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Hawks and Sparrows (PC) em (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1966) Toto. Ninetto Davoli. Rossano Di Rocco. 88min. Vagabond father and son Toto and Davoli. deciding to emulate St Francis and talk to the fowl of the air. are accompanied on their trek across country by a left-wing intellectual crow and encounter a similarly quuacious cow in this unique parable of Italian life. continually caught between the twin poles of the Church and Marxism. Pan of the Pasolini season. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

High Society (U) oooo (Charles Walters. US. I956) Bing Crosby. Grace Kelly. Frank Sinatra. Celeste Holm. 107min. Classic musical entertainment from the MGM studios. in which a rich bitch plays hard to get with a string of suitors. The plot of Philadelphia Story goes out the window. but with stars like these. style is everything. Film/louse. Edinburgh. Honey (PG) 0. ( Bille Woodruff. US. 2003) Jessica Alba. Lil' Romeo. Mekhi Phifer. David Moscow. 93min. Honey (Alba) is a dance instructor who takes pity on a group of underprivileged breakdancing kids. The mean city inspectors want to close down the centre where Honey works but as fate would have it there is an empty church that can be taken over for a night to put on a show that will highlight the value of the centre to the community. Honey also has her own demons to overcome when she discovers that video producer Michael Ellis (Moscow) has an interest in some of her performing talents. but what is his real motivation? Pious. uninvolving against all the ghetto odds children‘s dance flick. It's enough to force the closure of every community street theatre for kids. General release.

The Hours (12A) oooo (Stephen Daldry. UK. 2003) Nicole Kidman. Julianne Moore. Meryl Streep. I l4min. The Hours takes Virginia Woolf‘s idea of a ‘woman‘s whole life in a single day' (see

Mrs Dalloway) and extends it to three women from three different time periods: Woolf herself (played by Kidman) circa I925. 50s LA housewife Laura Brown (Moore) and present day New York lesbian single mother. (‘Iarissa Vaughan (Streep). Using a series of common motifs to move effortlessly from narrative to narrative. it becomes clear that these very different individuals share the feeling they have been living their lives for someone else. Screenwriter David Hare (adapting Michael Cunningham‘s novel) and Daldry seamlesst blend the stories. and the performances are remarkable. Genuinely moving. Eilrnhouse. Edinburgh.

In Search of Locations for the Gospel According to St Matthew (tbc) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. [964) 54min. A documentary chronicling Pasolini‘s preparations and decisions that went into filming The Gospel Aeeording to St Matthew. his sincere and sober account of the life of Jesus. Originally intending to shoot his film in Israel. Pasolini travelled to Tel Aviv where he soon discovered the modern conditions would not suit. This is the account of how he came to choose Calabria. a poverty stricken province of Southern Italy. Part of the Pasolini season. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

lnterstella 5555 (PG) .0

(Kazuhisa Takenouchi. Japan. 2003) (38min. Animation Battle of the Planets homage seems to be the way to go for Daft Punk since their sales started dipping. This hour and a bit promo seems to hit all the wrong buttons but you have to admire them for trying to traverse the boundaries of self promotion. North Edinburgh Arts Centre. Edinburgh.

it’s All About Love (15) 0000 (Thomas Vinterberg.

US/Japan/Sweden/Lf K/ Denmark/Germany/NetherIands. 2003) Joaquin Phoenix. Claire Danes. Sean Penn. Douglas Henshall. 104mm. John (Joaquin

Phoenix) comes to New York in 202] to finalise his divorce with Iilena ((‘Iaire Danes) but their feelings for each other haven‘t entirely disappeared. This conceit is used by ex-Dogme director and writer Thomas Vinterberg to make a film that is more concerned with emotional resonance than formulaic Ilollywood storytelling. Futuristic. fantastical and whimsical. this is well worth catching. ('01. Glasgow. Ivansxtc ( 18) 0... (Bernard Rose. LS. 2002) Danny Huston. Peter Weller. Lisa Iinos. 92min. Inspired by the real-life suicide of former Hollywood talent agent wunderkind Jay Moloney. and by the Tolstoy novella The Death oflvan l/vieh. Ivansxte is a triumph for British director Bernard Rose. In the tradition of films like The Player. this is partly a venomous satire on Hollywood's spiritual bankruptcy. here personified by Weller‘s monstrous. sexually rapacious star. But superbly shot on digital video. It"(tlt.\'.l‘l(‘ is also an affecting study of an individual forced to confront his own mortality and the meaninglessness of his existence: the physically commanding Htiston is superb in the central role. conveying both his character‘s surface charm and burgeoning despair. I-ilmhouse. Edinburgh.

Johnny Belinda (PG) 0000 Negulesco. L'S. 19-48) Jane \N'yman. 10Imin. Powerful adaptation of lilmer Harris‘ play. in which Wyman‘s deaf mute girl lives with her father and resentful aunt on a bleak Nova Scotia farm. After the girl is raped by a local boy. a series of events lead to her being put on trial for murder. Happily. the staging isn‘t too theatrical. nor the proceedings too melodramatic. .S't Bride 's (’entre. Edinburgh.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (18) 00... (Quentin ’I‘arantino. [78. 2003) I'ma Thurman. David (‘arradine. Lucy l.iu. Daryl Hannah. \‘ivica A Fox. Michael Madsen. 1 10min. A long time in the coming. 'I‘arantino‘s two-part martial arts


sword lighting epic gets ofro a roaring rampaging start with Vol I. 'I‘arantino wears those influences on his sleeves: Chinese/Japanese martial arts flicks. blaxploitation and anime. Something of a departure from his previous films in that there is no smart era-defining dialogue here. just glorious. bloody. driven narrative. A must for anyone with a passion for the left field. low budget joys of people like Argento. Jodorowsky and any of the directors who came out of the Shaw Brothers sttidios in the 70s. .S'ter ('enturv. Edinburgh.

Kirikou and the Sorceress (t') .0. (Michel ()celot. lirance/BeIgium/I.uxembourg. 2003) Antoinette Kellerm. I-‘e/ele .\Ipeka. Kombisile Sangweni. 'I‘heo Sebeko. .\Iabutho ‘Kid' Sithole. 74min. 'I‘apping away from inside his mother's tummy. Kirikou wants to get on with life; he's impatient for it and so otit he pops. But crawling to the safety of mum's breast he learns the terrible truth. All his brothers and family have been eaten up by the evil Karaba. the village is decimated what are you going to do Kirikou'.’ l-‘ight her and rescue everyone. of course. Lovely little Kirikou go on lad. (‘harining animation. North Edinburgh Arts ( 'entre. Edinburgh. L’age d’or ( 18) (Luis Buituel. Spain. 1930) (i3min. Bunucl's essay on liros and civilisation in which two lovers are torn apart by the church and state. (il’ll Glasgow.

L.627 ( I5) (Bertrand 'I'avernicr. l’rance. l992) Didicr Be/acc. ('harlotte Kady. Lara (iuirao. l-loinin. 'l‘avernier‘s tough chronicle of a Parisian drug squad‘s dogged light against the tide of trafficking also hits out at the petty bureaucracy within the force that stops the cops from properly doing their job. (iritty and realistic. it's not a tnillion kilometres away from a sort of (iallic Hill Street Iiluesf. Edinburgh I'i/ni (iui/d. Edinburgh.

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