddies and save the hostages while the police and FBI languish ineptly on the sidelines. linbearably tense actioner that gets good mileage out of yawning lift-shafts and flying bullets. while Willis is convincing as an ordinary guy trying to cope with it all. Watch out for Brit Rickman as a villain with a sense of humour. ()demt. Edinburgh.

Dinosaur (PG) ooo (liric Leighton. Ralph Zondag. [’S. 2000) Voices of: DB Sweeney. Julianna Margulies. Joan Plowright. 82min. This latest computer anitnated offering from Disney follows the journey of Aladar the iguanadon as he flees alone across the meteor-ravished wasteland of prehistoric liarth after being separated from his family. Initially. the excitement is contagious; the (‘GI scenes are so realistic it's not that hard to believe what you are watching could be real. Then tragedy strikes; the Ietnurs talk. And talk. Yet as the predictable and. ultimately. boring storyline of Dinosaur unfolds. that winning Disney formula is guaranteed to keep any dinosaur crazy four-year-old pinned to his or her seat without scaring them too much. North Edinburgh Arts

( 'entre. Edinburgh.

Dogville ( IS) 0.... (Lars Von Trier. I)enmark/chden/l:ranee/Norway/Netherl attds/l"inlatid/(}ermany/Italy/Japan/US/UK . 2002) Nicole Kidman. Harriet Andersson. Lauren Bacall. Jean-Marc Barr, Paul Bettany. 178mm. Von Trier‘s huge. beastly experiment in form. Shot on studio stage sets in homage to the BBC dramas of the (30s and 70s, [)0gl'llll’ tells the slowly disintegrating story of (irace (Kidman) an impoverished woman who stumbles into a small, isolated. turn of the century pioneer town to ask if the locals will take her in. Of course they‘re wary at first but (irace proves a tonic to all as she helps blind Jack McKay ((iazzara) around the house and baby-sits and cleans for the locals. A remarkable and unique achievement -- well worth the challenge of sitting through. (‘('A. Glasgow.


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