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As they return from the wastelands of pop, Richard Brown gives you the digits behind the 805’ greatest band -



Number of albums sold worldwide 60m

Number of tickets sold on Duran Duran's 2004 comeback tOur 170,000

Number of web pages dedicated to them 50,000

Return of the Festival fiver

. . _ Number 1 singles in UK Two Cheap late night tickets are making a welcome return to the Edinburgh Festival. Words: Ruth Hedges N L 1 I UgA Llrti‘)0l' . sing es in t he Edinburgh International Festival is bringing back its As well as the 5‘5) sliox'ss. there's plenty of top dollar fun. ll<:'.'. Two

masswely popular SIS late night tickets for this year. On

every night of the Festival, which runs from 15) August to 4 September. a different performance Will be highlighted under the Royal Bank Lates series. This means punters can go fron‘ Japanese flute muSic one night to a sax guartet performing 7W)

about risking it hours of your life on an epic l rencn drar‘.‘a . Number 1 Singles in Germany

featuring 2-2 cast members playing (3.1 characters’? Spor‘soreri :11. one

that tan‘ously daring lor daft'h n‘aga/ir‘:e, [he 1’ rsf. / e Soc/e (re Number of platinum albums Eight

.'.(: Kl‘.().'.‘ l‘.().'.

Sat/r? deals With love. ‘.'I()i(}li(1(} arid hrstoiy. And

.'l‘.ai ‘.'.'itti the Nice"!

much the t rench loye crimes or ssrorie/le,

Mouth. the Feet. the Sound the next. to large-scale dance '-.-.:ork from Les Ballets C de la 8 the night after. It‘s cheaper than your average festival two pints}

trial of rock star. Bertrand (Iantat. conxicted of n‘urdering his llt()‘.'l(I' star girlfriend. Marie liintrgnant. It's also a good year tor the Catalans iapart fron‘ the Barca

Number of Grammys won TWO

Tote i number of band

Tickets for these performances go on sale from Friday 2,) August. the timing of which is a bid to resenxe then‘ for the interested. local crowd but not to release them so soon that culture vultures who book as soon as the programme goes out (1 April) swoop in on them. ‘Our research showed that the initiative in 2003 really did pull in a whole HOW£tll(ll()li(1(} to our programme.' says a spokesperson for the Eli? It's the sort of encouragement to risk-taking that the Fringe has been accused of inhibiting. with many of its ticket prices now reaching 8‘ t 5‘). it's worth bearing in mind, he» 2ver. that such a democratic ticketing policy from the EIF may be : ssisted by one third of its funding coming from Edinburgh City Council and Scottish Arts Council. while the Fringe FCCOIVGS only 4%; of its income this ‘.'./ay.

Borland scoops whisky art gig

Glenfiddich selects more winners of the coveted artist in residence posts. Words: Ruth Hedges

rtists have often turned to Absinthe or something a little

stronger to get their Juices flowrng. today a lucky few have

the chance to live on site at the Glenfiddich unrhisky distillery and this year's artists in reSidence h'as iust been announced Christine Borland, Turner Prize nominee and graduate of (‘rlasgox'r School of Art. Will be one of those taking up a position in the former distillers' cottage that has been adapted to provrde studio space. its the opportunity to spend time away from the day to day environment and is a really conducwe time to get some fresh impetus going,‘ says Borland. speaking from the distillery in Duffiown.‘

Other artists for 2004

include Paris' Stophanie Bourne, Budapest's two man Little Warsaw. and Loch Lomond's Ross Sinclair.

fansr. Calixto Bierto. who last yea." staged a controxersral j V members in their history 12

adaptation of Harri/er. set in a bar with gloy'xzng neon lights.

Number of wives between

the five main band members


returns this year ‘.'./itl‘- a version of Verdi's /..’ Pol/more. I‘. vepcrtedl'. contains graphic scenes of a sexual and ‘.’l()|(}ltl r1atur‘e.‘;'-.’e':: expect nothing less. He also brings another (i()ll£tl)()l'£ttl()l‘ with Birmingham Rep with a more traditional adaptation of (,‘e/esfrca. Number Of Chum-0n between the five main rneiiil')ers Seven - five girls and two boys.

‘.'.’l'|II(2ll in 149$). Despite being well known across l urope. it's rarer performer) in the UK. Highlights from the dance prtxiianin‘e include the r‘.‘er<:urral

" ' ' =' {V m,» (ft/Pi; , Pt aiue . Akran Khan. ,)(,rf()rri ing .11 1.10 (if i. ind Joe. i r by Nlnmmrof“mumskm“

singer Simon Le Ben was trapped under his yacht in 19853 20

scale performance by l rencl‘ Canadian company. l onoat'on Jean Pierre Perreault. all dressed in suits. trilbies and sportng a pair of tackety boots. Clacker clack.

‘lhe cost of refurbishing the yacht $400,000

Number of stitches bassist John laylor receives after dancing barefoot on broken vodka bottles ll‘- 19841 20

Amount of money the band received after signing with EMI en 1980 £42,000

f! ' Secret nedhunters plan Actors to disguise themselves as delinquents in a bid to root out key offenders. Words: Ruth Hedges

Scottish t;xecutive plan to tackle youth crime using;

Amount of money spent by EMI in 1981 on promo for ; grg in Paris. ferrying fans over from liirrminghan‘. to ensure there was a crowd


spccially trainco undcico.u actors has bccn Itaktr. .<, Amount of money Spam on

flying in a Bengali tiger for photo shoot in 1983 £65,000

[he list. the initiative. dubbed 'Neds on the Beat. .'.ri' place ‘spies' ‘.‘/|Ili|li groups reputed for troubleniaking. lhese moles wrll then report their findings back to poiice an<' social

sewices. Recruits for the scheme are to be sought in contra. Number of years l')(‘:l‘/‘J(?Olt

the last time the origina: line up were on stage together in UK 19

I Duran Duran p/ay t.‘ to SECC. G/asgtw. Hiu ISA/9r:

belt drama schools. and successtul applicants ‘.'.’li| undergo intensive training to help then‘ to iiiteg'ate successfully into these social clusters. l u|| ‘.’()I(Z(3 training and fashion adxrce are

bi‘o‘.'ided. Visit '.‘./‘."./‘.’.’./)(PUSH/ifflflht)(leIt)l" for full details of this

audacious plan.


‘7') Apr 7th"-