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Saturday 9 continued

I Frank O’Hagan 'I‘hc Scotia.

ll2 ll4 Stockwcll Strcct. 552 868]. ‘)pm. l-‘rcc. (‘oycrs of l)ylan. thc Band. (‘rccdcncc


I Raff, Dakota and The Belgranos \Vhistlc‘hittkic‘s. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5] 14. 6pm. Frcc hct‘orc midnight; £3 al'tcr. Rock with a country y'ihc from [)akota t'ollowcd hy contcmporary tuncs l'rom thc Bclgranox. I Country and Western Festival Royal Highland ('cntrc. lnglixton. 335 6200. 7pm. £20 £50 tl'rcc £l5i. Annual rootin'. tootin' cotmtry music hoc-down. I London Elektricity 't‘hc Liquid Room. 9C Victoria Strcct. 225 2564. 7pm. £9 (£7 .\Ianga mcmhcrs). l-‘ull liy‘c show from Hospital rccords hcadman Tony (‘olman's ja/ly drum & bass act. who pickcd up Bcst l.i\'c I)&B Act at thc Know/(«lye I)&B Awards 2003.'l‘hc Manga rcsidcnts (i-.\1ac and Kid arc on hand as support.

I Mountain Men Anonymous, Entropy, Slowloris and Broken Leaf Subway. 6‘) (‘ow-gatc. 225 6766. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). lixpcrimcntal soundx t‘caturing Mountain .\lcn .»\nonymou.\' wall of instrumcntal noisc.

I Range 1 1, Capstain Pole, Nine Miles High and Carpe Diem ('ommplcx. 40 (‘ommcrcial Strcct. l.cith. 555 5622. 8pm. £6 t£4). :\ttt)lltct' .xclcction of quality indic l‘rom l.i\ c in Lcith.

Saturday 10


I Amen, Ikara Colt and Minus 'I‘hc ('athousc. l5 l'nion Strcct. 248 6606. 7.30pm. £thc. ()ycr- I45 show. 'l’hc inimitath ('ascy (‘haox shows you can't


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my adventure

52 THE LIST 1 7-15) Apr 200-:

Casey Chaos brings Amen back to the Cathouse, Glasgow, Sat 10 Apr

kccp a \cry \llUl'l punk mctal man down and rcturns with ncw hand and matcrial. l’unktaxtic London \tylc iconx Ikara ('olt proy idc morc than worthy \ttpptit‘t.

I Mohair, Solution and The Kytes King ’l‘ut'x \Vah Walt Hut. 272a St Vinccnt Strcct. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £5. Scc inc 6 lot‘ Mohair.

)iulcm o

I Julia 13, Terra Diablo and Degrassi Barfly. 260 ('lyttc Stt'cct. 0870 ‘)l)7 099‘). 8pm. £4. 'l‘t'in (ll. I'tk’l’xll]. indic and hardcorc \ortx play tlic launch of thc w clixitc. chraxxi hay c lcaturcd thc hays-play ing talcntx ot' cx-ldlcwild man Boh l-‘airl‘oull tor \omc titnc now.


I Projekt A-ko and Torgas Valley Red \Vinchcxtci' ('luh. Woodsidc Social ('luh. 32‘) Not'thwoodxidc Road. 337 I643. ‘)pm. £4. l’rojckt A-ko arc thc latcst muxical incarnation ot~ thrcc- quartcrs ol' ltltxci Yatsura. and continuc thc catchy hut quirky \Utttttk of their l‘ormcr hand.

I Seven Stone Under, LDN and Them or Us The l3lh .\'otc (‘at‘c’x

50 60 King Strcct. 553 I638. 9pm. £3. llardcorc action.

I Zep Tepi and Perfect Strangers The l‘crt‘y. 42 (‘tytlc l’lacc. 42‘) I010. 9pm. £‘). 'l‘rihutcx to ’/.cppclin and l)ccp l’urplc. Bring your own customixcd dcnims.

. Good Ole Boys (irand ()lc ()pry. l’aixlcy Road 'I‘oll. 42‘) 53‘)6. 7.30pm. £4 (£3 tttL‘ttilk‘t'xl. ('ountry.

I Motown Tribute Bourbon Stt‘cct. “)3 (Range Slt‘L‘L‘l. .552 (ll-ll. 7pm. £5 t£‘).‘)5 with dinncri. 'l‘rihutc to thc \oull'ul \oundx ol~ tlic 60\ hit lactory.

I Open Stage the Hall Bar. 166 Woodlandx Road. 564 I527. 4 8pm. l-‘rcc. \Vccltly \L‘xxitm for local titllxiclitttx. I Bone Idle The Hair Bar. l60 Woodlandx Road. 564 1527. 9pm. lircc. I Midnight Sun .\lc('huill.\. 40 High Stt‘cct. 552 2 l 5.5. l0pm. l't‘L‘L‘.

I Jamie Barnes & Cochise MacSorlcyx. 42 Jamaica Strcct. 248

853 l. 6pm. lircc. chidcncy for thc hlucx \‘ctct‘an.

I Perfect Remedy MacSoi‘lcyx. 42 Jamaica Strcct. 248 85M. 9.30pm. l‘rcc. I Live Music Samucl l)ow‘\. 67 7| \itltxdztlc Road. 423 0l07. 8.30pm. lircc.


QSnow Patrol Snow Patrol, Terra Diablo and Weevil Brodick Town Hall. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'T l'iirxt ol' two ixland \how \ t'or tlic chart-huxting cpic indic roclx trio. 'l‘ltix onc\ for thc grow ti-llpx.