Clubs listings

Edinburgh Sundays continued

I Colours & City at (‘ity: lidinburgh. 10.30pm <3am. £tbc. I 1 Apr only. One off night as (‘olours retttrn to the massive expanse of (‘ity with two of dance musics legends from the days of yore and superstar 1)]s and their superstar egos. Namely Jeremy llealy and (‘J Mackintosh 2 of the biggest house jocks the LR has ever produced.

I Cosmic! at the (‘ellar Bar.

l()ptn 3am. £2. Weekly. 1)] Tom ()ke plays ftutky lirench hottse with a touch of 80s kitsch. Though it does come with a 'strictly for dancers' warning.

I DKY at Stttdio 24. 1 lptn 3am.

£1.51) £2. Weekly. 1)K\' strides confidently into its third year with resident l)Js ]ordi. (iareth and Base playing rock. goth. metal. industrial and punk. 'l'heme nights and free gifts combine to keep things interesting. week in. week ottt.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. l()pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. See 'l‘hu.

I Flava at City: lidinburgh. l lptn 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly (not 1 l Apr see aboye ). 'l’he hugely successful R&B night takes up its new residency at (‘ityu

I Hocus Pocus at the (’ellar Bar. 10.30pm 3am. Free. 1 1 .-\pr. lilectro house and tecltno.

0 Joy, Luvely and Wiggle Drop the Anchor at Ocean 'l‘erminal.

l()pm 3am. £15 £18 (£12 members). 11 Apr only. lidinburgh‘s biggest and best gay/gay friendly clubs join forces for this almighty party of house and other funky beats. l’eaturing (deep breath): 'l‘ommy K. 1)] Michelle. Newton & Stone. Alan K Maggie Joy. (ieorge (iP Paterson and Brett King. And if that ain't enough free buses back into town at 3am.

I Kayos at ()pium. 1 1pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Metal and rock l)Js (‘laire Moffat and John from llogshead keep the crowds a moshing.

I Missing at (‘abaret Voltaire.

10.30pm; 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. New clttb night following the same format as 'l'rouble . . . (formerly at the Bluenote). Will) a team made up of l)Js and promoters frotn (iet-‘l'ogether. Departure Lounge. Say Samba]. Sonica. 1)frnt Drum and Big Beat. you cart be sure eyery' genre of electronic. jazz influenced music will be represented.

I Sensu at the Bongo (‘lub.

10.30pm 3am. £8 (£6). 1 1 .-\pr only. 1)] liase form the legendary Nightmares on Wax is joined by l)efunkt Records ('olin (iate to join the dots between soul-disco- ja/l-fttnk-boogie-house-classics.

I Sugar Groove at Massa. l()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. New Sunday" (tighter for the Massa crew as we get a sultry mix of sexy smooth grooves. urban cuts and R&B.

I Tackno at Massa. Next date 25 Apr. I Taste at the Liquid Room.

1 lptn 3am. £5 before 1 1.30pm: £8 alter (£6 members). Weekly. The capital‘s infamous Sun night session continues to sew tip Sun nights in the capital. l‘isher 8; Price supply a progressiye tuix of house and garage in the tnain rootn. while Martin Valentine and Stey‘e Waneless wow the mixed/gay crowd with funky l‘S hottse gems through the back. Regular guest Jon Pleased drops by for at) liaster special 1 l A )r.

The Trinity of Techno at the Venue. l().3()pm 3am. £7. 11 Apr only. What better way to spend your liaster Sunday once all the eggs have been scoffed then getting messy with sortie of the best techno this side of the resurrection. With a line-up that reads like a who‘s who of lidinburgh techno excellence: Brainstorm. Key Wright. Neil templar. Brian tl'Soti/a. the llustler. Semi. (iraeme Marshall. Morph. littk-Nut. Sekon/ and Ramkanman.

Chart & Party

I Devils’n’Angels at ('ayendish/l)iy'a. l()pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Saucy fun at this newly refitted club. with a heayen and hell theme. Feel free to dress to sttit and boogie to chart dance all night long.

84 THE LIST 1- 15>Ai;r?()()z1


Bio-Rhythm at the Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Fri 9 Apr

Good Friday may be one of the weaker calls to party in Clubland, but no excuse is necessary this Easter as the mighty Manga team up with high- profilers Bio-Rhythm in a good, old fashioned guest-fest.

Things kick off at the Liquid Rooms with a live drum & bass romp from Hospital Records’ pioneering breakbeat scientists, London Elektricity, plus Manga’s irrepressible residents G-Mac and DJ Kid. Then the Hospital 0.13 will be lugging their wares over to the Honeycomb to provide backroom support for breakbeat freestylers, the Stanton Warriors.

No strangers to a party, the Stanton Warriors are just back from a tour of Australia and the Far East, swapping backrooms for big crowds and bigger festivals reminiscent of the UK’s free rave past, a time Mark Yardley and Dominic B remember fondly. ‘There were better parties in the West Country,’ argues Dominic. ‘There was a freestyle attitude, where dance music wasn’t regimented. DJs and bands were really mixing it all up.’

This is a stance upheld by the Warriors today, and expressed with aplomb on their award winning 2001 mix, The Stanton Sessions. ‘We apply a real hip-hop mentality to more of a house breakbeat,’ offers Dominic. ‘But really we just play fresh interesting dance music that’s been tried and tested the world over.’ (Mark Edmundson)

'tlt' A'SIT‘.‘0

I Mood Live at Mood. 9pm 3am. 1"ree before 1 lpm: £2 after (free to members). Weekly. Mood opens its doors to a selection of the country’s top coy-ers bands. while l)Js spin hits from across the years.

I Subway West End at Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. 1-‘rec before 9pm: £3 after (£2). Weekly. See Tim.

I The Subway at Subway.

7pm 3am. £1. Weekly. See l‘ri.

Edinburgh Mondays


I Audio B:low at Henry‘s ('ellar Bar. 0pm 3am. liree before 1().3()pm; £2 after. 5 Apr. l-‘ortnightly. New night to highlight Scottish producers. whatever their genre from electro to dub to hip hop to ftmk. Liyc residents are Mangomad and load with 1)] skills from Be-Sides and a few others popping in from time to time.

I Audio Tourism at l’iy‘o Bar ('lub. 9pm 3am. liree. Weekly. A selection of tip-front tall. and other funky choons from llobbes ('l'roublc . . .).

I CC Blooms at (‘(‘ Blooms. 10.30pm 3am. lirce. Weekly. 'l'hings mellow out (or so they claim) at this gay club. with an upbeat disco selection.

I Cuban Crisis at liaith.

11pm 3am. £2 (£1). Weekly. liaith giy'es Tokyoqu the chance to pull a few

5! .

funky house tunes out of the bag. mixed with a sprinkling of hip hop and Rth cuts.

I The Dark Half at ()pium.

l lbm 3am. l-‘ree. 5 Apr. Monthly. New night of death metal and surely lidinburgh’s heaviest club night.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. l()pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. See 'l'hu.

I 62 at ('itrus (‘lub. l().3() 3am. liree before 1 1.30pm; £3 after. Weekly. Light alternatiye of indie. etno. electronica and lo-li.

I Latin Quarter at Medina.

9pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. Release your Latin party spirit eyery Mon. With free salsa lessons from Peter Rogers at 9pm then salsa and world beats from James ('ombe until closing.

I Mawake at ()pium. 1 lpm 3am. 12 Apr. Monthly. l‘rench rock night with pttnk. metal. ska. industrial and a little

sayoir fare.

YOU! "SS 10 "ill Cllll IIGMS ll GUS“! i [IIIIIIICI


Chart & Party

I Matric at Revolution. l()pm-3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Scotland‘s biggest capacity student night with a mix of cheese. chart. rock. pop and commercial dance. £1 drinks promos should help wash away those Mon blues.

I Subway West End at Subway West Iind. 7pm 3am. l’ree before 9pm: £3 after (£2). Weekly. See Tim.

I The Subway at Subway.

7pm -3am. £1. Weekly. See 1-‘ri.

I Tasty! at Mood. 9pm 3am. 1"ree before 1 lpm: £2 after (free to members). Weekly. Resident 1)] David S plays the best in bits frorn (i()s to the present day with a healthy dose of cheesy classics thrown in for good

Edinburgh Tuesdays Club

I Audio Tourism at Piy'o Bar (‘lub. 9pm »3am. l’ree. Weekly. Argy drops chilled out house and alternatiye beats. I The Club Foot at llenry's (‘ellar Bar. 10.30pm 3am. £3. 13Apr. Fortnightly. Twisted and misshapen funk hosted by house band the Abdominal Showmen with regular guests along the lines of Live Sciences. Surface limpire and the Hex ('oalition. Plus 1)] skills frotn A-(‘hi. Carmen. l)enji. Infinity. Shellsuit and 3 Sticks. I El Barrio at [£1 Barrio. l()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. See Tim.

I Fromage Free at Mood.

9pm 3am. 1"ree before 1 lpm: £2 after (free to members). Weekly. New soulful house and funky garage night from residents (‘hef de Party. Rob Brown and Roy Souter.

I I Luv R&B at liaith.

l().3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. 1)oes exactly what you’d expect. mixing up the hottest selection of R&B. plus plenty of drinks promos. Dress code is ‘student sexy' (well that what it says here).

I Motherfunk at Honeycomb. l().3()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Messrs (iino. l‘ryer and Spectrum freak the funk fantastic at their consistently rammed night of classics old and new. I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. l()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. A mixed bag of funked up y'ocal house. Rcl’cB and classic disco from 1)] OH.

I Punk Ass at ()pium. l lpm 3am. Free. Weekly. New 'l‘ue nighter as 1)] Pwauly dishes ottt the best in hardcore. skate and punk.

I Re-Dipt at Medina. l()pm 3am. £1. 13 Apr. l-‘ortnightly. l)ipt return to medina with a healthy soundtrack of hip hop. fttnk and soul from Nasty P and ('unnie plus a few special guests all brought to you by (‘hile & Lime and Miller.

I Soul Searching at Medina. l()pm 3am. £1. 6 Apr. Fortnightly. Miller and (‘hile a: Lime present this night of Latin and African house. drum & bass. hip hop. reggae. art and film all under the stewardship of Howard Bridges with live tttttsic from reggae/soul act lnna Soul.

I Split at ('abaret Voltaire.

1 1pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. 1)rum & bass with Shadowskill. the l)i'opoul 1)]s and a smattering of very talented local guests. 1)ub. electro. house and funk are all in studio 2. Now weekly. I Vibe at ligo. llptn 3am. £2. Weekly. (iay night with James Longworth on the decks. the Dancing Stud Muffins. the Singing llairy Bloke and the Miming Ntm. I)on't say we didn't warn ya.

Chart & Party

I Nursery at ('ay'endish/l)iy'a. l()pm 3am. £3 (£2; free with Snapfax before midnight). Weekly. A play area for adults (with climbing frames etc) and the mainstream chart and R&B action.