of your choice. But with fluid harmonies. cello accompaniment at one point and even some spoken vocals. while the recipe may vary slightly. every single track is underpinned by an unflinchineg tight military rhythm. powerhouse bass and backed by a slideshow of stills from Night of the Hunter and Elmer Gantry.

While the Scottish sharp aesthetic rock revolution may already be undenivay and puncturing the mainstream elsewhere. Red Bee Society could well soon be joining the ranks. (Emma Newlands)

ROCK RED BEE SOCIETY Bunker, Glasgow, Thu 18 Mar coco

‘The bullet is already fIying.‘ croons Red Bee frontman Mark Baillie at one point in tonight‘s guitar-fuelled eight-song set. and hearing his band power through echoes of everything from Smiths-style chimes to full-on Joshua Tree rock outs. it would be rude not to agree. Kicking off proceedings with ‘People Go'. Baillie’s slight. restless. black-clad build belies a huge voice. sounding at times like Jeff Buckley. Bobby Gillespie and at one particularly falsetto moment. a Bee Gee



Stereo, Glasgow, Mon 22 Mar

Not very rough but very good

SKA JAZZ THE RUFFNESS Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Thu 11 Mar coco

After a good half hour waiting outside in the cold due to a late opening of the doors. Jackie O Motherfucker are hardly the calming effect we were looking for. They open this All Tomorrow‘s Parties festival warm-up date with a set consisting mainly of animal noises. squelches. rumbles and clinking bells seemingly randomly spewed out of impenetrable soundscapes which leave most of the crowd bemused. It would have made for a leap too far into nonsensical experimentalism if it weren't for the last ten minutes when the drums kick in and they salvage proceedings with a majestic and quite beautiful guitar drone-fuelled finale.

Bardo Pond. on the other hand. go down a storm from start to finish. Hunched over their instruments. they churn out huge swathes of guitar with haunting female vocals. flutes and violins which flit over the top of frantic rhythms. lt makes for a dark and dreamin mesrnerising performance that even has the indier-than-thou kids out in force tonight. swaying in approval. (Camilla Pia)

The Ruffness aren’t proper rough - just mildly dishevelled. But still, the Edinburgh quintet’s clean-cut white boys’ co-opting of jazz, ska and urban sounds pushes all the right buttons as far as audience approval and participation goes, be it hands-in-the-air excitement or just a dread- shaking skank. Celebrating the release of their third self-recorded EP, the whole set - particularly a closing guest appearance by support the Weird Attractors on a version of Dawn Penn’s ‘You Don’t Love Me (No No No)’ - inspired a carnival atmosphere.

The boys all look and sound like proper musos, but they’re not shaking any classical education in our faces. Instead, theirs is an all-inclusive sound that puts the crowd first, with keyboards, guitar and trumpet augmenting the thick, funky drum and bass backing. It’s also one that more cynical souls might be inclined to criticise for the obviousness of its reference points - but the healthy crowd loved it, which tells the whole story of how good the Ruffness are at what they do. (David Pollock)

Bardo Pond get sways of approval

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I The Mekons Venue. Edinburgh. 21 Apr.

I Amy Winehouse (‘ouier Theatre. Glasgow. 2l Apr.

I 3 Doors Down QMtf. Glasgow. 2l Apr.

I Willard Grant Conspiracy Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 24 Apr.

I The Wildhearts Garage. Glasgow. 24 Apr; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 25 Apr.

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Glasgow. 20 Jun.

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I Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow. l2 ()ct.

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Glasgow. 9 .\'o\'.

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