I National Pop League at thc Woodsidc Social. .\'c.\t datc M) Apr.

I Nurture at ('luh (i‘). l lpm 3am. £5. 3 Apr. llcadspacc/limoticon lahcl hoss 'l‘om ('hurchill has hccn cnlistcd lot' this .spccial ()9 session. lixpcct it (lin‘t'sc sclcction of cuts.

I Offset at (‘uhc. 10.30pm 3am. £8 (£5). \Vcckl}; Dancc classics and tull housc l‘rom rcsidcnts including Sim Millcnnium (iirl and t‘ormcr Play/my ccntrclold Rchckkah 'l'casdalc. Shc gcts a littlc support (ha ha) from Simon 15o}; (Ear) (‘urlc_\. Jim l)a Bcst and Richard l.c\‘inson

I Opus at 0pm. 3pm 3am. l'rcc. \Vcckl}; 1)] Paul drops somc smashing tuncs and takcs thc ()ptis sct into thc morning \sith his \Vickcd Sounz.

I Pressure at thc Archcs. .‘s'cxi datc 20 Apr.

I Pukka Funk at thc 'I‘unncl.

l lpm 3am. £5 (£3). \Vcckl}. Massch ncu night for thc 'l‘unncl. hringing togcthcr thrcc ot' (ilasg()\\"s host-known l)Js. Kris chgan. lain ‘Santos' 'l'homson and AJ. lixpccl hig \‘ihcs. cos this onc's hccn haich as Scotland's ansucr to llcd Kandi.

I Radio Magnetic Soundsystem at thc Suh ('luh.

l lpm 3am. £7. lo Apr onl_\. l‘rcnch l'unk. clcctro. liotisc and hrcaks king Alcxkid joins thc innoxatis c and cxcmplar} Radio Magnctic crcu.

I Red and Gold Room at At'ta. l()pm 3am. l'rcc hcl'orc I lpm; £7 al'tcr. \Vcckl}. l)J Michacl ()‘Shca pops up to spin onl) thc lincst salsa and Latin tuncs to a wry \scll-hcclcd Arta cron d. I Rockit at Bamboo. 5pm 3am. £7 (£5). \Vcckl}. ()nc t‘oon) hottsc. onc room soul and iunk and sonic chillout in thc loungc. An immcnscl) popular night \xilh tnost shitdcs ol opiniot).

I Sine at thc Archcs. l lpm 3am. £8. 3 Apr. 'l‘hc lrcslicst tcchno around from thc soung prctcndcrs 1)] Ramagc. l).l Dunn. l’hatkat. and Johan Virtnc.

I Special Ed at Ad l.ih. l lpm 3am. £thc. 2 Apr. [lot and sucat) inn and hollocks. as l)Js l)o\\ n and Out spin funk. disco and clcctro tlincs.

I Stateside at Liquid Loungc.

l()pm 3am. £5 (£3). \Vcckl}. (ict _\ct‘ arsc Statcsidc tor a night of Milk. soul. ja/l. hip hop and hrokcn hcats with rcsidcnts Aaron l’ctric and Michacl Ral'l'crt).

I Subscience at ('luh (i‘). l’aislc). cht datc lhc.

I Super Scientists at ('luh (r). chl dalc lhc.

I Switchback at S“ itchhack. Annicsland. l lpm 2am. £5. \Vcckl}. (il's nc\s csl otll—t)l.-lt)\\‘n \cnuc

pro\ idcs a part} soundtrack to gct thc u'cckcnd stai‘tcd. You’rc in thc lt‘tlsl) hands ol [)1 Richic Mc(‘olin.

I TFI Friday at thc Barons Bat".

Stt'athcl}dc Studcnt's l'nion. 4pm 3am.

£2 (£l ). (‘hai'L chccsc and audicncc humiliation with DJ l’hil.

I Tidy at thc Shack. l().3()pm 3.30am.

£5 (£3). \Vcckly. l.ct that inlcctious l‘ri l‘ccling takc hold til you \shilc l)J lain llanlon takcs control ot' thc dancc “not. I Tiger Tiger at 'l‘igcr 'l‘igcr.

I lpm 3am. £(i. \Vcckl}. 'l'his hugcl} popular har. club and rcstaurant gocs

\\ ild al'lt‘t‘ hottt‘s \\ ill) a sclcction ol' commcrcial dancc and R&li tor all thosc stunning ladics and s\\;ttlk}‘ l)t)_\s. I Transmission at tltc l’coplcs

l’alacc. \Vintcr (iardcns. 3pm 2am. £lo.

3 Apr onl_\. Anothcr onc ol'l' spccial l‘rom thc crcatn ol clcctronica as

ll ST

lillll PISS 10 6|!" Cllll IIGlllS ll GllSGOl EDIIIUIGH


'l'ransmission continuc to sccurc thc hcst clcctronica acts around. Rhythm & Sound arc joincd h_\' Paul St llilairc in thc cxotic cmirons of thc \Vintcr gardcns. Mungo’s lli-l-‘i and Jim Hutchinson pt'oVidc [)1 support.

I Tronicsole and Tracktion Sessions at MAS. l lpm 3am. £6 (£5). \Vcckl)‘. Rcsidcnts (iot'don Logan. Mash and (‘hris Harris spin at this grcat tripp)‘ housc party \\ ith spccial gucsts thc Bionic Bump Band (2 Apr).

I Unity Reggae at Soundhatts. llpm 5am. £7 (£5). 3 Apr. Monthly. All lt'ihcs arc \sclcotnc at this Roots chgac and l)uh \s'ot‘kout. 'l‘hc roots \‘ihcs in thc main hall arc hackcd up with hip hop. i‘unk. soul and disco t'rom ('ahin ('rcu in thc hat‘ arca.

I Urban at thc 'l‘unncl. l lpm 3am. £5 (£3). \Vcckl)‘. An R&B scssion courtcs} of Paul .\"Jic at this ncu‘ly rclaunchcd. classic (ilasgow \cnuc.

I Vacuum at thc Ris'crsidc ('luh. Nt'xl datc iht‘.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Acetate, Radar, Relentless and Kube at ()uccn Margarct Studcnts l'nion. ()pm 2.l5am. £5. 3 Apr. Monthly. Night of tcchno and clcctt'o as thcsc tour cltihs comhinc.

I Bailamos at lla\ana. 9pm 2am. l‘rcc. \Vcckl). l)J Kcith [) hrings son a world sclcction: salsa. Rik”. l.atin chart action and \sliatcx cr clsc gcts ‘cm going.

I Base at tlic 'l'unncl. l().3()pm 3am. £7 (£5). \Vcckl}. (his and Martin llcskcth. along \\ ith ('hris Harris and .-\l Kcnt. \x'caxc a linc lahric ol' l'unk} liousc and Rtkli at Mitchcll l.anc's lincst dancc cmporium.

I Bebado at Ri\cl'sidc ('luh. l2 3am. £8 (£6). U) Apr. Monthl). Rocking hcats \\ ith a distincll) Bra/ilian tincturc. Alro l'la\ours. li\'c samha. and a carnisal atmosphcrc arc thc othcr ingrcdicnts.

I Bedlam at Quccn Margarct l'nion. chl (lillL‘ llk‘.

I Bennet’s at Bcnnct's.

l l.3()pin 3am. £5. \Vcckl}. l‘ccl thc goddamn tank as Shaun and Annic givc thc Bcnnct‘s part) possc cxactl) \\ hat thc} “ant: commcrcial dancc inixcd

\\ ill) a sclcction ol' 70s, Slls and 90s hits.

I Bombafusion at thc Soundhaus. .\'c\t datc thc.

I Boogie Wonderland at lin\_\. llpm 3am. £7 (£5). \Vcckl). Big night of disco lol‘ thosc \\ ho likc thcit' hoo/c chcap and thcir tuncs l'unk}. Straight inn and )oll kno\\ \\ hat that's likc. )"all.

I Break Yourself at Liquid Loungc. l()pm 3am. £7 (£5). ll) Apr. Monthl}. l)isco and housc througli hip hop and duh \\ ith rcsidcnt spinncrs (‘olin l)a\ic. Barry Rcchs and 'l‘cdd Strykcr.

I Budda at Budda. l lptn 3am. £thc. \Vcckl}; Big tuncs and sc.\_\ housc gi‘omcs with rcsidcnts AJ and Ian 'l'honipson. liudda looks to hc gctting hack on track altcr thc rc-launch.

I The Buff at thc Bull. l()pm 3am. £5 (£3). \Vcckl)‘. .\'ick l’cacock. Mark Rohh. Brian Rohcrtson and ls'csan Stcs’cns cook up a littlc ncu school ja/l httsincss at (ilasgtm 's ncu till/l. sottl and tank club.

I Caledonia Soul at \Voodsidc Social. .\'c\t datc thc.

I Chakra at Soundhaus. .\'c.\t datc llk‘.

I Cillb 80553 on \t‘\\ Sli't‘t‘l. l’aislc}. l()pm 3am. l’rcc. \Vcckl). |)J lair) Kcnncdy hosts this promising nc\\' night “ith a romp through thc latcst Rtkli. hip hop and dancc.

I Club Budda at ('luh Budda. l)umharton Road. ('lstlc‘liziiik.

l lpm 3am. £thc. \Vcckl}. Budda's ncxscst \cnltit‘c takcs thc part} to ('lylchank. Vancc lrom lioulcxard is hchind lllL‘ tlt‘t‘ks.

listings Clubs

aberdeen edinburgh glangw 28 april -2 may 2004


glangw listings

wednesday 28th april


9pm gft £7 11pm


king tuts £10.50 11pm

sub club 212

friday 30th april


10pm renfrew ferry £12




mum. animal collective : tramway £11.50 8.30pm trans am + support : king tuts £8 charlie is my darling. presented by andrew loog oldham

the general. me sonny : sub club £10


amp fiddler. gilles peterson : sub club £12

thursday 29th april 6.4 5pm breath control - history ofthe human beatbox gft 25

very s ecial guests t.b.a + mountaineers. m or t. adem : tramway £14.50

8. 30pm t-model ford. uncle john & whitelock. jd twitch

rince paul. non pro hets live feat. sage rancls & joe beats. angermouse &. prince po

6.30pm can dvd ( excerpts ) + q&a irmin schmidt gft £5

mute : wire. liars. pan sonic. modey lemon. kaltp. dj x tim wright. chris & cosey. irmm schmldt & kumo play can. komputer. plnk grease. john peel : tramway £16.50

dr alimantado. jerry dammers. earl gateshead

manga. peshay. mo moose. g-mac. dj kid.

ressure soma records night : derrick carter.

unk d'void. envoy + more the z the arches

saturday 1st may 4pm

. gf. colleen. pastels djs. mov1etone. dlrectorsound. camera obscura.

international 5pm


geographic : to rococo rot. craig armstrong a

airport. miso :tron theatre £14.50

space is the place ( director's cut ) presented by jun newman :gft £5

andre Williams. fourtet. dabrye.

matthew dear. fennesz. animal collective. exploslons 1n the sky. jd tw1tch & jg w11kes. eyoe dJS : tramway £15.50


+ very special guest : renfrew ferry £12.50

11pm sub club 212

sunday 2nd may 4pm

jaylib feat madlib . j-rocc. peanut butter wolf

subculture : stacey kidd. harri. domenic

dr robert moog. jean jacques perrey : how the

moog synthesizer became a household name

tramway 28 4pm

creeping bent : nectarine no.9 . gareth sager.

future pilot aka. fence collective. james yorkston. gdansk showcase : tron theatre £10.50

5pm 7pm

8.30pm papam.v-twin:kingtuts£8

10pm arto lindsay + accidental broadcast feat. matthew herbert. mugison. max de wardener. rooks. mara carlyle + ti erbeat6 presents kid 606. dj / rupture. kn' ehandchop. com.a

tramway £15.50 11pm

tickets are available from : online. www.triptych04 .com

ticket scotland. 239 argyle st glasgow. 127 rose st edinburgh ripping records. 91 south bridge edinburgh

telephone bookings. 0870 220 1116

tickets are also available direct through selected venues for full listings see triptych brochure or vist www.triptych04 .com

'- S,;.. 8,.

Arts 23.".


11'» At)! 12017.1

yat kha live score : storm over asia : gft £8.50 gwen mccrae. nick peacock : renfrew ferry £14

optimo : jd twitch & jg Wilkes : sub club £7/ 8