An expert in multi-media cat skinning

Tireless in his search for new music, film, art or technology, DAVID BYRNE has even found time to knock out a new album and go on tour. Ninian Dunnett investigates.

e tnay have been born in Dumbarton. btit there’s something about David Byrne‘s working life which is perfectly New York. After working on museum shows in (iermany. Italy and Japan and the soundtrack to lining Adam (not to

mention his DVD using artistic explorations of

PowerPoint software or the 215 foot flowchart on the side of Saks Fifth Avenue) this most restless of artists has been preparing for his first concert tour with a string section.

‘I like touring.‘ he says. ‘I like singing. I like hanging out with the band. and I like the occasional dance.’ And if the idea of hanging out with a string section seems a little genteel. it should he said that Byrne came across this particular sextet ~ the Tosca Strings playing tangos in the beer-fuelled rock clubs of Austin. Texas.

‘The music went over great. too.‘ he says. ‘People realised that this is basically dance music. just like Country is a two-step. If they did this in New York it would be hailed as groundbreaking. but in Austin it was just run-of-the-mill.‘

It‘s a typical story of colourful mixing from the man whose musical horizons first opened up in his teens with the vinyl records at the local public library. ‘()ften they were horribly scratched. but I found some Indian music. which was hip and cool at the time. Balinese music and some tnaritnba orchestras from Mexico and stttff. There wasn’t much of it. but there was enough to say wow. there‘s more than one way to skin a cat .

Since the late days of his mainstream rock career

with Talking Heads. the American has leaned towards Latin music. ‘That's what‘s outside my window in New York. blasting out of the car stereos and the

42 THE LIST l—lfi Apr 2004


beatboxes.‘ he says. But there was something calculated. too. about his wholehearted plunge into Brazilian balladry after that hugely successful band dissolved.

‘The pendulum swung very far after Talking Heads.‘ Byrne admits. 'You couldn’t have got more disparate records. Some people just do that. in order to say. I’m not just this sort of person.’

And if his multimedia cat-skinning has been another diversion from musical success. the artist is

conscious of the trade-off. 'Sometimes I'm jealous of

people who can just focus on their music careers.’ he says. ‘I feel like. oh well. they‘re doing so well because they've got time to concentrate on their music or promotion or whatever. while I‘m busy with other

things. But people just give things

the time they want to give them.‘ album. (ii-own Backwards. continues the tireless exploration. There are two operatic arias. a l.ambchop song. and more of the cherished South American romanticism which pits his vocal chords ~ not always fruitfully < against lush. sensual musical textures. But there is also a return to the sort of fitftil rock with which that light. edgy voice prospers.

Byrne himself singles out the new song ‘l)ialog Box” as redolent of what he calls the 'playfulness‘ of Talking Heads” music. and recent years have found him returning to his best-known songs of that era on stage though he remains wary of being predictable. Alongside his three-piece band (featuring the formidable ex-(‘hic bass player l’aul l‘i'a/ier). the Tosca Strings seem likely to provide the ‘twist‘ he always looks for with the old stuff.

Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 10 Apr

All the charity, disparity and vocal parity in the wonderful world of music


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