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Just Jane: Jane Mackay The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. ()870 600 6055. 7.30pm. £5 (£4). Stattd regular Jane Mackay is released frotn her compering dttties for a (tight for her one wotnan stand-up show. (i/asguw International (inner/y Festival.

Stand Up, Drink Up l3th .\'ote (are. 50 60 King Street. 553 1638. 7.30pm. £5 (£4). Join compere Jane (iodley for a wander arottnd Merchant (‘ily's bars and see a different comedian in each. (ilasgmi‘ Inlt'ritaliona/ ('amn/y l'i'siit'al.

Bashing April with the Fool The Vault. ll 10 l’ollokshaws Road.

Shaw lands. 64‘) 0007. 8pm. £5 (£4). M(‘ Rob (iee introduces the ‘Big \Vot'd Bunch' for a night of hot footed tomfoolery and lyrical madness. Glasgow International ('mm'rlv l'i'slit'al.

Dylan Moran comes back from the dead at Academy, Glasgow, Fri 2 Apr

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. l'(i(’ Building. Renfrew Street. 08707 870707. 8pm. £7. Roger Monkhouse joins tlte likeable ned- poker Joe lleenan and cheeky chappy Brendan Dempsey for a night of laughs.

Tommy Tiernan (‘ottier 'l‘lteatre. ‘)3 ‘)5 Hyndland Street. 0870013 5464. 8pm. £12.50. The brilliant Irish comediatt and actor crosses the waters to bring his quirky itnagery attd scissor- sharp reflections upon life to an expectant public. Glasgow International (‘omm/y I‘i’slit‘al.

The Stand The Stand. 333 \Voodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. ‘).30pm. £7 (£6). Scottse comedian Steve (iribbin shocks and delights in equal measures with his cheeky patter attd clever songs. (i/asgmi' International ('amulv I'i's’lit‘al.


Big Word Performance Poetry The Tron. ‘) Hunter Sqttarc. High Street. 226 0‘)3l. ‘)pm. £3 (£2). A night of comedic poetry antics featuring Bt’istolian Lucy linglish. Rottet'dattt hotwire Harry Xevenbergen and Richard Medrington. With M(’ Rob (ice.

The Thursday Show The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. ‘)pm. £6 (£5). Surreal fully-haired stand-up Andy

[alt/titan shares the stage with international traveller (iraeme 'l'hontas. local comic John (iordon and Stephen (‘arlin.

Splintered \Voodside Hotel. 30 Linkfteld Road. Musselburglt. 665 0404 . ‘).30pm. £5 (£3.50). The (‘apital (‘omedy crew ferry tttore laughter masters to Mttsselburgh.

The Snatch Social The Liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Street. 225 2564. l0.30pnt 3am. £3.50 (£3). A new era begins at the newly re-branded. filth- ftxated. funky disco-cttm-cabaret. comically compered by Tap Water Award winner Tony (‘artcr and Harry Ainsworth (aka Perrier Newcomer winner (iarth (‘ruikshankl back from the dead. Deck manipulated in a cod funk and hip hop stylee by Babes and Trendy Wendy (monthly resident).


Cocktails at Sundown Brel. 3‘) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4‘)66. 6pm. Free. Bedroom pop star Sandy Nelson and Allen (‘halnters host this hour of music and comedy. (il(‘I-I

The Bratchpiece Family Show The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 565 I023. 7.45pm. £8 (£6). Mothcrwell comedian Mark Bratchpiece performs a family show that is not suitable for families. joined by his relatives Bratchy. Martin and the Wee Man. (}I('I'I

Dan Antopolski The Vault. l I It) l’ollokshaWs Road. Shawlands. 64‘) 0007. 8pm. £8 (£7). Surreal comedian I)an Antopolski performs a one-man show full of quirky surrealisms. (il('l-I The Best of Glasgow Stands Up (‘astlemilk (‘otumunity (‘entre. |2l (‘astlemilk Drive. 634 2233. 8pm. £3. (ilasgow comedians Sttsan Morrison. l)es McLean and Mark Bratchpiecc perform their linal gig as part of the (il('l'.'

Count Arthur Strong’s Greatest Story Ever Told The l'nivcrsal.

57 5‘) Sauchiehall Lane. . 32 88‘)‘). 8pm. £ l0 (£8). Spot-on character comedy as (‘ount Arthur embarks on a Biblical odyssey through the tttists of time. (il('l-I John Hegley The Stand. .333 \Voodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. 8pm. £‘) (£8). Bespectacled comic-poet performs numbers from his eight best- selling books. (il('l'.~

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleut's. l'(i(‘ Building. Renfrew Street. 08707 870707. 8pm. £l2. Sec Thu 1.

Tommy Tiernan (‘ottier 'l‘lteatre.

‘)3 ‘)5 Hyndland Street. 0870 013 5464. 8pm. £l2.50. See Thu l.

Dylan Moran The Acadetny. l2] liglinton Street. ()870 771 2000. 8.30pm. £l4.50 £16.50. The star of TV show Black Books and zombie flick Shaun of the Dead delivers his drip dry stand-up show. (il('lf

Brendan Riley: Comedy Sushi The l'niversal. 57 5‘) Sattchiehall Lane. 332 889‘). ‘).30pm. £5 (£4). Seouse comedian Riley brings tts his interactive stand-up set. (il('l£

Festival Club The Stand. 333 \Voodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. l0.30ant. £8 (£7). If you missed everything else. don't tniss the festival clttb with the best of the fest every Friday and Satttrday night. (‘omperes Jane Mackay. Martin Bigpig attd Susan Morrison play host to at least ftve comedians in each show. (i‘l('l'.~

The Late Lock-In The Vault. II It) l’ollokshaws Road. Shawlands. 64‘) 0007. 10.30pm. £6 (£5). Late night comedy with resident compere Des McLean. (}l('l-f

The Backpacker’s Cabaret l-Zuro Hostel. 3l8 (‘lyde Street. 222 2828.

l lpttt. £2. .-\ntipodean host Simon McKinney introduces an assorttttent of comedians inclttding Bette Linehesticov. Mike Boon attd a few others who are ‘just passin' through'. (il('l-.'

listings Comedy

Tommy Tiernan Navan's first or second finest stand-up. depending on your view. brings us his dazzling poetic imagery and hilarious anecdotes. Cort/er. Glasgow, Thu 7 <3 Fri 2


Dylan Moran Navan’s first or second finest stand-up. depending on your View, brings us his dazzling poetic imagery and hilarious anecdotes. Cute


it’s one of those

head-to-head type things. Academy, G/asgow, Fri 2 Apr. Fred MacAulay Not from Navan (Perth, unbelievably) but still really rather funny despite having to get up early all those mornings to do the radio. Stand, Edinburgh, Fri 2Apr. Jimmy Carr Not just a pretty unusual face from the telly (pictured), but an accomplished. and occasionally sick stand-up who could tell you some things about Ricky Gervais. But he probably wouldn't. Academy, Glasgow,

Sat 3 Apr.

OOT Will Smith takes time out from finding a wife for the future king while Craig Hill goes

live without

his floor show.

Stand, Edinburgh & Glasgow, Tue 73 8. Wed 74 Apr.

Big Word Performance Poetry Happy third birthday to the Big Word team as some of the hottest wordsmiths across the nation gather to blow out the candles. Tron, Edinburgh,

Thu 75 Apr.


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